A Torn Dam In Jizera Mountains (Czechia)

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Hi there!

Back in June, we spent a couple of days in Jizera Mountains (Czechia). The first point of interest, we could not miss out, was a torn dam Desná. The dam was built on the river Bílá Desná in 1915. A year later, water started to leak through its embankment and the dam burst. A flood wave reached 13 meters. Sadly, six tens of people died (Wiki). Today, torso of the dam is declared as a technical monument. Check out this sad but interesting mechanical engineering landmark.

On our way to the dam, we pass by waterfalls of the river Bílá Desná (White Desná).

One of many wooden sculptures you can find when going to the dam.

To realize height of the wave, seek for a rope with little blue ribbons stretched over the river. Incredible!

Did you know that the water released energy that corresponds to the amount of energy which the Czech nuclear power plant Temelín produces in a quarter of an hour of its full-power operation? If we put differently, compared with explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, the water wave reached 1,5% of its power (source: info table at this place).


This one is called: Who survive?


At last! The torn reservoir Desná.

Right next to the dam, you can have a drink at this lovely self-service bar Krömer cabin.

You simply toss coins into this cash box...
IMG_20220617_142016 - Copy.jpg

...and tap yourself a beer (by Krakonoš brewery)! I LOVE it!

Enjoying the beer with a view of the torn dam.

After little refreshment, exploration of the dam may begin!

That is where the dam broke.




The bottom outlet valve tower (šoupátková věž in Czech).



Memorial to the victims of this tragedy.

Exploring overgrown safety spillway.
IMG_20220617_144008 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20220617_144151 - Copy.jpg

And the last shot of this place.

Thank you for reading this post. If you like it, stay tuned as more cool stuff will definitely come. In the meantime, don't forget to check out my Pinmapple profile to see all places I have visited on the map! See you😉



I hope to visit this place one day. I've never been to this part of Chezia before. Water is truly powerful and we definitely don't harness that energy enough.

Just let us know the next time you are in our country again, we will take you for a hike :) Lot of nature, fun and Kofola! :D

(note for @onlavu: Ade is a huge fan of Kofola :D)

Definitely 🤗
Tapped Kofola is best 😉

Excellent shots!

Nice objects and landmarks -> excellent shots 😀


very stunning pictures. There's nothing I can say other than. That's so amazing

Appreciate that🙏

Cheers 🥂

Some damn beautiful photos dude..

I am especially fond of the first one.. And number 12 to 15 I think.. If I can count... But the old stone like structures looks really amazing..

Ontop of that... The beer... Looks tasty as fuck

Happy you enjoyed the story😊 Especially the part which is tasty as😍😁

What an incredible place to visit. I am in complete awe of those trees! They are so Majestic! Just looking at your photos, I can smell the beautiful earth <3

I am glad you like it😉 We should more honour our Earth🙏

That is so true!

wooooooooow, you have done an incredible job


Beautiful nature


You have shared your travel stories with amazing beauty and scenery. Every natural beauty is breathtaking.

😯 Yeah, it was great! I am glad you appreciate it😉

Beautiful place. lush greenery.Look like unspoiled secluded place. And oh the waterfalls so mermerizing.🤩
Thanks for shring those nice shots.

My pleasure 🙏

Zajímavé místo. Když jsem ho jednou navštívil, tak silně pršelo, tak byla atmosféra dokonalá :-)

😯 moje první návštěva, rozhodně zajímavé místo, protrženou přehradou se člověk denně neprochazí. Ve mě rozhodně zanechalo hlubší dojem.

Věřím, že za horšího počasí to zanechává jiný vjem.

Nice pictures some great things to do! Would've been awesome to see myself

well, next time you plan a trip, you know where to go😂😉

What country is this in?

What a nice place . Pictures are wonderful. But I am very sorry that people were harmed as a result of natural disaster.

What an interesting place to explore, just a shame about the poor people that died when it burst ! I love the self service bar - we need more of those in such locations !

Right. It was a tragedy.

About the tap. I do agree we should have more like that, but I don't know how to achieve that🤣

S tou fotkou piva by si jim z fleku mohl dělat reklamu :)

😂s Krakonošem?🤔 Ale ať by tam teklo cokoli, za mě to je pecka mít samovýčep, v podstatě kdekoli na této planetě.

Wow those pictures so well taken in good viewing positions. The place looks like a video game. :O

😯 Very pleased to hear about good photos composition🙏

I have never thought about the place as a video game🤔

I was very interested in the place you went to, I felt very sorry for the people who died as a result of the dam body explosion. I hope things like this never happen. I am also a technician working in dam construction, we try our best to make our productions smooth.
Also, the images you took are really beautiful.🙏

Oh, interesting. I believe this example is a sad one to hear about and perhaps learn in order to avoid such tragedy in the future. Good luck with maintaining any dam in the world🙏

This place looks magical. What stunning surroundings to sit and have a drink and seeing an honesty system still in use is refreshing. Love those wooden carved sculptures too. Really adds to the feel of the place.

😍 So happy you enjoyed photos of this post, my pleasure😊

These are really great pictures with great stories behind them.

I really appreciate the effort you made by making this post. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your post ❤️❤️💯

I am glad you appreciate my effort🙏 See you next time😉

It's so sad to see so many people losing their life because of a natural disaster but I guess if there won't be these stories we would never learn how to appreciate some places out there

I agree. We all need to learn from bad things. Obviously this applies to anything in our world.

That place looks super cool! I like the wood faces! Very nice!

Oh! The perfect beer over there!! What a beautiful landscape you’ve shared with us! I love to be able to travel to these kind of places through Hive!! Thank you!!

My pleasure! Next time I will take us to... it's a surprise 😁

Very nice pictures its like we went in the trip with you thanks for sharing

Happy I wasn't alone then 😊

Hmm, kvalitka nám graduje... to jsem zvědav, kdy dojde na první vlaštovku z Tater :)

Btw Krakonoš vypadá velmi pitelně.

@tipu curate

😀 Někdy na Tatry určite dojde. Jj, Krakonoš relativně pitelný, v horku rozhodně udělá radost. Díky za podporu😌

Rádo se stalo. Vidím, že nejsem zdaleka sám, kdo ti sem "upustil" :D Zatím to vypadá na slušný ranec :D První místo na trending page celého Hive, to se jen tak nepoštěstí... Gratulka!

🙏 Tak snaha byla, o tom žádná. Jde o to tu naši planetku lehce přes ten Hive prochodit, no ne? 😂 Hive on!

So green and beautiful

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These are really great pictures with great stories behind them.

I really appreciate the effort you made by making this post. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your post ❤️❤️💯

These are really great pictures with great stories behind them.

I really appreciate the effort you made by making this post. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your post ❤️❤️💯

That's reviling

😮 why is that?

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I was amazed by the facts about energy the wave produced.

I am not sure if I follow, but in what sense it is not a pity for these areas to be flooded?