Are huge books boring you?


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Do you find it hard to study photography in the traditional way? Are you bored with huge technical books showing all aspects of photography?

Nowadays traditional learning is not attractive at all for young people. The new generations were born in the middle of a world dominated by mobile devices and permanent accessibility to the Internet that gives them the opportunity to get online tutorials with simple explanations made by young people like them in a few minutes.

It is important to keep in mind that the way young people today learn and process information is different from previous generations. Technology has had a significant impact on the way we learn and access information.

Instead of relying exclusively on books, today's youth have access to a wealth of online resources, such as online video tutorials, blogs and discussion forums from the convenience of their mobile devices. These resources allow them to learn in a more interactive and hands-on way, which can be more engaging for them than simply reading a book.

In addition, the speed and efficiency offered by online tutorials, as well as the accessibility and low cost, are factors that also influence the preference for this form of learning.

However, it is important to keep in mind that each person has his or her own way of learning and processing information. Some may prefer a more traditional approach, while others may find online learning more useful. The important thing is to find the form of learning that is most effective for each particular individual.

I have asked Luz to pose for these photos as she showed her displeasure at having to study for one of my photography classes in which I asked her to do some assignments from this digital photography book.

Her casualness is authentic, this time we are not seeing a model interpreting emotions that are not hers, her discomfort is genuine. I loved this result and at the end of the class we all laughed when we saw the result of these photos.

If you are a youngster who decided to study Photography and Art in the traditional way, I'm sure you will find yourself in this kind of situation on more than one occasion. I just hope that like Maria, at the end of the day you can laugh at these awkward moments.

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Don't take it the wrong way, but it would have been cool if the fabric was fully stretched to give a sense of infinity. Greetings and good job!

You're right! This was not a planned session, the student sat down to leaf through the book for her homework and began to make uncomfortable faces, so I just took the camera and captured the moment without worrying about the details of the floor.

Don´t worry, keep makeing a great job bro !!

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