My wife asked me...

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...when we could go to a restaurant again. And preferably in a new restaurant where we had not been before. Something nice, small, cozy & intimate...

And as you can see above I found the perfect address 😉

No, joking of course. What you see here is the interior of the original Antwerp stock exchange. This beautiful building was built in 1565 and was the very first stock exchange of this type in the world. It itself served as an example for the London Stock Exchange.
(If you want to know more about this, check out this link:

Of course, this building is no longer used as a stock exchange today. What's more, in recent years it was no longer publicly accessible and was in danger of decay.
But thanks to a private/government partnership, the entire building was renovated and is now used as an event hall.
By the way, the photo shows the preparation of some culinary event.

Ok, cozy and intimate it is not. But I would absolutely love to eat in such a majestic setting. By the way, I think my wife too... although you never know for sure with women of course 😉

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It looks great inside.

It is!

Antwerp exchange. It was built in the past and was the first exchange of this kind in the world. great building

That's indeed what I wrote 😉

Remind me of a market building from Venice.

I've never been to Venice, so can't compare...but being from Antwerp I can only say our buildings are nicer 😉🤪

I zoom it to see whats inside and I understand it while reading the details my friend

I've worked on many events of this type. I can just image designing lighting for this amazing architecture.
If you look closely, you will see a couple of theatrical lighting truss, hanging already (one has some red/orange instruments pointing towards the humble photographer). I imagine some amazing uplights, to catch the flying buttresses, and arches. Depending on the theme and the organization, one picks the colors to match.

The humble photographer has only 1 regret...he couldn't stay for the dinner and only had 1 !PIZZA once back at home 😉
Thanks for passing by my friend, it's been a are things going?


very good. Lots of time out w/ camera, playing. Some for clients, mostly for me.
I usually spend weekends, in fall, at a craft fair, selling my photography. so far, been a fairly successful season.

Sounds great, wish I had more time for my photography...
Do you print yourself?

Do you print yourself?

yes, and no!

Most of my for sale at craft fairs is Dye Sublimation Coasters, Glass Cutting Boards, Puzzles, Ceramic Ornaments, and other Home Decor.
I print my own images with dye sublimation printer, and inks, then have my own Heat press for High heat transfer onto blanks.

I print my own note card size (4inch by 6 inch). I use a local printer for 5x7, 8x10, 11x17, 24x36 inch. or any of the wide format (10inch x 20inch, for instance or larger). I put up samples, and take orders then ship to clients.

As for printing myself? I will say, mom and dad created me, and I leave it to stuff in Biology Classes that went over my head for how the actual printing happened. 😉

Wow, this looks like a palace or some royal event hall. Apart from the amazing pictures you share, I do appreciate the way you give a detailed explanation of the details of your pictures. It is an amazing way of educating and enlightening your readers.

Thanks for sharing.

You're very welcome,glad you like it!

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That place is massive and pretty!

dont you have more photos of it?

Not yet. I sneaked in while they were preparing for an event and took this shot... but I will certainly go back...

Wow - what a fantastic building !!!

Certainly, the atmosphere is majestic.

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What about some !PIZZA & !WINE to go with that atmosphere 😉

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Sounds like a good combination. Although I confess that I have not eaten it before, we generally ate pizza with soft drinks, and what we did accompany by wine was pasta, meat and (sometimes for social events and sandwiches) with various cheeses.
The idea sounds very good to me, and it should work well, now you leave me wanting to go eat a Neapolitan pizza with a red wine !LOLZ

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I'd find it hard to concentrate on eating here. I imagine it would look even more amazing at night!

Gosh, this is amazing, I love the interior used, and kisses and !LUV to your wife.