Sunset in San Remegio: Transient Yet Sublime

Hello everyone!

I promised myself to post more often about two weeks ago, but here we go again. It became a cycle of attempting to sit down and write something and then abandoning the whole idea midway. I just don't stress myself at this point because it will just add to the shroud of gloom that I have been feeling in the past months. That's the main reason why I can't post my usual travel and feel-good posts. Maybe I will have to force myself to post my travels because I have a ton to share.

While I was on hiatus with my Hive posting, I had a lot of existential questions that I might not be able to answer. With all that introspection, self-loathing, and that painful journey to self-discovery, I realized that I am happiest outdoors. I think the main contributor to the gloom I have been feeling is that I have been stuffed in my room most of the time. I will have to change this in the coming days.

I realized that I lacked those moments of awe and gratitude. Last month, I decided to visit @indayclara in her ancestral place to have some clarity on what I have been going through. I got lazy that time that if @indayclara didn't nudge me to watch the sunset, this post would not be here now.

I have been sharing a lot of sunset photos here and I will keep on sharing because I just can't get tired of them. Even if I am taking photos at the same spot, there's a lot to unravel in such a short window of time. And in those short periods of light to darkness, there's so much awe and gratitude to express. Like when I was taking a photo of this coconut on the beach:

The next moment, I have this photo:

While I was wondering where the coconut might have come from, the world around me has been constantly changing and I was not able to keep up. To be honest, that's what I have been feeling most of the time. I always pictured myself being in the center of something, but I'm not moving while the people around me a whizzing past me. It's an intrusive thought and feeling.

I forgot that I took these two photos using my phone. These were supposed to be for my Instagram stories, but I chose to have a video instead. I thought I should add this here to fill the lack of transitions.

Life is like the sunset, ephemeral yet it's so beautiful for me to just sulk in the corner. While it's true that life is so beautiful, it's also full of doubts and suffering. It's a complete package, I guess unless you're born into privilege.

While we are here, we might as well enjoy what we have and have that constant feeling of awe and gratitude. Life might have its meaning later on, but if you can't find it now, just be grateful. While you're here, just enjoy the sunset.

If you've reached this far in my post and you're planning to comment about me being so inspiring and stuff, please don't. I'm not a sage and my life right is just like a coconut that's floating in the ocean before it can settle on an island somewhere. I can say that the coconut in the second photo is much better than my life right now. At least that coconut has settled on that beach.

Since you're still here, enjoy these photos where @indayclara is the silhouette:

In all seriousness, I should pick up where I left in my travel series. Wish me luck!

Kim Ybañez

Welcome to Kim's small corner in Hive. He is a chemical engineer by profession, but a blogger by passion. He is a wanderlust and an adventure seeker. Join his quests as he visits secluded destinations, climbs mountains, tries new and exotic dishes, and explores his country (The Philippines). He's also a trying hard photographer so stay tuned as he shares his photos and his thought process while creating them.

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I think the main contributor to the gloom I have been feeling is that I have been stuffed in my room most of the time.

I can relate to you 🥺 Lately, I've been feeling so gloomy than the usual. I feel sad more often and I don't know what's the root of the sadness I'm feeling. It seems like there's a hidden monster hiding around my mind, attacking me without notice. From that, demotivation started to cover my mind. As of the moment, I'm trying my might to feel fine. I guess this is because of adulting 101 and staying in the comfort of my bed overthinking from time to time. Anyway, hope you feel better one day, as I hope for myself too. Fighting!

Nice sunset pics though 🥰❤✨

Fighting! We don't have a choice. 😂

I really don't have some meaningful advice, but to just feel the sadness while it's there and thank it when it's gone. Charot

Nice sunset!
I'm also feeling a bit down lately but I try my best everyday to feel fine.
I hope you'll feel better soon.

Beach lang yan girl. Let me know if you here in Cebu. Beach and Sunsets ta always!

I need vitamin beach I guess 😅
Nindot unta makauli..

Thank you! I feel a little bit better now because I was able to post. 😆

That's a different kind of feeling but whatever works 😂

😂😂😂 It's all the same to me. I will go in a downward spiral whenever I can't post.

These are so cool. I would love to see a sunset like this each day.

Sunsets in the US are also amazing. Like I hear there are pink sunsets. Would love to see one someday. Yes, I wouldn't mind seeing something like this every day. A good place at the beach would be amazing.

Beautiful pictures 😍😍

How are you always somewhere with a nice sunset? 😂

Not really always. There are a lot of spots with amazing sunsets. Sometimes I'm just so lazy to be there or even document the scene. Always my problem: ME. 😅

Haha well no problem with just experiencing the sunset you know, sometimes when I take photos of sunset (or whatever) it takes a lot of my time and focus that I’m not able to enjoy it while it lasts. Especially sunsets they only take a few minutes before they disappear..

Maybe you need an inspiration Kim😉🥴

The problem of content creators. We usually can't enjoy the scene or the place because we are so focused on how to create a content out of it. When I'm on vacation, I sometimes skip taking photos to just enjoy the moment. It's tiring keep on thinking on how create content all the time.

Maybe you need an inspiration Kim😉🥴

Yeah! Pero kanang dili ko paasahon ug dili bakakon. 😂

True. That’s why I try to extend my days on vacation just to enjoy the place and not take pics for content or whatever.

Haha yeah you deserve someone who’s honest. Although di man pud tanan tao ang inspiration pwede man gud laing butang hihihi might be an old passion that you need to do again or whateverrrrr

Huhu! Need nako tawo. Awh

It’s all a process and this, the things you mentioned, are all part of it. Find yourself… if the outdoors helps so much, spend your time there.
Maybe it helps to write it down… you don’t need to post only feel good things. Also the sad times are part of human life. We all sooooo know. Hope you feel soon motivated and inspired again.
The photos are stunning btw 😎🥰

Thank you! I am now motivated and inspired to post again because you have been always an inspiration when it comes to posting. I know everything's a process and I should recognize every single emotion that I feel. Good thing I am able to express them in ways I love doing.

You are soooo welcome @ybanezkim26 😊🤗 that’s nice to hear.
Good you did find ways to express them in ways you love. Hold on to that! Strongly. It will pull you out.
Take care 😎🤞🏻 You can do it, one step at a time!
Have an awesome day further.


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Yeah. I agree with one step at a time. It's always a process and taking short cuts will always lead to being worse instead of being better. Have an awesome day to you, too!

Exactly, short cuts won’t work in the long run.
Thanks so much 👋🏻😊 @ybanezkim26

In all seriousness, I should pick up where I left in my travel series

It's high time oe! Back here in San Remegio and I'm so not ready for our future plans but here goes nothing!

I'm not ready sad jud! Good luck nato ani. 😁

Sunsets create a calming feeling when looked at and its one way of relieving my stress especially under tough times,the photos are really looking great.

True! Thank you!

Clicks are amazing dude😮🤩

Thanks! That's so nice of you.

You are welcome☺️

Wonderful pictures

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I just wrote this a few days ago. Now, when I read what you wrote, I was very surprised. What beautiful coincidences from different parts of the world🙏🌇🌠🌈🤗🌺

Hello! Bisaya here! From the land of misamis oriental and bag-o palang ko diri sir gadiscover discover pa 👋

Hi! How's the experience so far?

Beautiful photos

Sunsets and sunrises always have a way of "reaching me". I wish I could experience each and every one, buy hey, you can't win them all 😎

That's true! I'm actually due for another sunset especially that it's always raining here now.

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It was an awesome sunset. Unlike today when it rains all afternoon.