Using Polyphasic Sleep to Maximise Earnings on Rising Star

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It has been 2 weeks since I signed up for Rising Star and what a journey it has been. Thank you to everyone who gave me some tips on my post. I wanted to actually update my progress earlier, but some things kept getting in the way.


Since then I have played every day. My journey got off to a rocky start with me trying to figure out what has been going on and what to do. I wasn't getting anywhere very quickly, so invested in some cards to boost my fans, luck and skill.

After about a week my status was as below:


Now after 2 weeks, my status is as below:


I've completed over 220 missions now and the Starbits are starting to poor in which is very nice. The only thing is, now I am unable to sleep. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and need to select a new gig to keep the starbits flowing. This is making me very tired the next day. My wife has also been questioning what the sounds are when a mission is completed.

As a solution to this, I have discovered Polyphasic Sleep. According to

Polyphasic sleep refers to sleeping in more than two segments per day

This will then allow me to sleep for up to 3 hours at a time and still keep earning starbits with Rising Star. As we are working from home, I thought I could take a power nap during my lunch break. Therefore I have set up a temporary bed on the sofa for my polyphasic sleeping sessions.


Here I can quickly have a nap for up to 1 hour which would allow me to run a Midweek Headline Slot mission at the same time. At work, no one would be the wiser either 😉.

My second nap could be taken around 5 or 6 early evenings. This would allow me around 30 mins or so to get some sleep while running a Midweek Support Slot.

In the night, I could then run a 3-hour Saturday Headline mission to earn the maximum starbits while I sleep. If I got to bed around 10 pm, this would take me to 1 am. I could then wake up and resume my day.

At around 6 am, I could then take my final polyphasic sleep session for another 2 hours while running a Saturday Support gig. This would take me til 8 am when I start work.

Who says you can't earn while you sleep?

Rising Star with my adjusted sleeping pattern should keep running nicely and earning me 24/7 starbits. Do you have any approaches to maximise earnings?

Thanks for reading.


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I have been practicing polyphasic sleep, it makes me feel even more awake than with regular sleep. But it is not suitable for everyone just because of work or personal life. Now I'm back to polyphasic sleep partly because of the crypto, to stay relevant at all times of the day. And yes, I confirm, it helps to maximize earnings at Rising Stars.
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I am feeling a bit wrecked at the moment, but I hope it will get better.


That's right, it takes some getting used to. It's going to take some time. As far as I remember, a week was enough for me.

Awesome. Im glad we are now Polyphasic sleep buddies !LUV

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Thanks guys. I appreciate your support!

If you can't sleep because of Risingstar, you need to change your strategy ;-). Hope you will get soon enough level to do the local gig circuit where you can actually sleep longer lol

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Thanks, I will keep going to get to the longer missions! !CTP

Wow, that's dedication! Well, I have it running most of the time I'm up but not when I'm sleeping and I definitely won't wake up to start a new mission hehe.
I will just have to get used to the fact that I'll be a bit slower...
Ah well, I'll get there too!
I'm on level 19 now (3 more missions and I'll be on 20...finally) and 19424 Starbits.
I believe I'm ranked around 6000 or something.
Not the greatest but not complaining either!

Keep up the good work! We gotta keep on Hustlin'! lol !CTP

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Local Gig Circuit has a 300 mins mission 'Local Mini Tour Support'. I run this mission every night before going to sleep. Before that I used to sleep for 2-3 hours, get up and run another mission and go back to sleep.

I need to progress further in the game then, because so far im sleeping 3 times a day and im feeling pretty wrecked! !LOLZ

My girlfriend told me to stop singing Wonderwall to her
I said mayybeee...

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As you are the expert how much time do you spent daily on the game and is it worth it so far? !CTP

I would say 20-30 mins a day spread through out the day to check things and start a new mission. It is for sure worth it IMO. Next up I will start DCity and Dcrops. !CTP
Splinterlands is for sure more challenging and no earnings so far, but it is becoming more fun.

My 2 cents on Dcrop:

If you want in, you should aim to invest enough to get the daily Hive bonus

Thanks! So it doesnt seem profitable to invest in Dcrop!? How much do you need to invests to get the daily bonus?

By growing only, it doesn't seem so. For the daily share, you need to hold the equivalent of 20k CROP in game asset, around 65-70 Hive. No idea of the APY though.

Thanks, thats good to know. Hive is pretty sparse right now.

Well I will be on holiday for at least one more week, but 30 min a day should be doable spread throughout the day. I at least have 1 boring meeting each day !CTP

I wish this method will work on me, am known to sleep almost like a dead man lol
But I constant still keep the alarm for every afternoon sleep, even though it fails to wake me up but the progress now is that I can hear the alarm in my sleep recently.

it is a hard adjustment. But if I can get to higher levels, maybe I can sleep normally again. !CTP

This is actually interesting ... at different times in life I've accidentally done this ... bold step to do it on purpose ... thanks for passing on the knowledge, because one never knows what it will take to meet an opportunity...

Thanks, im trying to do what it takes to reach a goal. My wife is getting a bit annoyed with me sleeping on the couch though.

I wasn't going to comment on that, but, being a woman, I sensed that might be what was going on ... no woman wants to feel second to a computer game ... but, temporary measures, I'm sure ...

Yes, just temporary. I hope she agrees the benefits of sleeping are to increase our crypto stack.

And sometimes I wonder if I do too much overthinking and analizing everything... Man, you're the level above! Hurry to level up then, so you can have 5 straight hours of sleep!

Thanks, I wasn't aware there were longer missions, but that will be helpful to get some decent amount of sleep. !PIZZA

That is a great way to maximize your earnings! :D Hope you made sure to have enough boosts?

lol that is extreme Rising Star playing! Keep it up lol

Love the gif!

I'm feeling pretty rough right now tbh.

well maybe get a good night sleep soon....

Just need to do one more round. lol

For a couple of minutes I was really thinking of joining the game, but then I thought, ohh nooo, not another one, your life is busy enough as it is, your sleep is not let's say standard, yeah sure, you need another game in your life... I joined LN a couple of weeks ago I think, see? I can't even remember exactly when :)) That one is a hard enough game!

Voted on ListNerds!

Yeah I can feel you. Less time spent in reality!! !PIZZA

I have done polyphasic sleep at times. As a mother of six, I spent my 20s and 30s sleeping that way because of newborns, sick children and such. I also slept that way when I had a part-time job with shifts from 5-10 am with occasional overnights. !CTP !BBH

I have 8 siblings so I can imagine the workload you must have had!!
Well done getting through that time with sleeping when possible.


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That is an interesting approach, Steve. I am interested in how it turns out for you.

I will keep you updated John! !ALIVE !CTP

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I didn't know there is such a thing as polyphasic sleep. I read a short nap during the day can be beneficial if you are tired, though. Anyway, Achim is right, make it your goal to unlock longer missions, so you won't deprive yourself of sleep because of Rising Star. As for the end-mission sound, you can mute the tab, but then you won't be notified when the mission is over.

Thanks, thats the goal. Then I can just power nap in the day.
Is there a way to refresh the screen if you go away for a little while?
I saw the Starbits market has crashed again nearing the 27th June.

Is there a way to refresh the screen if you go away for a little while?

That should auto-refresh automatically at the end of the mission. Especially if you leave the Rising Star tab active when you leave your computer.

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Oh I do this and have done for many years, so nothing to do with Rising Star🤣
The more you increase your level you will soon get 300 minute missions which you can run at bedtime to get you more sleep :)

Nice work. I could do it more easily in my younger years, but now I'm struggling for sure. !PIZZA

Well it is more a case of my back waking me up if I have been asleep for more than about four hours 🤣🤣

We are problem sleepers together then! lol I need to sleep raised, so often wake up in the night! lol

hehe well waking up means you can play rising star, and talking of rising star I forget to put on a mission when I did go to sleep haha

haha! I am always forgetting the actifit app. Its good to earn crypto for moving! We just need an app that pays crypto for breathing next.

I almost always forget about actifit!
haha a breathing app now that would be a good one:)