Rising Star at HIVEFEST + Are you LOSING MONEY selling STARBITS?


Rising Star will be presenting at HIVEFEST!

We are very excited to announce that I will be presenting Rising Star at this year's HIVEFEST.

We have a little fun surprise and we will also be ANNOUNCING THE NEW FEATURE we have been working on. It won't be ready to go live by then as it involves quite a lot of work but I will be revealing the details and look forward to your questions.

I am really looking forward to meeting many of you who I have known for years but not actually met plus a few old friends that I have met in the past.

Are you losing money selling STARBITS ?

We realise that Music Promoter can be a little confusing and that many players just don't bother even trying it however we have now added new information to the game so that you can see what you are missing.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 09.46.17.png

As you can see the Music Promoter Rewards page now shows you a lot of data but most importantly you can see if it would have been better to burn your STARBITS in promoter or sell them on the market (or buy STARPRO on the market).

As you can see from the above statistics you could have made 4.25% MORE HIVE or saved 4.25% on the market price of STARPRO by using Music Promoter yesterday.

And you can see from the bottom of the table that you don't need to burn much to start getting a little STARPRO.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 10.21.43.png

We would recommend you burn at least 2000 STARBITS otherwise it's possible that you may not get the minimum of 0.01 depending on how many missions are run in a day, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Bag yourself MORE STARPRO / HIVE by burning your STARBITS instead of selling them at a discount.

Thanks as always for supporting Rising Star and being the amazing community that you are!

Cheers and rock on \m/
Jux and the Rising Star team.

Rising Star - The Play2Earn NFT virtual music career game built on Hive.


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I'm looking forward to meeting you. You must be so proud of how the game has grown. Thanks for all your efforts.


Dare I repeat how important you were in making this happen?

Going to be great to finally meet you too!

looking forward to meet you too. :)

I remember 1000 starbits gave me 0.3 hive. In good old times... Now the same amount gives me 0.05 hive. So starbits lost 85% of value. In other words....all the money players had put in the game before... is lost. This 4% does not change anything.

Currencies can keep their price stable if buy vs sell market is stable. If most people are selling starbits, you will not see its price anywhere near 0.3 hive. What would change that? Well, starbits would have to have an option, that would at least give its owners a thought if it's really profitable to sell it or maybe use it for other purpose, which would give them bigger profit long term. Otherwise, starbits will just go down

That's exactly why STARPRO and Music Promoter exist.

I think problem is still there, because starbits is inflationary. To fight against that, you would have to pay in lets say....2 or three different currencies, not only starbits. So, let's say I play Local Mini Tour -instead I am paid 2000 starbits, I would be paid 1000 in starbits and the rest would be calculated into...let's say hbd or something stable. Just an idea.

The problem is as we always want it to be a free to play game we do not have the stable currency to pay out.

STARPRO is limited to just 100 a day (maximum but often less with the latest update) and as we add more features that require it so more STARBITS have to be burned to get the same amount of STARPRO. We have already seen this happen but we still need to keep adding more features that increase the demand for STARPRO so it happens even more.

I remember when BITCOIN was $65k and now it is $21k. Bear markets can be brutal as no one has any money to spend.
The best thing to do in a bear market is build new features and that is exactly what we are doing.
Rising Star will be around for many years to come and if you enjoy playing it then please continue to do so.

That money's not lost. It only seems that way if you are selling your earned STARBITS everyday instead of saving them for better opportunities. The price of STARBITS could go back up, and you could wait until then to sell. The problem is impatience.

You said that correctly: price COULD go back up. Now read again and don't play smarta**.

I am 99% sure it will. If you're so unsure, then, it sounds like you have very little faith in this game.

The future of the game rests in STARPRO, so that's what I get with all of my STARBITS. I am HODLing for the future. It's hard to have sympathy for people who are doing otherwise. Nobody is forcing you to keep selling STARBITS during the bear market, unless you seriously have rent or other bills to pay ASAP.

I think faith can only save the starbits. So I don't say it is not possible. For other thoughts of mine, read my chat with admin

I really dont understand well how music promoter works, I tryed weeks ago, but I did not see the benefits, so I would like to know where could I learn step by step to get profit about it. Thanks.

I would recommend you come to Discord as there are people who can explain in your language.

A great upgrade to the game. I was always hesitant to use the Music Promoter due to the uncertainty, even if I could have calculated it myself. But with the update, I don't have to anymore :o).

I will try it!


All these data are very useful to decide whether it is convenient to make the promoter or not. But, I was still surprised by the many doubts people had about the promoter.

What do you get after the animal dinner party?
Stuffed animals.

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Hello, I would like you to clarify a doubt, the amount of STARPRO is in direct ratio of the STARBIT burned? without affecting the number of times the BID has been made, rather than knowing how many times the mission has been made with your bet.
Thank you, I hope you can clarify this doubt for me.

The amount of STARPRO you get is in relation to how many missions you have successfully bid on compared to everyone else. The amount of STARBITS you burn does not affect the amount of STARPRO you get.

I won the ticket and hotel accommodations for amsterdam. I am also looking forward to meeting many new people and having a !BEER or two.


I really like the game and I am optimistic about the future of RS, just need to keep working to make everything better and better!

Looking forward to learning about the new feature. Will the presentations be streamed for those of us who can't make it to HiveFest in person?

Yes I am pretty sure it will be streamed.

Good to hear! Thank you, @risingstargame. Enjoy your day.😀

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Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

Just like that, the starbits required went up 50%! 😅

Can you please do a follow up calculation? So we have more than 1 day worth of data point?

We will add the calculations each day during UK day time.
We also plan to allow you to scroll back through previous days.

👍🏻 thanks! 🙂

About the functionalities, what could you advance, you also mentioned in your program something about a reward pool.

We have lots of things coming.

Thanks for the explanation. This is really helpful. !PIZZA

Thanks for this! Now I will be promoting music whenever I accumulate 10k starbits from missions. It's a shame that I've found and read this post just now though, because I've already converted 100k starbits to starpro 😞😞😞!


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Yes. Awesome news, and can't wait to see you again. :)

Nice to hear it can't wait to find out about new feature

Music promoter is always confusing to me..
Will try..

I appreciate all the efforts to keep the game enjoyable for us players. Keeping us up to date is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for this! How do I find my way to Amsterdam?

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HiveFest is already very close and I couldn't afford to save up to attend, but we will surely have some feedback virtually.

Excellent that you are there Amigo Jux.

Good additions to Music Promoter, I will recommend it and we will show its advantages and virtues in next live streams, based on what you tell us in this post.

HiveOn! Long live RisingStar!

We would recommend you burn at least 2000 STARBITS otherwise it's possible that you may not get the minimum of 0.01 depending on how many missions are run in a day,

This is the thing I concerned. We need to burn 6000 Starbits to get 0.03 StarPro but we only get 1000 Starbits as a bonus. Should not this fix too. At least bonus should be given half of the Starbits we need to burn to get 0.03 StarPro.

Yes we need to change that. We were waiting to see the impact of the Music Promoter changes but we will look at it soon.

Thanks for your reply.

I am happy that you come to hivefest! I will be there too and I hope we can drink a !BEER

good notice boys i love
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THank you! I´ve never used Music Promoter until I reach 100k fans!
Its a great way to help new as I am, thanks!

thanks for this tip . i check now . eheh


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when I first started the game game, and doing music promoter, I would burn 10K starbits, 10K starbits is probably a better minimum.

But people are getting 0.01 STARPRO with 1k and many do not have 10k spare so I think it's reasonable to at least try a smaller amount.


hivefest sera un chiste XD .... lleno de ratas

All the time that its cheaper to buy starpro from the market than earn it then its pointless playing the game. You guys really need to think through the repercussions of the game changes you make before bringing them out. I feel sorry for the guys who paid ~300 dollars to get the starbits millionaire card just to watch sb plummet 90+ percent and thats not all due to the bear market as very few other currenciies have dropped that far, bad decisions have been the biggest factor.

We are always trying to do the best we can but every crypto game is an experiment and we are not experts. We listen to all suggestions so you are free to make any if you feel we have made bad ones and you have better ideas.

It's very difficult to maintain the price of an inflationary token hence the introduction of STARPRO. By having a token that has a fixed supply with the option to burn STARBITS to get it we feel as though we have added a good mechanism to help the STARBITS price in the long term. As more and more features are added to the game that require STARPRO the number of STARBITS that need to be burned should increase.

At the end of the day it is a game and we say that often. You should not "invest" in a game. You should spend what you feel is going to give you entertainment. I can't think of anything more risky as an "investment" than a game.

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Looking forward to meeting you there Jux! Always cool to see someone who has always been so passionate about building something.

Time for a !BEER there for sure!

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