Rising Star - Getting the band together

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About a month ago I started playing Rising Star, a game built on Hive that is based around the music industry. Like some other blackchain-based games this is mostly about clicking things every so often to do 'missions', in this case busking, gigs, recording, interviews.

You can collect cards which boost various aspects of your performer. There are various character cards that come into their own once you reach the end of the second zone. At that point you need to do Band Audition missions. This is a low-paying missing that takes four hours, but you need to get four players into the band. You have a one in five chance of succeeding each time, but I got away with just 15 attempts. Each time it goes well you can pick another player and an instrument from your cards. This is what I have gone with for now plus the glam rocker as my singer.


You can hear what they sound like here. Members of the community have contributes loops that are designed to fit together in thousands of combinations. I was aiming for a rock vibe. I will have a play to see what other sounds I can get.

I have bought various cards to try and get at least one of each. I have most of the common and rare cards, but just one epic musician (the Pop Diva). At this stage I would not mind some of the legendary people as the large number of fans they have would mean I could earn a lot more Starbits.


I have quite a lot of different instruments too. Having too many of these makes less difference as they just add to your 'luck' so you have more chance of winning extra cards. I have bought some cards on the internal market, but also done deals with people in the Discord trading zone to get some better deals.


Some people are buying dozens of card packs and amassing huge collections that they may be able to sell at a profit, but this does depend on having enough players wanting the cards. The latest statistics show strong growth. I expect there will be some players who are just in it for the profit, but I am enjoying seeing where it goes.

For now I am running the Band Rehearsal mission to work my way up through the levels (currently at 81) to be able to do the next one. Running the shortest (5 minute) missions tends to give you the best return, but you need enough pizza to keep you going. I run long missions overnight. That can be a good time to do the music lessons you need to build you skill level which counteracts a destructive ego brought on by too many fans. I love all these little details.

I suspect the gameplay will need a few more tweaks before it comes out of alpha to prevent it getting too top heavy with big players being able to exploit the newbies. The ego is part of that as it requires you to do time-consuming lessons that do not pay anything. I know the developer @risingstargame (aka @atomcollector) is working on lessons that require you to have specific instrument cards. Getting the balance right is tricky, but he is working with the community to see what can work.

I needed a rehearsal room card for my current missions and will need fuel for my tour vehicle in future, so I will have to invest in appropriate cards for that. I get to live out my rock star dreams in the game.

The game has a referral scheme that gives you extra Starbits based on the missions your recruits do.

I am also playing beer brewing game Cryptobrewmaster.

Rock on!


11 days ago, after reading your previous post about the game, I started playing @risingstargame.

I am enjoying it very much. I am now at level 17.

I am playing with two accounts. From my second account, @marcel.dubrovnik, I just sent you a can of petrol, as I had already three.
I also have a rehearsal room, by the way, but I don't really need it for now.

Glad you are enjoying it and thanks for the petrol. You will need some eventually, but you may earn some by then.

I think a good range of games is a real plus for Hive.


Hey @vcelier, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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Someone is teaching me how to play this game, I love it.

So good to hear that!


Hey @yonilkar, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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I keep forgetting that this game is still in Alpha. As much as you have been posting about it, it seems like it is coming along very nicely!

I think the game is worthy of having more players. If nothing else if can be another way to earn crypto.

Moving to beta very soon. Just have a few upgrades on the back end to do first.


Hey @bozz, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you for sharing . I will definitely check it out

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Giving you some extra love for the downvotes.

Cheers. That guy had left me alone for a while, but he obviously still bears a grudge. He's got less power now anyway.

Jesus - i can not follow - i would be happy to get to level 55 at the moment :-)

I currently need fuel cans for the next mission. Debating whether to just buy some, but then I also want cards that give me more fans. I just try to have some mission running most of the time.

i finally hit level 55 but now the gap to level 75 is a long way it seems - not spending too much - spent already a lot hive for starbits and my entire steem powerdown for gaming in general lol.

Fans i have enough - some cards on market because to many actually - i need skills :-).

I'm up to 94. Some XP boosts help to get through the levels and I just got a +50XP card.

My ego is under control, but I may run some lessons overnight anyway.

Nice - i actually have 6 petrol cans (not required yet) - i sometimes forget to hit the mission button hence i never come close to Top 10 activity level

For the sake of it - i just bought packs for 50 Hive again :-) - sure I will regret it but let us support that awesome folks

Hope you get some good cards.

me too :-) - still hard for me to judge what good cards are though

The first 7 not good - tons of fans again - i need skills :-)

Some of the people cards have more skill than fans. I got one of those (male rapper) today. The drunk fans are creeping up again, so maybe I need a drum lesson tonight.

Hey @steevc, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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