Allow me to GIF you a look at my cannabis garden!

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Please enjoy these short clips (and photos) of my Reclining Buddha plants, which are stretched out, lush, and starting to flower! I ended up with 4 females and 1 male - perfect!

I had a very rough grow for my 5th blockchain crop during lockdown, then took the rest of 2020 off. When I came back with these Reclining Buddhas, I decided to keep it simple and quick, to ensure myself a victory. Things look promising at this point, don't you think?!

The Females

If you've been following along, you know I've got 5 plants (from about a dozen seeds) that made it to full size. They're just starting to show their sex structures. (Naughty!)

I ended up with 4 tall plants and 1 VERY stout plant I named Monster.

Turns out, it appears all the tall plants are FEMALES!

See up top where the new growth is all bunched together? Several little white pistils are popping up, already ready to accept any pollen the wind brings along. (Those tramps!)

Here's another of the tall young ladies:

And another, slighty less mature, but with a lot of lush green growth up top:

This bodes really well. I forsee a good crop of buds on these plants within a few weeks. They're hardy, in their prime, and healthy. You can look forward to some gorgeous flower photography on this channel soon!

As always, my garden is 200% organic - nothing but air, light, water, and soil. All I have for a light is an old SAD lamp (for people with seasonal affective disorder aka "winter blues"), but I make it work. The soil is worm castings (poop). That, along with technique, is truly all you need to grow top shelf cannabis. I've proved it over and over on this blockchain, and I'm about to do so again!

The Male

Assumed to be dead for a few weeks, and then assumed to be female since then, "Monster" (originally just 2 inches tall and 7 inches wide) is standing up straight (maybe 6 inches fully erect) to show us his balls!

They're not very big, but those are pollen sacs forming and moving outward from the top growth. Round shape + no pistils = no medicine.

But a male means pollen, and pollen means babies (seeds). Since I used up all my Reclining Buddha seeds to get this crop going, I wouldn't mind getting some seeds back! Right on. But I'll be careful and only let him pollinate a section of the garden. I want lots of tasty sensimillia, too!

That clip shows his stature, next to the girls. Isn't that funny?

Have you seen that before, where the males are extremely short compared to the females? Or was this just a one-time fluke?

Either way

I'm happy to be growing out these gorgeous plants, and also that I have places like Weedcash and Hive to show them off.

Cannabis is about more than just getting high. For some people, it dramatically increases their quality of life (without doing any harm to anyone else). For others, it's the only thing keeping them alive. Prohibition is alive and well in 2021 despite "legalization" sweeping the planet. Censorship is a sure sign that cannabis remains prohibited, stigmatized, and hated by the state.

For the patients - and for Liberty - we must spread the truth about this incredible plant.

And as always, grow in peace.

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Nice green!! <3
Looking forward to trichomes, calyxes, and maybe seeds!

Beautiful! and punny! :)

Heh yeah I groaned at the title, but the gifs themselves made up for it :p

It's the GIF that keeps on giving ;)

So cool! Another weedcash breeding project!!

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keep it growing, boy!

Nice job and 4 Fems and only one male. That's normally a good turn out.

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Kicking myself for not thinking of this great idea (Want to make the gifs NFTs?)

Hehe sounds fun, more details needed! I'm not up on my nft technical knowledge.

So I have limited experience outside of ETH blockchain but i have created NFTs through rareable and open sea however now I found and joined wax wallet

Then atomic market the NFT market on open sea is crazy about meme or cannabis NFTs. while still images are of they flock more toward gifs that have a collectable design like a pog or card with moving imagery I have been making moc ups to make a proof of concept art for a potential Weedcash NFT. Generating on ETH was easy pay gas upload file chose type and number and they mint them. NFT showroom and Wax have similar functions but dont use ETH it owd will move platforms my bet is on Wax wallet but ill do a couple test runs before I'm certain from what I can tell wax has some Gpu or ram mining to it but i have that hardware.

heres my ETH NFT but gass fees yblah blah I'm going to go for a different blockchain with the same straight forward upload file select type # and on open sea features and price point
I'm going to test my NFT mok up tomorrow so ill have to get back to you but in essence its not to difficult to do this just asset generation cost which depending on chain its not that bad.
something basic so I'm sure there are no problems in this idea but I have back up options if this one option doesn't pan out I just started trying this again because separate NFT chains just began popping up making it affordable now.

or you could check out the minting option here to see what's required but minus the ETH bs

check out the video to its helpful ill get back to you soon when i have accomplished my test run, but look into it its surprisingly easy.

Thanks for the info!
I think I could figure it out, if I wanted to. Thing is, I have a lot of projects already on the go, and a full personal life right now. I could come up with some suitable gifs (maybe a bit shorter and to the point, closeups of the flowers as they develop, etc) but I don't have time right now to convert them to NFTs and market them.
If your test run goes well and you want to try some of my gifs, let me know! Maybe we can make an ongoing arrangement, or just do it once or twice for kicks.

Nice 👍🏾 @tipu curate

Looking awesome great job lucky male has 4 females to take care of 😆

Yes, I'm very blessed!!
Oh, you mean the male plant? Yeah, lucky guy... hehehe :D's what every man dreams 😆