Celebrating BC Bud Day 2021 with my Reclining Buddha cannabis flowers

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My wife @MediKatie and I started an annual cannabis cultural event called BC Bud Day about a decade ago, and started celebrating it publicly in 2016. This year, we couldn't be in Vancouver for the big farmers market there, so we celebrated in solidarity from our home in the Okanagan. British Columbia is known for some of the best cannabis in the world, and it's always a pleasure to appreciate the bounty of Nature!

My three adult Reclining Buddha females are 15 weeks old now, grown 200% organically from seed. Nothing but air, light, soil, and water. This one is the most mature, with a few amber-coloured pistils indicating early maturation of the flowers. Still about a month to go!

This one is eagerly reaching for pollen.

I'm not totally in love with the bud structure of these genetics. Maybe I just need to improve my light game. And obviously there's still plenty of time to fill in.

Trichome development seems good. They're definitely getting sticky and smelly!

The male sits alone out in the sunroom (which isn't very sunny lately because of all the smoke from nearby forest fires). He's dusting the whole area with pollen. I should be careful not to let any get into the medicine patch!

My goal with this crop is to produce some quality medicinal buds, that I can extract into solventless extracts with a rosin press, or infuse into organic olive oil for topical pain relief.

Each of the 3 plants has 5 flowers. Stay tuned to see how they turn out :)

Happy BC Bud Day from the heart of BC, where great cannabis is grown and consumed. Wherever you are, stay lifted!

And grow in peace.

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Yep! Celebrating organic, home-grown, B.C. bud is what the day is all about!

Lmmfao.. thanks.. I'm reading right along...

few amber-coloured pistils indicating...

Fuck. I spelled it wrong in my post. I meant pistil... not..


Where's the one you double topped?

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Hahah :D
I double-topped all of this crop, but did the bucket plant normally, while leaving an extra side branch on each of the regular potted plants. Then we hit flowering and the bucket turned into a male. So I've got 3 females here, each double-topped but each with one side branch, for a total of 5 flowers per plant.
Weed math! I should end up with 15 sensimillia flowers.
Looking into a small tabletop rosin press, does a gram at a time. I could dab the rosin, and then use the remainder to make topicals or edibles.

Oh... that's weed math.. I been doing it all wrong.. ⅛,¼... ½.. whatever. I hate fractions.

Well I know I like a joint that is about 1/2 smoked.... any smaller and it gets roachy and depressing.

When reading it seems that you are talking about your pets, let me explain, you take care of your plants with water, light, all natural earth, nothing chemical, it is a way to protect them and obviously to have an excellent product, but I like to read this as it frames the dedication that you put into your work and you enjoy it.
Happy Tuesday

You are a wild man playing with pollen like that


Are you able to get your hands on any of the legendary BC Skunk strains? They were the most unique I ever had in my life. But that was back in '99. Skunks and purples kind of not pushed aside for OGs and the mass hybridization of them.


Hehehe, true. I have access to some great Super Skunk genetics. I could probably get the original purple if I asked around, I know it's still out there. Luckily there are quite a few collectors, breeders, historians, etc who do their best to not let good genetic lines disappear. I know a guy who has a catalog nearing 1000 different samples of bud and extracts, all frozen in little test tubes. He hopes some day he'll have the money and time to analyze them all, maybe create or recreate something magical, etc.
These Reclining Buddha are a cross between Skunk #1 and Holland's Hope, bred by Sensi seeds in Amsterdam. A subscriber from YT several years ago sent them to me as a thank you.

Happy B.C. Bud Day! :)

I wish you girls could be here <3
ALL of you! :D
Yum.... Girls of Green party on BC Bud Day. That would be fun indeed.

To all...
Everywhere in the world, Happy BC Bud Day! Cannabis is the global healing herb <3

Mmmmm can almost smell it!! Upvoted and reHived :))

I remember when I lived in Kentucky in the early 2000's, a BC bud was a treat.

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California also has a good reputation, as does Amsterdam, and a few other places. Some deserve their great reputation and others no as much :p

Back in the 80's Kentucky had a reputation like California has today. They grow so much weed in the hills, and in the Mountains. But I would assume in most remote areas there was a lot of pot growing taking place. One great thing about cannabis is the best can be grown anywhere, and even in a closet! Compared to wine, there are only a handful of places that great wine is made, and grape vines are grown.

Pure poetry, my friend! <3
and agreed 100%

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what incredible buds your plants have, I hope my plants give such beautiful buds in a few weeks.


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Can we get some !DABs too?

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