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Wow, it's already a week since my last update! And just 14 days until harvest. My little indoor medicine patch is about to yield some top shelf bud, along with about 50 seeds which will become future crops of Reclining Buddha. These females are 16 weeks old, having been grown 200% organically right here on the HIVE/WeedCash blockchain. Please enjoy your scroll through my garden!

You'll find a combination of photos and short visual clips, all taken today (2021/3/25).

This is an unpollinated branch on a plant that is producing seeds, and it's noticeably on the scruffy side. It will be nice bud, but there won't be a large yield from this plant.

All those foxtails are covered in trichomes, and I've got ways to harvest them for extracts and topicals.

Another unpollinated branch. The pistils are about half orange at this point, and the plant is fully mature.


Here's one of the seeded branches. Lots of trichomes, but other than the seeds, not a lot of mass.

You can see the gray-brown seeds, each nestled in a calyx with a withered orange pistil at one end.

That's got to be one of my favourite canna-photographs, out of several hundred! Another generation of baby plants, curled up asleep inside a shell, each being matured and given everything they need to begin life. They're taking the nutrients from the entire plant, but it's going to be worth it! These seeds represent hope for the future.


Sensimillia is cannabis grown without pollen - bud from plants that don't put any of their energy into making seeds. The result is often called "kind", or "top shelf", or "dank fire", and so on. It's what you want if you're smoking the good stuff, or making medicine to treat serious illness - or creating canna-photography! :D

Chunky, classic indica bud structure! With a couple weeks left, this plant has stacked up reasonably well. Remember, they've been fed NOTHING their entire lives. Just plain water, all the way through. This is what good genetics and proper 200% organic gardening can produce. The soil? Half worm castings, half peat moss. Literally just plain dirt.

This is the strongest AND cleanest medicine you can get, anywhere, at any price.

About 40% of the trichomes have darkened, which is about right for a plant with a couple weeks to go. Beautiful coating of trichomes.

The smell is strong, but not offensive. I smell a typical indica with skunk and diesel. Recently there's also a sweet odour, more fruity than floral. The combination hits me in waves as I work in my office, and even elsewhere in the house. An amount of smell that is quite tolerable, like if there were a rose or orchid in bloom. I look forward to the month or so each crop that I get to immerse in this scent bouquet. If you could bottle and sell it, you'd be a millionaire.

When you grow without chemical nutrients, fungicides, or other products, and your plants are healthy, the cannabinoids and terpenes produced are exactly and only as nature intended, specific to that plant's genetic profile. I'm often complimented by seasoned cannabis users that my methods bring out the smell, flavour, and effects typical of the strain. To quote my friend and fellow cannactivist Bert Easterbrook, "THAT is what Northern Lights is supposed to smoke like!"

Even the lower "popcorn" nugs look tasty:

Here's a look at her from the top:

For my next crop, I plan to grow out the seeds from these plants! But this time, I'm going to do 7 plants instead of 4 - and they're ALL going to be sensimillia!

But now, I'd like to take you back, and show you the journey these Reclining Buddhas have taken over the past 16 weeks!

Back to the present...

With a couple parting images of the glorious unpollinated female, the update is complete. But expect to hear from me again in a few days, as these flowers hit their peak beauty, heading into harvest!

My thanks to Hive and WeedCash for providing this censorship-resistant platform to display canna content. And to cannabis for being such a phenomenal life-changing plant!

Grow in peace.


Thank you for growing & showing these plants, @drutter <3
This has been a great crop to observe. Always good things coming from the garden! A happy garden is a happy house :))

Going to be chunking up now!

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Yeah, old females become chunky and smelly! I'm talking about cannabis plants, but sometimes the same is true for humans.. LOL

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That's toxic! Are you sure about the 200% organic claim? :p j/k
Ooh 24 cent upvotes now? Very nice.

Not that we're old, but we're girls, and we have to say that not all girls become smelly old ladies! LOL
Canna-girls stay fresh forever!

Awesome looking plants. Peat moss and worm castings only seems to be working pretty well..

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Thanks! I spent a long time on this post - a full day. There are so many posts on WeedCash with just 1 or maybe 2 pictures, and a couple lines of text, and a lot of them are making huge payouts. I figured I'd not only put more time and energy into my photos, I'd also do 22 of them (plus a bonus 15 I've shown previously) in a single post, to really pack in the value and please the big canna curators. I'm aiming for $70 by the 24 hour mark... I'm at $7 after 13 hours. Canna-curate and others are always saying we need more cannabis content. Maybe I should have split this up into 22 posts? Guess we'll see how it pans out.
Yeah, peat moss and worm poop! And the peat moss is just inert fluff, as you know. So I guess worm shit has everything required to grow the most awesome plant in the world! The dankest fire medicine can be made purely out of the atoms in a lump of poo. Who coulda known? :D

I bought some cheap top soil to mix with my worn castings

Most topsoil is about half worm castings anyway. The other half is usually a combination of rocks, sand, sticks, and decomposing matter. I'm sure it'll work out great! Don't bring any bugs or eggs into the garden with the topsoil.

22 new high quality canna photos and gifs..... major addition to the blockchain!
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I want to smash my face into those flowers.

Looks yummy