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RE: Launch Date for Wrapped WEED (wWEED) - #WeedFi = #DeFi Yield Farming with $WWEED and $ETH + WEED Bonuses for Liquidity Providers

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I read it twice and have literally NO Idea what this announcement is talking about : ((
Does anyone have an English version?


DeFi is VERY HIGH RISK investing, for very advanced traders, but as usual crypto wants to open the doors of financial hell to all on earth, freedom requires staying vigilant.

I know you like both sides of the story too, so I would refer you to the Vosk Coin Youtube channel, if you aren't already familiar I will have links below link a video. He is a mining farm operator, and invests in all sorts of AltCoins, hardware and coin level, he lost everything in a DeFi investment.

Trying to turn $350 into $100,000 Staking DeFi Crypto Coins

3 Days Later $350 was $0

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Hahaha, thanks for the links, I'll have a peek.
To be honest I understand less and less of this stuff. So much seems gimmicky to me. I personally won't use a smart device and I can't have a bank account, so the limitations of crypto (especially when trying to have any amount of privacy) are becoming obvious. Not all crypto is alike, of course, so I still have hope for something good to come of it all.

I have no bank either, I took the first C.E.R.B payment a few months ago and HSBC closed my account

Oh wow, nasty. I've never had any dealings with HSBC but I assumed they weren't as bad as the big 3.
Do you know why it was closed?
Better off without a bank. It's hard at first if you've built your life around it, but it can definitely be done. We survived without them for millions of years, and we could do it again.

I suspect its because I didn't declare my income last year and then claimed cerb, grey area fraud, but they didn't even ask me to declare it so its easy enough to ask for a audit, not saying I could produce one either.

Personally I think weedcash network interaction with different blockchains increases the number of investors and consumers from all the blockchains, not only hive.
Plus with the scarcity of this token, its very possible to see it rise from the current price of 0.02303 to a possible $0.42...
What's your take on placing more cash on the weed token before the launch of the wWeed?

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I dont touch Eth or DeFi or EOS for that Matter, but I appreciate the concept that I can spend money in many places if I ever needed services from those blockchains. I would put my money into HBD then Trade it against Hive trends if I was putting money anywhere aside from Zcash.

Short story is it is being listed on another exchange. LEO was the 1st to do this. Maybe this post here can explain more.

You've heard of #DeFi right? Yield farming and all that? If not maybe start here:

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No, I've never heard of DeFi or Yield farming. And that link is just more French to me.
I'm one of those rare people who is interested in crypto but not from an investment stantpoint. Sure, I can predict the price of Bitcoin flawlessly up to 3 years in advance, but that doesn't mean I'm an investor.
Seems that the small portion of crypto proponents who aren't investors are coders, and I have zero programming ability. So I really don't fit the target audience around here.
I'm really just an activist and content-creator, nothing more.
You know, the kind of people who aren't welcome on Steem or Hive? Yeah, content-creators. : P

It's basically decentralized automated market making

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Okay, I can wrap my head around that basic idea, thanks.