Mic-Trichs Volume 1 - Indoor PB Breath White Truffles - Cannabis Under the Dino-Lite Microscope

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A152 - 20210311_213747.jpg

With everything going on in the studio, I haven't had a chance to bust out my high-end Dino-Lite microscope to photograph any trichomes yet. Now that I am all settled in I and have some high quality canna in front of me, I decided to get out the gear and snap some shots.

A196 - 20210311_214326.jpg

These shots are of the phenotype: Peanut Butter Breath White Truffles - taken on 3/11/2021

It is extremely hard to focus the lens and steady the camera when zoomed in at high magnification like this, so I am apparently in need of a proper microscope stand. We should see a drastic improvement in the quality of my trich shots once I get one.

A159 - 20210311_213803.jpg

It seems the price for the stand I need is $129, more than I was hoping to pay, but if you want to do something correctly, you first need the proper tools. I am torn between the RK-05 Small Holder Rack with Tilt Adjustment and the RK-04F Small Holder Rack with Dual Fine Adjustment (same price). It basically comes down to if I want to prioritize finer focus adjustments or having the ability to magnify at an angle.

My Canna-Scope


Dino-Lite Edge AM4515ZTL


I am sort of leaning towards to angled option (no pun intended lol), since it would seem that it would be more beneficial seeing as how all cannabis flowers are dimensional and not flat. On the other hand having more focus adjustment is always a plus, but I already have two on the mic itself and another on the stand - so do I really need four focus adjusters, or will three be plenty? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, especially if you have experience with Dino-Lite microscope stands.

A209 - 20210311_214400.jpg

As cool as these photos are, I cannot wait to show you how good they CAN be once I get a stand to steady the photography. Expect to see many more volumes of this series... especially after I aquire a stand! Bless n blaze up canna-lovers.


Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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Nice somebody else with macro images, The internets stock of those types of cannabis images that are acceptable to use is almost non existent.

I feel that, do you have a scope too? Yea I cannot wait to get a stand for more stable shots (the lens is so shaky in my hands without it). I really wish I could afford a scope with Extended Depth of Field to really get full spectrum shots on all levels/dimensions, but those scopes are thousands of dollars. Also, what's up with Chronic-Cards? Just found that little chestnut.

I got a cheap one to but it came with a little cheap stand world of difference because getting a free standing shot is much harder.

oh man yea I cannot wait to see what my new shots are going to look like when I get a stand - that looks great, especially for a cheap mic! Since you seem to have experience with this, do you think I should go for the stand with the extra focus knobs or the one with the tilt feature to scope at an angle? The links are in the above post if you want to see the product pages. I would really appreciate the advise. Thanks buddy.

I got a similar scope to yours with a small stand with the tilt feature kind of pain dialing it in but it works well enough

Right... still torn, more precision on the the focus is still a VERY attractive option. But dealing with non-flat objects makes me think the angled view option is actually necessary more than nice.... but I'm still not sure.

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Thanks for asking about cronic cards

Right on I just opened a wallet and claimed through the link. Thanks for the invite and NFTs. Do I just check your blog for the airdrops each day (great idea btw)? Will there be a link? Also I was thinking - once I get a stand and some primo shots maybe you could help me make some cards with my shots too? I would be happy to collab in that way. Seems like a great promo tool right up my ally, would even be interested in combining the chronic-cards with my music logo somehow after my next release... if possible.

  • sorry I just saw the message yeah check in to my post each day Ill give away some of the most recent NFTs daily. Shure a collaboration sounds good I can make collections specifically or add your contribution to either the weedsticker or cronic card line. I can mint NFTs directly to another users WAX wallet

Nice, I will send you my logos and some better macro-shots after I get a stand.

Nice shots bro! That whit truffle sounds amazing, is it exotic genetix?

Thanks buddy. Its one of the flower types from the last terp test, what do you mean by exotic?

Exotic genetix is a breeder of some of the best out there

Right on, I am actually not sure of the genetics brand for that pheno but Exotic Genetics is a sweet name.

PBB is just hands down the perfect all around strain. Nice macros.

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I will admit it is pretty good, but not nearly as good as the Key Lime cross by buddy had a few weeks ago. I wish I could remember the exact name and would have gotten some lol