Big Mack Superstar Day 27 - And Seedlings Day 14

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Hello Everyone,

Everything is coming along beautifully here with the indoor cannabis garden!


Yesterday I had planned to transplant the other Big Mack Superstar but decided to let the plant go one more day.


I feel good about how the root ball looks and feel like I transplanted at the perfect time.






The vegetative growth of these two cannabis plants is beautiful. I think these are the nicest looking plants I've ever grown in vegetative stage. They also both seem to have female structures, especially the smaller one. I'm hopeful they are both females.


These two Big Mack Superstar's are two weeks old today and looking great!


Things are going to get exciting from this point on, as I prepare to low stress train and work around the challenge of fast growing plants in a small space.

I believe it's important to adapt and overcome with gardening instead of sticking to set plans. The plants don't always behave in predictable ways and will force the gardener to become creative sometimes.

That's it for today.

What do you ladies and gentlemen think of how the cannabis plants are coming along?
I would love to read your thoughts below!

Your time is a valuable commodity, and I always keep this in mind and do my best to respond to everyone. Thanks for all of the amazing engagement and support!

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind


They're growing healthy.

Btw, I didn't know that weeds have genders.


Yes the females are desirable for flowers. The males are for seed production..

Ohh see. Got it. thanks. 🙂

Thank you @thecuriousfool,
Yes like Dave explained the flowers are desired for medicinal use and males for seed production. Usually males are not very desired in the garden unless using for seeding.

Basically the males produce pollen sacks that burst and then impregnate the female buds with seeds, but if males are removed from the garden early the female buds will not grow any seeds because no pollen is present, and the buds will be more potent :)

Thank you for your kind words and curiosity :)

Ohh see. Thanks for explaining in more detail. 🙂

My thought? I still can't take my mind's off the space craft idea. I think I've been inspired by those space adventurous movie where the space travelers cultivate plants to help provide oxygen to the space craft. Now that I'm thinking, how cool it is when there's a green room of cannabis providing oxygen 🤣

Please skip this shit. I'm all in my zone now

Totalmente de acuerdo con esta frase, hasta ahora lo demostrante

y, en ocasiones, obligarán al jardinero a ser creativo.

Adaptarse y superar 👍

Hope things roll up positively man and you get two more ladies soon... Wish you a great day ahead!

Thank you kindly @artisto,
I'm tempted to germinate more but I think I'll likely run out of space if I do that. I'm planning to expand my grow set up soon :)
Have a great weekend :)

They look beautiful and healthy. Another clean transplant, great.

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Thanks so much my friend :)

The transplant seems to have gone well, I hate timing that. Rest of the grow looks great

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Thanks bro,
Yeah I'm not big on timing thigs either, I can guess how long some things might take, but I always let the plant tell me when it's time over scheduling.

The Big Mack is 🔥... a Superstar I dare say

I can't wait to smoke it, I'm pretty sure I've never smoked Big Mack Superstar before.

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Man they are looking so good! Way better then mine thats for sure, definatly proud of you man!

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Thank you for the kind words bro! I've been learning from the best like yourself and the other amazing growers on the blockchain! I think I still have a lot more to learn but I'm super happy with these results and glad that you're pleased with how I'm growing these Big Mack Superstar's :)