WIN 420 WEEDCASH - Rosin Press Rorschach Game

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Hi All,

Check-Out the clip for answer I chose before posting last week:

The answer is: BUTTERFLY

Congratulations to the winners:

@canna-curate and @loonatic for guessing the correct answer, upvoting and reblogging. You will each get 210 Weedcash.

Unfortunately, we had a 3rd correct answer but, @holovision.hypno didn't reblog the post.

Thanks for participating.

Here is your chance to win another 420 Weedcash

Here is the Rosin Rorschach
for the next game:


1) Guess what I answered to the Rosin Rorschach image above by upvoting 1 of 3 selections in the comment section. Please upvote only 1 of 3 to qualify.

2) Must UPVOTE and REBLOG this post.

I will post 3 selections below, upvote your pick. The winner(s) will split the 420 Weedcash.

If the comment section is missing the selections, please wait for me to post the selections.

Thanks and good luck.

▶️ 3Speak


@operahoser; with kindness, please select only one entry. Thanks for participating and helping me improve my game. I made additions to the rules. Good luck.

ELEPHANT: Upvote Here

Winning Answer is ELEPHANT. Congratulations to @happyfrog420-new and @jonyoudyer. 210 Weedcashcomming your way. Thanks for playing.

Sweet! And I’ll go off the wall on this one. Looks like mothra shooting a laser beam out of its mouth.

Lol, only 3 selection are valid.

Wow, it looks like you made a resin snowflake bat! Sick!!

BUTTERFLY: Upvote Here

thanks for the weed😁

Thanks for playing. My pleasure.

  1. Guess what I answered to the Rosin Rorschac image above by upvoting the 3 selections in the comment section.

and so I upvoted the 3 selections in the comment section. Doh!

Yea, I didn't make it clear enough. Cool, just unvote the other 2 please. Thanks.

Your instructions were fine - one of my personalities is an idiot.

We all got one.

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