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Today is Friday the 13th.
But I have to say I'm having a pretty good day. I also started working out at the gym this week. Wednesday 1 workout. Yesterday I had some serious muscle pain. but went again this morning. And I feel super good when I've been there. I also go with markush so that we can motivate each other.
We want to do that every day for 45 minutes. if i don't have too much muscle pain lol. Just build up slowly

for today i have banana strawberry as weed strain. And it's pretty decent weed. But I don't taste a banana like the mack.
This plant is starting to smell. so that one will also be in the tent today. I'll take the flowers out to make room
In short, I have enough to do for today. I wish everyone a good weekend And see you in the next post




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It's fun to do some physical training sometimes. 🙂


It was necessary I have been doing absolutely nothing for 2 years. A little work on fitness won't hurt.Although I experienced a lot of muscle pain yesterday lol

Muscle pain normal at first. Just don't overdo it the first few days. :)

yes we don't go for nothing but 3 quarters of an hour. But I had done pullups I just couldn't do it anymore. And there I tried too hard. but you are right to build up calm, it must remain fun and you must be able to keep it up

Yup. Always keep it fun. It is one of the benefits of going to a gym where there are a lot of person. 🙂

Hell yeah man! And I love Friday the 13th, my first son was born on a Friday the 13th, so it is a blessed day for me. Or maybe cursed. Actually both! lol

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Oh.... I forgot today was the 13th..

I don't believe in superstitions I believe in good cannabis😋

You don't believe in superstitions? Hmm.. and here I thought you were Catholic..

I don't celebrate Friday 13th either.. in actuality its always been a lucky day at casinos for me.. but my birthday which is July 11... aka 7-11 I always lose.. go figure

Aha! Great nug man, keep the fire lit, and have an awesome weekend man 🔥

thx bro you have a fantastic weekend too

The plants are looking great man, and good to hear you're getting some exercise, keep it up! :)

thank you Yes everything looks nice green

That's awesome to know man! Glad to see you working out and keeping fit!


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its more getting fit lol


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