My father treated marijuana patients.


Hello friends, I hope everyone is well. I have come today to promote our clinic among you. And I will write about 2 cannabis patients. My father is a director of an organization that treats drug addicts. I came to write to you today about two drug addicts. Who have been in our clinic for about four to five years. Now they are in normal health.

20211114_134502.jpgOur father office

I am a citizen of Bangladesh. My father is a citizen of Bangladesh. He graduated from Dhaka University, the capital of Bangladesh, with a degree in drug addiction and started his own drug rehabilitation center. The name of the organization is Change the Live Drug Addiction Treatment Center. At present, the institution approved by the government of Bangladesh is very well established and there are a lot of drug addicts who are undergoing treatment.

As far as I know about marijuana

I have come to write about cannabis from my small knowledge among you. Cannabis is a herbal medicine and is used to make a variety of medicines. If a person consumes too much Gaza, he will have problems with his head and he may go insane. He may even die if he uses too much marijuana.

Below I will present pictures of two cannabis patients and about them

IMG_20211005_171133.jpgCannabis patient

Gaibandha is the name of the district next to Bogra district. Here is the patient you see. The name of this disease is Tuhin. His home is in Gobindaganj upazila of Gaibandha district. He used to take different kinds of drugs. Gaza is the most addictive country. Gaza has caused him mental problems. Her problem is, she wants to be near the water. And circulating water throughout the day. It is a very large type of schizophrenia.

IMG_20210917_134443.jpgCannabis patient

Erulia Bandighi is a village located about 5 km away from our clinic. Here you will see a patient. The patient's name is Arif Russell. He used marijuana and was a rickshaw puller. As a result of using marijuana, he had a headache. He can't understand and can't speak properly. It will take him many days to solve this problem. He has been treating us here for five years. After a few more days, it seems that he may or may not return to normal.

Here is our treatment of cannabis

At present our clinic has about 5 Gaza patients and they are given regular medicine. They are treated by a psychiatrist. When their doctor shows up, they prescribe the new medicine every day. They are fed according to the rules of those medicines. It takes them about 3 to 36 months to solve this problem.


Advantages and disadvantages of using cannabis.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no drugs in the world. However, medicines are made from cannabis. Medicines made from plants are very important for the patient and are useful for human beings. But drug abuse can cause harm. Most people in our Bangladesh have cannabis edits and they are going through mistakes. As a result of their cannabis use, they are facing physical problems, mental problems and spiritual problems.

My mistake in your community

Today I present to you a new post in the community. I wrote about cannabis with you here. If there is any mistake I have written or said or shared with you. Of course you look at forgiveness. Please let me know my mistake in the comments. Thank you all.

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Cannabis saved my life from drug addiction! Which is one reason why I hold it so dear to my heart. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome sir.

Yeah I'll second that, sounds like rather than cannabis itself could be a by product or some seriously nasty additives. Only ever met One actual Cannabinoid addict, but to be fair he was heavily using distillations and nearly pure THC extracts, along with the green.

Yeah cannabis can make one moody snd cranky when they don’t have it. And concentrate just makes that feeling more intense. I’ve seen some people who dab and it is almost like dope.

Hello @ nusrat01 thank you for sharing your experience.
Such a person knows the wide panorama of realities in the world.

I feel sad for all the patients who suffer. Not knowing their life contexts, with the correct help of people like your father, they can surely improve their reality.

But there are also many different cases.

History does not refer to a single case of someone killed by marijuana in history. It's too funny to overdose on marijuana, that no one has managed to kill themselves yet.

I think that sacred plants can help us a lot.

For example, the cannabis flowers helped me go through 12 chemotherapies as if nothing had happened.
They were a huge relief from nausea, and they lift my spirits a lot in difficult (and easy) times.

I support all its uses (medicinal, recreational, industrial and sacred).

Hugs! And good vibes!

Thank you so much for pointing me to this very nice comment.

Yay! 🤗
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