#5gallonchallenge Update: Helena X PBB From BifBeans

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What's good Weed Nerds! So it has been 2 weeks since I harvested my Helena x Pbb that I was growing as my #5gallonchallenge contender. Well last night I began to trim, and I am just loving this flower!

The difference is like night, and day between this bud, which was cut at the 80 day mark, then the tester I was smoking on, which was cut around the 60 day mark. It smells like a skunks ass! And don't get grossed out on me now, this is the way it is, and I love it. The buzz is heavy, and fogs up my mind leaving me a tad bit confused. Not your typical smoke that you would want to hit before you go get some grocery's.

A little tester of the DLS

Well that is about all I got for now, which this is what this account is for, my mini blogs. Once I finish trimming my contender, I will give you all the final weight, which I know so far is going to smash my record for a single plant harvest. It defiantly has me thinking back to my closet days. It also has me thinking on how much I hate to trim!






the weed pbb is one of the best I ever seen. dense tops strong plants love it

Yeah I can totally see why I his is your all time favorite, it’s up there for me as well!

Dam man that's some pure fire

Thanks dude, and yeah it isn’t to shabby lol

Thats the stuff. Im guessing 1.8 grams?

Shit I should of done a guess the weight to add some excitement. I’ll do one soon, this one is 3.2 if I recall. I’ll weigh it again I’m a bit.

Oh yea. I was way off...lol.

Last night I thought I was done trimming the first plant, and ended up with about 58 grams, was just a little bummed because I was thinking more, but when I went back upstairs I found the other half of the plant! Lol so I’ll resume again tonight, god I am a snail when it comes to trimming.

Lol, I just finished. I got 30 grams left. I need to get over my rookie habits of picking-off buds while they dry. I think over all I got like 60-70 grams. Ima do post soon.

Nothing wrong with that, got to smoke right? Lol and dude I love the buzz of freshly dried weed, and if you can press that I bet the buzz from that rosin is amazing!

Yea, it is. I need to buy a press.

Those nugs look really nice. Can’t wait for mine to ripen up.

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Yours is starting to glisten with all those trichomes! Which cross did you have again?


Damn! This some classy ass weed. I wish I could have a piece of that. I'm sure it's gonna be dope as fuck!

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Thanks man, and to bad we couldn’t have a meetup soon.

Yeah, yeah, But that doesn't change shit. Imma keep rolling up the ones I can get here.

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Nothing wrong with that. What would you call my weed? Colorado, or Arizona?

Well uhhh, I will call it Colorado. Am i right?

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Not a huge fan of sloppy trimjobs?

Ha! Honestly it’s about to go in jar for my head so not trying to stress getting immaculate. But if you come visit I promise I’ll clean up nice;)