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AFRI-TUNES WEEK #29. Afrobeat-making process.
Beat-making is one of the most crucial parts of music production.
Good day fam. I hope we are all doing well today. I am D-princy and welcome to Afri-tune week#29.

In this edition of Afri-tunes, I will be entering the community with a video of me making an afrobeat.
In this video, I will only go through the process of making the beat from scratch and how I arrive at the result.

A short story about my beat-making lifestyle
Making beats has always been part of me ever since I was in high institution. I started my beat-making lifestyle 3years ago. I was partially serious about it then because I was in my final year then in school. In a nutshell, I am presently into production i.e., beat making, song recording., and mixing engineer. I made beats for artists,and producers like me back then and till now.

Everything used in this short production is not much.
.Percussion loops
.Wood sound
.Tight kick
.Lounge Lizard piano sound and organ

I actually wish I could do a clearer and clean sound recording, but we are still in the process. Hoping to get there soon by God’s grace.
I just wish you guys enjoy this.

I want to use this platform to appreciate everyone on this platform for the love and support got for you all.
More so, I want to apologize for me not engaging much on the platform. There will definitely be a change from now henceforth.


D-PRINCY is a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist who chose to learn the four major instruments (THE DRUMS, LEAD GUITAR, KEYBOARD, AND THE BASS GUITAR) in other to enhance his music production field and been a sound engineer. Dprincy on Hive blockchain is currently a member of some major music and some other pleasant writing communities.
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AFRI-TUNES SEMANA #29. Proceso de elaboración de ritmos afro.
La creación de ritmos es una de las partes más cruciales de la producción musical.
buenos dias familia Espero que todos estemos bien hoy? Soy D-princy y bienvenido a la semana #29 de afri-tune.

En esta edición de afri-tunes, ingresaré a la comunidad con un video mío haciendo un ritmo afro.
En este video, solo voy a pasar por el proceso de hacer el ritmo desde cero y cómo llego al resultado final.

Una breve historia sobre mi estilo de vida de creación de ritmos.
Hacer ritmos siempre ha sido parte de mí desde que estaba en la alta institución. Comencé mi estilo de vida de creación de ritmos hace 3 años. En ese entonces lo hablaba en parte en serio porque entonces estaba en mi último año. En pocas palabras, actualmente me dedico a la producción, es decir, a la creación de ritmos, la grabación de canciones y la ingeniería de mezclas. También hago un par de ritmos para algunos artistas y productores como yo.
Todo lo utilizado en esta corta producción no es mucho.

  1. . Agitadores
  2. Bucles de percusión
  3. sonido de madera
  4. patada apretada
  5. Sonido de piano y órgano Lounge Lizard
    De hecho, creo que podría hacer una grabación de sonido más clara y limpia, pero todavía estamos en el proceso. Esperando llegar pronto por la gracia de Dios.
    Solo deseo que disfruten esto.
    Quiero usar esta plataforma para agradecer a todos en esta plataforma por el amor y el apoyo recibido por todos ustedes.
    Más aún, quiero disculparme por no participar mucho en la plataforma. Definitivamente habrá un cambio de ahora en adelante.


D-PRINCY es un multiinstrumentista nigeriano que eligió aprender los cuatro instrumentos principales (LA BATERÍA, LA GUITARRA PRINCIPAL, EL TECLADO Y EL BAJO) en otro para mejorar su campo de producción musical y ser ingeniero de sonido. Dprincy on Hive blockchain es actualmente miembro de algunas de las principales comunidades de música y de otras agradables comunidades de escritores.
Si te gusta esta entrada, por favor ayuda a dar me gusta, comentar y votar. Realmente seré feliz y lo apreciaré.

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Thanks for this.. I really appreciate it big time...

Hmm this is amazing... Let me just come and learn work nah😃 it's super interesting. I would love to learn music production if I have the chance due to my immense love for music.
Good job boss 👍

Leave some things for us nau
You wan sabi everything for this world 🤧

Lol, see my boss oo

No be lie nau
Today na Sunday I no dey lie on Sundays 😅

Ahh hmm... I see

Ahhh.. Boss..
Na God ohh..
We just dey try all this stuff ni.
You be boss for Music na.. Learn from me is nothing,cuz you don sabi already...
Thank you boss.. I really appreciate..

Hmm, am still a learner though

Ahhh.. Boss..
Na God ohh..
We just dey try all this stuff ni.
You be boss for Music na.. Learn from me is nothing,cuz you don sabi already...
Thank you boss.. I really appreciate..

Brother this is so so so so so creative!

At the beginning, my first self was wondering the kind of magic you want to do, but my other self told it to be calming down say.... Dprincy na him dey studio. And truly truly, you no disappoint at all.

I trusted the process and I enjoyed the process. At the end, I wasn't disappointed.

Creating beat is something I'd love to learn but I don't know my problem right now. Well, it is probably time factor, but I'm sure one day I'll have the basics of doing it.

That your solo at the ending, you use am finish work no be small ooooo

I enjoyed the process and the outcome.

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Waoo.. This is so so encouraging.. Thanks so much senior man... I really appreciate.


So, you have been into this beat making stuff since 3 years now?
Omo, you be chief sha!

I like the way you constructed your description.
But let me chip in something.... you can search for my brother @ksam blog, you should see where he made a post of how to use markdowns on Hive.

That will help you have a better constructed post.
You can check @starstrings01 blog too.

I'm sure you will come across it in one of their blogs

Hummmmm... I never knew this b4... But i will give it a try soonest...
Thank you so much boss..

This is true
Organized and beautiful markdown makes the post attractive... and easier to read.

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