Working Wednesday Writeup (wWw) - Community Event No.002

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Each week WorkLife will host a Working Wednesday Writeup wWw with suggested work related topics for you to write. We just figured with Wednesday being the middle'ish of the week, it would be nice to take a step back from work and share some of your work stories with everyone on Hive.

Our original intention was to host a wWw every one or two weeks, but sadly the WorkLife team has been rather occupied in real life and it's been nearly a month since we hosted our first/last one. Despite our absence, we're glad to see that the community has continued to be active and growing steadily. Let's keep it going everyone!


This week's wWw are as follows:


How to achieve work life balance

Not having enough time in life happens to all of us all the time, that's why we're interested to know how you achieve work life balance in life. What do you do to ensure that it's not all work, and that your family and personal life gets enough attention? How supportive is your company in ensuring staff gets a work life balance or do they not care at all? In fact, does the concept of work life balance even exist in your country/industry/company?


What’s the best thing that happened to you at work

Hopefully everyone will have lots of happy stories to share here.

These are just some suggested topics, you can write either one or both, or none. It's not mandatory to write about these topics and you don't have to write on a Wednesday. You can write about any work related topic on any day of the week you want. Just make sure you post from the WorkLife Community and follow our posting guidelines and community rules to avoid your post being muted. Some of them are listed below.

Posting Guidelines

We want WorkLife to be a fun place where we share work related stories, inspire and learn from each other. It's not work, so we want to keep rules to a minimum, but we need some to make sure our community is run efficiently and users have the best experience here.

  • We welcome personal WorkLife related stories, not lifestyle posts.
  • Bilingual OK! All content and comments still must have English to promote engagement.
  • Be creative with your content, no low effort post.
  • Original content only, we have zero tolerance for plagiarism and abuse.
  • Respect company confidentiality, don't disclose sensitive or proprietary information

As always, please check the community rules first before you post.

We also want to encourage engagement in the community, don't just drop your post and run. Please make an effort to read other people's WorkLife posts and engage with them.

This Weeks WorkLife Funnies is...


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Hey guys, does being a student count as work in the “how to achieve work life balance” scenario?

No it doesn't. We want to focus on WorkLife related stories otherwise this could turn into a student life community which is not our intention.

Oh okay. Is there a student-focused community around? If there isn’t, it’s about time we created one. Student numbers are growing by the day on Hive now.

Someone said they wanted to create one some months ago, maybe you guys should consider doing one?

That’s great to hear. Who was it? I’d love to colab with them to help start it.

Looks like he's not active on Hive anymore. Why not create one yourself, or with a few other people? If you're passionate about something, it's a good opportunity to become a maker on Hive and contribute to the platform. You have nothing to lose.

Okay. I know a few people I know will be interested so I’ll put together a proposal and we’ll get it going. Would you be kind enough to help us run it when we start? I have no experience running a community myself, and I doubt any of the other do either. Ir’ll be really helpful to have someone experienced with us, at least until we find our footing and can run it by ourselves.

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It's good to have the weekly prompt back on track, I understand balancing work, offline activities and that of online isn't an easy task, but then kudos to the team for putting up this masterpiece.

I look forward to sharing my entry.

Look forward to it

Wow 😲😳 I have been waiting ages for the the work-life wednesday write up. Well I think I have experience in both topics because I am currently not yet in school and I was working part-time before I quitted, I guess I have something to share about my offline activities, on-line activities and personal time...

Well topic two is very beautiful...
I think I will be writing the two one at a time...
It's nice having the team back....

Thanks for your support!

Haha the paper plane sums it up.. even enbalmers still figuring it out how to bring work at home.. and balancing it in between.

Interesting pick😁😁... Work-life balance.. My pen just dropped something.

Are we to answer both questions? Or any one of our choice?

These are just some suggested topics, you can write either one or both, or none. It's not mandatory to write about these topics and you don't have to write on a Wednesday. You can write about any work related topic on any day of the week you want.

These are just suggested topics as stated in the post above. Hope this helps

Hello community, this is my first introduction:
I hope to share many experiences with you. Greetings to all