OMG Dave Chappelle is hilarious!

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I (accidentally) clicked on a Dave Chappelle clip on YouTube today. Two hours later, I finally decided to click away to get some work done.

This is some rally funny guy. He's from the old school of stand up where some things were said that are utterly politically incorrect. Dave himself said in one of the clips that he's considering giving up comedy because present day society has gotten too sensitive.

Have we gotten too sensitive? I think I agree with him

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I love Dave Chapelle... he is freaking hilarious! My friend & I were laughing at his stuff the other day, ironically enough lolol....

It is great to be able to laugh without worrying about the PC bullshit all the time (excuse me, but keeping it real lol). ;) 💚

Hahaha. Yeah. I love his style. It's performance art and art should sometimes give us a stage to honestly address real issues without sugarcoating while laughing at ourselves.

Exactly!! He does all kinds of characters early on in his career, too. Of course, you can find him on YouTube. It is so funny! We all need good laughs!


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Hmm hope it's some quality vintage Bordeaux stuff :)🍷 🍇

Loved Dave Chapelle and Eddie Murphy, and yes it is tough to be a comedian in this hyper-critical cancel culture, as I heard from scores of comedians on Joe Rogan's podcast how political correctness is killing humor and other expressions of joy. Love the video and great points!

It's pretty sad. Comedy is one of the great performance arts that society needs to function in a healthy way I think.