Dtube coin is now on Uniswap

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As some of you may know the popularity of decentralized exchanges is rapidly increasing. Uniswap is the current the most popular one for decentralized finance.

We are pleased to announce that Dtube Coin is now tradable on Uniswap.

Trade DTUBE/ETH on Uniswap

DTUBE Coin Analytics

How it works

We created a Wrapped DTube Coin, on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Address: 0xd2be3722b17b616c51ed9b8944a227d1ce579c24

DTUBE on Etherscan.io

First of all, you need to install Metamask to access this feature. If you have metamask you would be able to access the connect metamask button from your channel.

Swaping DTube coins to the Ethereum blockchain is done through the UI. Simply go to your channel and click the 'Connect MetaMask' button to get started. This allows you to send your existing DTube coins to Ethereum (MetaMask), but also to move from Ethereum to our native chain.

When converting to Ethereum, a small DTC fee corresponding to the Ethereum gas fees is deducted. The popup should give you an estimate of the fees.

How to trade on Uniswap

Click here

If you have succesfully moved some DTube Coins to your MetaMask, you should see your DTUBE balance in the Uniswap dapp.

Every trade on Uniswap requires an Ethereum gas fee. MetaMask will show you this fee before you confirm the transaction.

If this process is overwhelming for you, please check the step by step tutorial in our wiki page.

Pooling on Uniswap

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange, where anyone can contribute to the liquidities pool, earning a percentage of each trades. When you are providing liquidites you need to provide liquidites to each side of the parity.

Uniswap Pool Data

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Need support?

For support from the team and the community, please comment this post or go to our:

All the best,
The DTube team


I’ve already made my first transaction. 🚀🚀🚀 Dtube go!

Noice, congrats...

That's something really great! Congratulations to the community!

Now this is incredible news to hear! I'll definitely look into this!

I love this great news! 👏🏽

On the move 📈

Good news my friends... congratulations.

This is a great news for Dtubers Community. Here is the translation of the post for the Spanish-speaking community from our account


Hells Yea .... I guess now I should figure out how to use Metamask or w/e ... LOL

WTH guys, being a @dtube user for a while, now I cannot post my original content video there. Waz going on?!


The username is the same: @valerianis

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