My Response To Justin Sun's Post and The Comment Section 3/5/20

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Wow, just wow. I wasn't going to do any sort of response today. Actually I already filmed a vlog that wasn't even blockchain related, but dang.... I woke up to some low hanging fruit today and it kind of blew my mind.

I was working online when I came across a post made by Justin Sun on It was very straight forward. Apparently, after the chat the other day with the Top 20 Steem Witnesses...he knows just what he wants to do. He laid it out very clearly, and everyone knows his intentions.

Everyone on the Steem blockchain is acting like he is trying to destroy everything, when if fact if you look at it from an outside perspective it doesn't seem that way. He is a business man that is trying to get his money back.

I have been calling this from the beginning. He will do whatever he has to do to get his return. I predict that he will move forward just how he has envisioned, he will get his return, and then we won't hear from him anymore. We will hear from Steemit Inc. but not Justin.

I do have a couple of things to say about the post....

First, I do not agree with using what would be widely considered to be foul language. It is not part of my life, and especially when I am doing any sort of business. I think that Justin using the F word several times actually brought him down a few pegs and closer to the Steem Witnesses level.

I think his post was straight forward. He is looking for people to step up. Not people that will step up and coddle him, or just hold his hand. It was clear that he wants people that will be onboard with pushing Steem to the next level....and..and..and....respect peoples property.

I'm not talking about all of the changes that he laid out, but I am talking about the general gist of what he said. The other thought is this...

The comment section. I have never been so embarrassed to even be remotely associated with someone. The comment section was full of hateful racist rhetoric, and clearly no one is trying to work with him at all.

I read a couple of things like "go home and eat rice". I read something about "work with us or go F yourself". There was much more of this, but I am not going to quote it all.

Through all of this everyone keeps saying that the world is watching Justin. I think the world is watching the Steem Community. If I was not already a part of this mess I would seriously consider why I would ever want to join a platform that was filled with people that act like that.

I think through this whole thing there are a few take aways. It doesn't appear that the Steem Witnesses actually want to make a deal. They just want the control of the chain and the control of Steemit Inc's stake. It is also clear that Justin is in no way going to slow down or act in a way that will make him lose money or his stake.

Like my post yesterday, please remember that we are all people, individuals. We all have the right to have an opinion. When you get ready to hurl your opinion at someone else, remember that they have the same right to respond to you. Keep it civil. It's just business. Don't let hurt feelings damage relationships.

Be well
~The Yeti

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Agree with you about the comments man. We both know majority of those hateful remarks would not occur in person. That’s not how proper business is done. Outside of some forms of comedy, that’s really not how any human interaction should be going.
So both sides involved need to keep their cool, although this is a dire situation.

Thanks man. There is alot happening these days. I can't believe that people are being so nasty to each other.

You better believe it 😉 it’s no dream.

Never thought I would say this about a crypto platform but after reading the comments I'm wondering if I'd be better off uninstalling esteem. Lot of people showed their true colors :(

I'm not sure. I can't believe all of the hateful talk. I suppose people that band together, even when it is like this, may think that they are in a community..... you vibe attracts your tribe

If you were a witness, I would vote for you. I am not a Justin fan or witness fan or anything, but I don't think Justin is trying to destroy everything either. He wants to make things better, put money into marketing and stuff so he can get his money back and "community" will benefit from that. If not, he will just lose his "hard earned" money... and clearly that is not his intention. He is into money.

Tone is important if one is willing to compromise or not. You've said nothing I disagree with and kept it pretty close to a balanced perspective.

The problem is that both sides have stuck to tones that do not show a true dedication to compromise and unfortunately the factions involved are not true representatives of the community. Of course, it's the community that's taking the flak and having our hands tied by a flawed system is stoking unhealthy stress levels, not just specific individuals.

Tense atmoshperes around powderkegs are never safe. Everyone needs to step back and realize their opinion is not that of the whole community. Everyone has their own cheering section, but steemit is more than a single section. My circle is not the whole of Steem anymore than the top witnesses circle.

Check ego at the door please, because two wrongs will never make a right.

Bro, that is so right on. I actually just noticed that Steemworld is not working. I hope they didn't shut down out of protest. All of this protest is hurting the community.

Was it really a lot of people though, or just a couple? When I listened to the witness chat the other day, I thought everything was for the most part cordial. For him to post in that manner seemed to come out of nowhere. I understand the frustration on his part, but a little communication would have done wonders for him on both occasions.

Also, I don't think anybody believes his stake belongs to them. He could easily get out of this ordeal by setting the accounts in question to not be allowed to vote. That's in line with his own stated goal. This is to prevent the blockchain from being centralized. Which turns out to be a just fear because that's what he's done anyway.

So if that is what he was going to do all along, the witnesses just spedthingsup with the soft fork.

Things were definitely sped up haha