Pain; An Ingredients That Subconsciously Makes Us Cognitive Of Reality? (Dtube version)

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Sometimes it's okay to live in the illusion that only good things should happen in life. In reality life's tainted in good and bad, the ugly and the unexpected and this is because we humans have a particular tendency to exhibit whatever attitude, lifestyle or way of life because we have the freewill and so dominion to do so. So because of this variety, between good or bad black and white* it means there's nothing shallow or narrow about life. In reality, it's quite not bad that to have a positive mindset, because having a positive mindset makes us hopeful even when circumstances are against the odds in life. However it's important to not allow our positive mindset rid us of the fact that there's enormous pain in life and it's an ingredient in shaping our strength and resolve.

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You are very right, in life not everything is rosy ... We all have moments, good and bad, and from that we have to learn, learn to handle both the good and the bad and try to be positive in order to accept the bad things and above all to be able to improve them.
My mom always tells me that I have to be positive. 💜Sometimes it's difficult but I always try... 😁