Walking Your Own Path Of Creativity. (A Ramble)

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Being the best is certainly not obtainable and this is because the society is insatiable, sometimes we need to challenge ourselves to grow but then we have to challenge ourselves on our own terms, so as not to be lost in the sea of pressure.
Truth is it's easier to grow when we're motivated by our own self however being a creative person who desires to be better it's important to note that one can be entirely passionate about something and be entirely terrible or naive at doing that thing.
In this video, I explain why it's imperative to see that our passion is the driving force in whatever goal or decisions or challenges we chose to embrace in life.

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JThis is so true .. personally I dont like writing and reading ... i find it difficult to read academic books too. I started challenging my self because of the passion i have for what i do. And now i force myself to read any and everything possible.
Good video.. still listening tho

Yeah, it's important to understand that we need to grow on our own term and reading seemed like a challenge but then it's essential and I'm glad you're doing better at it.