SATURDAY'S VLOG: A Trip To The Barber's Shop

in DTube7 months ago (edited)

Hello there guys, it's @josediccus here, today I show you guys an amazing haircut I took yesterday along my street just after the look down has been eased. So I woke up pretty early and stepped out and this video was taken around 11am in the late morning. It was actually cloudy and the lighting wasn't great but I pretty much did a decent job on the video. So particularly I do not know the name of this shots but it's pretty cool, and I used or utilized time lapse to show the step to step of every details of the haircut. Let me know what you think of this one.

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Wow.. I love this Joseph.. You know, I've also been looking forward to creating vlogs of this kind, but the morale hasn't been there to vlog publicly 😑. I enjoyed watching your vlog Man. Looking forward too seeing more contents outside your niche.

Kudos to your videographer you too 😀

It wasn't easy lol, people were staring at me and my videographer and you know the barber charged me extra for making videos lol hahah. I had to lock up, being a contentor or Vlogger isn't easy, editing it was somewhat difficult after about two hours I finished editing it though. I'm glad you really enjoyed it. Get the vibe man forget the people in your area lol and enjoy.

Wow. It's really not easy oo. Ama give it a try someday 😁. Thanks for the motivation 😀

Hahaha maybe one of your sister can hold the camera, me and my videographer did a lot of rehearsals sha and we made mistakes too.

🤣🤣 I knew it wasn't all that easy. I can't wait to try it out 😁

I felt the shaping oh.. the teady of that beards 😇😇😇, my own never plenty reach that one 😂😂.

Na every time you dey always come comment on the beards. The one way you get never do you?? 😏

Hahaha he wants like the one of lasisi Elenu

Amen... May God answer his prayer 😅

No worry e go soon plenty

At least he don land 🙌🙌🙌

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