Those trees look so pretty! I've never seen cherry blossoms in real life, but photos I've seen are stunning. So glad that you are finding a bit of joy there in Almere to help you heal 💜


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Honestly, I was feeling grateful when I was walking there and experiencing such a wonderful moment. Truly it was a blessing after having a lot of trouble in life. This was the first time for me also see so many cherry blossom trees together, I have seen just one tree before in Kharkiv in a park.

Thank you so much @thekittygirl for all your love and support...

I love cherry blossoms so much... it's the time here where I live too... It starts blooming on plum blossoms and then to the cherry ones. We eve have cities in sisterhood with Japan. Hanami is the tradition of watching flowers and in old times they used to partake a drink to honour the kami or spirit in the tree. I made a cover of the Sakura Blossoms . About not taking photos of yourself, you're healing, and remember seasons flow and spring come again. So there will be waiting.

I think there are different types of cherry trees and the Japanese call it sakura. I don't know whether there are any traditional, specific cherry trees in Japan because I have only seen 2 types of cherry trees. You know when the first time I saw apricot flowers, I thought they are cherry or apple flowers because they were so similar. Plum blossoms are also similar to cherry blossoms.

Hanami is the tradition of watching flowers and in old times they used to partake a drink to honour the kami or spirit in the tree.

I have heard about that but I didn't know much about it, all I knew Japanese people adore cherry flowers and sakura. I used to think they are different.

Your cover is so beautiful and soothing. I often enjoy watching you and listening to your music... Sending a lot of love to you... Happy spring...@yidneth

Such blue skies! Our cherries bloomed a couple weeks ago and are starting their pink petal precipitation now, but our skies are seldom so blue.
I'm glad to hear you are able to look at moving forward, as heartbreaking as that must feel.

It was a really bright day so the cherry flowers were not as attractive as they suppose to be. Even the sky, I don't know why the color looked so bright, I guess because of the brightness. I have seen beautiful sky color here but haven't got the chance to capture it.

I have been talking with many people lately and after what happened, I decided to move forward. I feel broken sometimes but learning to accept the reality...

So hard. You are very brave.

Thank you...

I have decided better start to do what I love.
Yes, my friend @priyanarc .
It's not that you will forget what you went through, but it is best to move on.
Are you liking it there? Have you considered staying permanently?
It is stunning!

It's a beautiful country indeed but unfortunately, I can't stay here permanently. We are refugees from Ukraine and our only option is temporary protection which means we have to leave the country one day... So, if they change the rules, that time I will consider living here permanently...

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We have various blossom trees here. They look lovely but unfortunately because the UK weather can change in an instant, as soon as it is windy the blossom gets blown off the trees. They do form a lovely blossom carpet on the floor though. Good to hear from you. ❤

They don't stay much longer, even here most of the petals are fallen. But indeed they look so pretty...

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It is a beautiful bloom.
Certainly adapting to a new country takes time, hopefully everything flows as well as possible.

I hope so too, thank you so much...

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