What Does Success Mean To You?

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What does success mean to you? It can mean different to different people. You are a student. Getting a good result is your target and if you get a good result, you call it a success.


You want to do a job in a particular company. And when you get a job in that company, you define it as a success. It is important to define your success. Then you can set your long-term goal and work on it to achieve that. Sometimes you see other people who are doing better in their life. You compare yourself with them and think what you did is not worth it. Here's the thing. Their goals are not your goal. Their success is not your success. Be happy for where you are now and then work to achieve your goals.

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Success is tethered to purpose, which is aligned to giftings and talents. If we succeed in a certain way and yet avoid our true talents, are we truly successful?

You have talents and you are capable of doing that. But you never make your move leaving your comfort zone. Things are going well, but still, at some point, you might regret it because you never make your move to do that. I think you should define your success.

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