Diary of an Overactive Brain


Dear diary,

I know this place is far from private and you won't keep this message secret. In all honesty, I don't really care. I just want to get it off my chess, out of my overactive brain. So I can move on and focus on other things and hopefully sleep well tonight (and, not unimportantly, earn some crypto as a bonus)

I am close to moving house, once again. And, although the process towards this place upon the hill was far from smooth sailing (this one is for you @ryivhnn ), I am very much looking forward to this transition. A transation to a place with an easle in the attic ( one of my dreamsm wishes ). A place with an even more breathtaking view than the not too shabby house ( understatement of the year) where I am and have been staying since Mid December.

I am looking forward to sharing my future view with you soonish.

What remains is a lot of cleaning. First I will clean the place that I will leave behind ( the family who bought it, new friends of my twin sister and me ), then the place that I will move in next.

And for those who didnt know or forgot. I actually have a house ( about 15km, 10 miles away ) that is for sale. Will focus a little more on the sale soon, once I am settled and happy.

I was dealing with a series of tech issues in the last couple of weeks but I have a replacement laptop (thanks to my amazing twin sister who will help me with cleaning house tomorrow) and yesterday, my phone came back alive with a new charger.

I almost lost a lot of crypto due to my laptop's harddisk dying but, yesterday night, after hours of effort and puzzling ( and almost frying my brain ) I managed to recover 95 percent of my funds.

A friend (the one who checked my laptop when the issues started) will get me another harddisk and reinstall Windows so I can get back to using my laptop again, for a bit, while I look for a replacement and, as planned, a Raspberry Pi 400 for programming, retro gaming and possibly even writing my book.

Yeah, I am still writing dino stories (almost daily). I just have been kind of distracted.

Now it's time to finish watching XTRO 3. XTRO is a movie series that I mentioned in my previous writing - not your average movie review(er)

In order to write a review about this C Movie trilogy, I need to finish part 3. Started watching it yesterday night but my brain was so active that and I was at the same time, so very tired that, half an hour in (at 11 PM), I decided to go to bed. Also, in all honesty, it is kind of bad haha. And I am still trying to find out if it is SO BAD IT'S GOOD. I highly doubt it but it will give it another chance.


Big hug!

the picture above this post shows an outside wall of my new place. The house on the hill that I described in two earlier posts, about a month and a half ago. It also shows you part of the stunning view out there. I would probably have just shared the view, if it wasn´t for the fact that the main camera of my iphone stopped working after the recent toilet accident that led to my disconnectedness and some great dino art of which 4 editions are still for sale to be enjoyed by their lucky future owners ;>)


you could also just download this picture for free, but that does not help me much haha!

Now it's really time to continue watching XTRO 3 and do some much deserved chilling. Looking forward to your reply.

Good vibes!


Oh you got the new place? YAY :D

Sounds like everything else is starting to work out too so you might have some smooth sailing for a little while XD

Oh you got the new place? YAY :D

Yes! I did. Although there were some serious hurdles, I didn't give up hope. I am a decent jumper.

Omg you are so lucky to have a place with a stunning view! You have everything you need to have a good life.☺️ And, looking good!

And, looking good!

Me or the view? ,>)

Omg you are so lucky to have a place with a stunning view!

I did well manifesting all this. The 'journey' there was, to say the least, bumpy but interesting. These days I try to leave out most of the drama (in my writing) though as I feel it attracts more of the same.

Big hug!

Me or the view? ,>)

I guess both!

I'm so happy that you finally get to move to your dream home and I'm glad things are finally working on the tech front.

Lovely pic, with stunning views and it's lovely to put a face to the beautiful soul I've been chatting with these last couple of months.

I hope you slept well.

Much love to you dear friend


Good luck with new place, hope everything works out in the end. I too suffered a dead hard drive recently, and now I've discovered there are no HDDs in Suriname newer than 2017. I'm gonna have to order something from abroad, probably gonna upgrade to an SSD now that they are more affordable than 7 years ago.

You look like a happy guy anxiously awaiting the future.

hello @vincentnijman,
it is a very beautiful landscape, I imagine that your life is a little complicated with the move, soon you will be able to rest in your new home on the other hand it is a great luck that you have been able to recover the funds since many people lose them and they cannot be recovered, everything indicates that the luck is on your side.

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