Today's lesson will cover syllable's 2-4 in sentence 4:


Class dismissed.


thanks for the lesson, my Cali friend


You're so welcome. Thanks for keeping the comment section exciting. I'm having such a tough time keeping up.

I've been thinking about not consuming anything for awhile. Like months, 6 months or something. Life is just.. happening
So fast.

I've already began lacking. Quite a bit. I feel it and it feels terrible.

i know - you told me in DM. 😊

but there shouldn't be any terrible feelings associated with anything on Hive (or any hobby you have really)

you don't even need to make an announcement - do what you need to do, and the ones who love you will miss you, and reach out in other ways - make sure you're ok, and give space

the ones who criticize will criticize no matter WHAT you do. lol


so you do what brings peace.

do... what... brings... peace.

this is what matters. all the rest is noise.

So you probably sensed I mighta kinda said it publicly here as a warning shot. Has anyone told you lately you're a gem?

I'm hungry.

I'm scheduled.

I'm hungry and scheduled.

And I need to clean the windshield. It's tough to keep a windshield clean in the rain. Double edge sword because there's never a line at the car wash in the rain.

I need to grab a couple stocking things while I'm apart from Pura. Ever been to a target when the country isn't employed and it's the week after black Friday in the south?! Drrrrrty.....



i do not like shopping of any kind.

but have fun! heheheheheh

and yeah i sensed it - but not many people stalk comments like me and you hahahahaah so - i don't think they saw it.

you will be missed though :)

How rude. I didn't even say congrats on the second book and thanks for giving me twice the workload. I can be a real :censored: sometimes.

When opportunity knocks or I have my hands in something I love or something else, all I know is gas pedal. The problem with that is I can't do it all at the same time. Skipping town is a lot to think about. I wish that's all we had to think about. Everything's going so fast right now. Had the world always been moving at this speed?

Am I making sense?

the world is definitely faster.
Omicron came out and they shut down SA within 10 hours.


they said they don't even know if its bad or anything - just shut down. done.

too fast.

skipping town is a LOT to think about - because what comes next?!?!i know the feeling.

oh - and thanks on the 2nd book hahaha - i mean - i just edited it. ahaha it was already done anyway LOL

but wow - i got sucked into that one. i can't wait to now focus on the final one - soon, very soon hehehe

and i still have your links in my dm - i'll read them this week hehehehe