Market Friday Acushnet Ave

Market Friday Acushnet Ave

Before I get into this post I have been sitting in the dark in our sunroom for a couple of hours this morning listening to the rain bucketting down but more so watching some amazing lightning all around the sky and the thunder is so loud

Now I know some gate and fear the lightning and if I was outside or camping or walking on a beach in this lightning well I would be foolish but also worried

But sitting indoors looking out the window watching it in awe at the power of nature and in fact I find it kind of calming

How do you feel during a lightning storm?

Ok now onto the post

A post for Market Friday hosted by @dswigle, if you haven't followed her yet you should she is one of the kindest and most supportive people here on Hive, a comment from her is like a ray of sunshine on your page.
This is the one tag and challenge that I always make a point of joining, Each week I try and get out and get new shots, over winter I get out less but I still try each week to get out at least once for a photo walk, to get shots from Market Friday and the other challenge I consistently Join Wednesday Walk host by that Crazy Kiwi, Tattooed Thug, Tattoodjay

For this weeks post, I was driving down Acushnet Ave here in New Bedford and saw Frem's Jewelry, and since I had some time to spare, I thought about how often I say in my Market Friday post how I Have never been in there, so this week will Include the outside of this jewelry store than I have been to.
But I will include some other shops in the area, such as the breakfast club restaurant in this first photo

MF frems-1.jpg

Sony A7iv 35mm F11 1/200 Sec ISO 100
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Its the old worn sign above the entrance to the Frem's Jewelry store that has caught my eye driving by here often, and how I thought of it when my wife needed a necklace repaired.
I went there with her once to drop the necklace in for repair and they had some cool stuff in the store, including of course jewelry but some knick knacks,
While I was talking to the Jeweler about the repair of the necklace I noticed my wife was quite taken by a ring on display, so I took a mental note of which one it was.
I then planned it so that I would just go a couple of days later to pick up the necklace, hoping it and a cool old style coca cola decoration they had were still there when I returned.

Well the Coca Cola Item was sold, but the ring was still there, so I asked for it to resized and bought it, to return a day later to pick it up.

I kept the ring hidden away for a few weeks if I remember correctly, till a day my wife was feeling a little stressed and then gave it to her which brough out huge smiles.

MF frems-2.jpg

Sony A7iv 61mm F11 1/100 Sec ISO 100
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Just down the road I spotted a mural that I walked over to get shots of which I may well share in a future post, but I spotted this aged sign for Pepin's Men's apparel that caught my eye

MF frems-3.jpg

Sony A7iv 54mm F11 1/100 Sec ISO 100
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And just down the road a little more I saw this stylish looking building, with the tower of St Anthony of Padua Church in the background since we moved here it has had the scaffolding on the tower, I always hope one day I will drive by and the scaffolding is gone s I can get shots of it, but back to this building which may at first glance not look Market related, but the sign on it says Furnished rooms, with Cable Wifi and Laundry

MF frems-4.jpg

Sony A7iv 28mm F11 1/200 Sec ISO 100
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And finishing off with a shot of the Entrance to Frem's jewelry

MF frems-5.jpg

Sony A7iv 51mm F11 1/80 Sec ISO 100
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And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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It's great that you found that ring for her! Sounds like an interesting little shop too!

This post has been curated by the VYB Curation Project - keep up the great work!

And it really is such a cool little shop such a mixed variety in there

Did they ever get the one you wanted for yourself in again?


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Nope I checked in there the day I took these shots and they didnt have it

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

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I love thunderstorms, but I'd have had to be outside in it feeling the rain and getting the best views of the lightening. We have some incredible storms here and the neighbours think I'm a loonatic. If it just rains, I take the bike outside and wash it!

The first picture that says Klub instead of Club has triggered me so I feel unable to comment on the rest of your no doubt great post mate! Lol but I bet the wife's face was a picture when you have her the ring you ol' softie!

Have a wonderful weekend :-)

Yeah I did wonder why they close Klub instead of club,

I have a healthy respect for lightning, after a friend was zapped by a bolt of lightning once luckily he wasn't injured to badly other than some burns and muscle pain that lasted quite a while but seeign it was freaky and scary

Yeah even though I try and keep my tough guy persona I can be a softie at times

Interesting names it is amazing how they come up with them 😁

Indeed, I am guessing for Frem's it was the name of the owner not sure if it still is

YES, the storm was amazing @tattoodjay It woke me from a sound sleep. I love it tho, as I can pull back the curtains and watch the lightening out over the sea, I love a storm over the sea. It's still coming down now and the wind is just spraying the windows with rain. A good day to stay in and read #Marketfriday posts :)

It may have woken me but I cant say for sure it was around the time I normally wake up, I do love seeing lightning over the ocean, but today it was over a cemetery, which was kind of cool seeing all the headstones light up when the lightning struck

I was just thinking about some of these smaller non-chain jewelry stores the other day and how it is probably a better bet to visit them than it is the ones in the mall. It has been a while since I picked up anything for my wife, but I think next time I do I will stop into a place like Frem's.

I know the ones in the mall are convenient, but i do like going to small stand alone stores wherever possible helping local small businesses

I agree!


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I love thunderstorms from the inside of a building/house and the louder they are, the more thrilling they become. The one exception was when we were camping on the Maine coast and one of those Atlantic storms raged on for what seemed like hours... Now, I am in a tent, and when it starts leaking in the tent, we jump out, bundle up the wet tent and throw it in the car. Leave the flooded site and find a hotel for the night. LOL We had to set it up the next day to dry out.

I like your town and the simple beauty about it, although simple is not really how I would describe it. More interesting in almost every part of it. From the old signs that show their wear with pride, to the telltale signs of upgrading. I love the building in the forefront with furnished rooms. It reminds me so much of some of the buildings in the town in Connecticut I grew up in. Washington, DC too. Oh!! The old Ben Franklin stores buildings looked like that. :)

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Upped and reposted

Ohh that was an adventure you had during they storm
Being indoors they can be fun outdoors very scary

This city does have such a charm to it I think
I enjoy that we moved here

how nice of you to give your wife such an unexpected gift!!!

Thanks, I think Unexpected gifts are more appreciated than ones that are expected such as Birthdays, Christmas etc, so I try and do the unexpected now and again :)

I really agree with you on this

Those old signs are really cool, @tattoodjay. They take one back to a previous era. I really loved your story about the ring for your wife. How nice that you were able to put a smile on her face!

Thanks for your visit, I feel the same these old signs take as back to days gone by

Always looking for ways to make Lulu smile ;)

Have a great day

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 100 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)
Have a great day

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