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In early 2019, I posted three promo videos (called “logo reveal”) to promote the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics community on our platform. It was in the pre-Hive era, so as you can imagine it used the logo and name that are now obsolete.

For those who missed that part of history, the name of the legacy platform was similar to STEM, but with an extra “E.”
Like in Embarrassment, which we decided to get rid of.

The videos were pretty cool, though.

After noticing that they are still used here and there by the STEMSocial community, I decided to finally refresh them with the STEMSocial logo, and of course with “powered by Hive”.
Last but not least, all are encoded with the audio track that you liked so much. It was created by maestro @mobbs.

Below the videos, there are three animated GIFs, converted from the source MP4 material, along with a block of code suitable to be included in your posts.
Feel free to use those materials to promote Hive-powered Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

- STEMsocial logo reveal feat. @mobbs, version 1

- STEMsocial logo reveal feat. @mobbs, version 2

- STEMsocial logo reveal feat. @mobbs, version 3

Animated GIF version 1

#STEMsocial powered by Hive

<center>![STEMsocial_promo_v1.gif](<br><sup>#STEMsocial powered by [Hive](</sup></center>
Animated GIF version 2

#STEMsocial powered by Hive

<center>![STEMsocial_promo_v2.gif](<br><sup>#STEMsocial powered by [Hive](</sup></center>
Animated GIF version 3

#STEMsocial powered by Hive

<center>![STEMsocial_promo_v3.gif](<br><sup>#STEMsocial powered by [Hive](</sup></center>

STEMsocial on OpenHive.Chat

You can hang out with members of STEMsocial on a dedicated OpenHive.Chat channel.

Edit: competition

Hey geeks, are you able to produce better, optimized versions of those gif files without loosing quality?
Requirement: use open source tools, post your command line in the comments.
Original: version, mp4 size in bytes, resulted gif size in bytes.

v1: 29772495 -> 12143606
v2: 23404421 -> 11854335
v3: 22070381 -> 8610041

They are great.

“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.” (Carl Sagan)

Wow, thse are super animations! And yes, I do like the music as well.
Soon, very soon I'll be receiving my new power machine in laptop format. Playing with the idea to start exploring the creations of videos. Triggered fully on these animations you made and like to understand what raw material you used and what tools you used to get this done. I mean, the 'handwriting of the math and all, how did you do this? A large sequence of photo's and then 'glued' them together in a GIF creator?

None of those things, it's just templates with service subscription and reseller license. If I'd have to do that myself I'd go with Blender and most likely spend so much time on that trying to make it perfect that I wouldn't never finish it ;-)

GIF is just postprocessing of the source video material, it's tricky because you have to keep minimal viable quality and yet fit in a reasonable file size.

ok ok that's a logical approach indeed :) thanks for the explain 🙇

Those are four of my favourite things. These days my programming overlaps with some physical engineering with with maths and science mixed in too. I can't really post about work stuff online though. Luckily I play around with these things for fun too :)

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Lord I apologize greatly for only seeing this TWENTY FIVE DAYS after creation. This is what new girlfriends will do to you.

I'm really happy this is updated! But I feel a little awkward about the musical praise haha. I'm stealing all the vids from YouTube to show off to all.

Also, the comment below 'Your EEG might be flat' hahahahahahahah

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Bookmarked. Thanks for taking out time to fix it.

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Awesome. I have been waiting eagerly for them 😁. I was feeling lazy to proofread a draft for post that has been sitting in my folder for over a week now. Now, I am gonna go over it, just so I can use one of these soon.

Thanks a lot.

Free to use materials. Thanks for reminding us.

Very cool, the dark (3rd) is my fav.

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These graphics are fantastic.

Good post. The community will look awesome with those

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Very excited !

This is awesome. Keep up the good work

Thank you for sharing this

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Great men thanks

Organic chemistry used to be my best course before I got into medical school. I love the IUPAC nomenclature. It's nice to be reminded of this. Nice post.

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Sure, I've seen that already :-)

I hope you don't see it as spam, if you watched my video you will see what I meant by that.

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Hey there Gandolf! Been too long and I hate to come here with my own personal BS. It's good to see in this post you are still ontop of your game. Unfortunately I am not.

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Hello there :-)
Please don't exaggerate, it's not that your blog is destroyed, those are just some downvotes because people - most likely - disagree on the rewards. It it's hivewatchers, talk to hivewatchers, there's no central authority on Hive.
As you can see on my post, I also got $95 downvote, and that's fine, people have their right to vote however they wish. With popular authors it's really tricky, because it might be tempting to just write more frequent with less effort if upvotes are coming regardless (which is not true, it's usually because you've earned reputation among voters).
That's one of the reasons I don't post more frequently, because I know that will likely get votes, as people are expecting that it's high quality content, and I'm not able to meet those standards every day. Or week. Or sometimes a month ;-)

Thanks Gandolf. I know I can always count on you for sound advice. However at the time of writing my blog was basically wiped out to zero, and my discord conversation with them was brief, hivewatchers telling me I'm blacklisted and done here, there was no appeal. After making the post I linked here they decided to remove the blacklist across the board downvotes. So by the time you saw my blog the downvotes were removed. I didn't mean for it to look like I was exaggerating. It seems like the problem is resolved and I have already switched to an already planned new and improved blogging style to meet expectations and rewards like you mention.

Thanks for taking the time, it's much appreciated.

Sounds good, good luck! :-)

You really need some medical attention, your EEG line might be flat.

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Woah, sorry to treat you like a zoo animal but its kinda cool you guys still actually exist, given that tourists are literally going into space at this point, 100 miles higher than the space station, for 3 straight days.

You've reallllllly gotta struggle to keep this up at this point lol. Kudos for the mental gymnastics you must be suffering through

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hahahah nice, we have a DOME now. Impressive