Day 1: My journey to computer literacy. Thanks to @fokusnow my mentor

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Learning expiring date is death. Do you believe that? Honestly, as far as there is life, learning and skill acquisition continues.

This is actually my first post in this community known as #stemsocial. Hoping that am welcomed, permit me to tell you all how @fokusnow freely enrolled me into computer training.

Yesterday was another remarkable date in my life. The day I started a new journey which it's goodness and blessings cannot be overly emphasized because it must contribute to the growth of hive Blockchain and to my personal growth in the system.

Am supposed to engage into this journey weeks ago when my fellow hivian, @fokusnow established a computer center and invited me over to be empowered. But base on mum's poor health, I was unable to feature in the training.

But, Yesterday, the 6th day of December 2022, the journey began. As a novice I am, he first mentioned that a desktop computer comprises of : mouse, system unit, monitor and keyboard . Below are their pictures and names:



IMG_20221206_154225_764.jpgsystem unit


Having known their names, he moved over to how to power on a computer and how to shutdown both the monitor and the system unit.

He allowed me to practice it for like 5 times to make sure am conversant with it. Next, he showed me how to restart a computer. According to him, there is need to restart a computer whenever one feels that the computer is not running smoothly or maybe, hanging. Just like android, restarting enables computer to run smartly.

IMG_20221206_121101_899.jpgin class with my mentor

Having learn all the above, he then moved over to marvis beacon typing tutor(hungry chameleon). He showed me the appropriate way to place my hands. The letters I placed my hand on them are: ASDF(Left hand) JKL and ; (right) As a newbie in the field, initially, my mind wasn't relaxed and was as if in the middle of tension.

IMG_20221206_153917_688.jpgmyself under tension

Do you know that while practicing those letters, sometimes, I will press L in the name of K or S in the name of ;. So at a point, @fokusnow encouraged me to calm down my veins and arteries. I did just so. Though, as a newbie, curiosity occupied my heart to the extent that I forgot to drink even ordinary water.


The studies started around 10:30 am and lasted till 4:50 pm. According to him, I tried because, I was able to get 100% accuracy, 14% speed and 0 error.

But, as I continued practicing the letters, my speed reduced to 13WPM just as you can see in the picture below.



Dear friends and computer wizards, I will love to entertain ideas, guidelines and support from you guys on what I should do to learn fast. Also, I will love you guys to appreciate @fokusnow for his act of kindness towards me. As the training continues, I will keep on updating you guys of any improvement am making. One day, I must progress to maturity. I must be a computer literate.

Thanks in advance.

Mr Charles @fokusnow, THANKS A MILLION.


Weldon my dear, calm down your veins you will get use to it
I will be relocating to Aba next year to be empowered also by Mr Charles

To Aba? Hahaha, hope you're not jealous? I wish it's true.

Learning makes one to improve overtime. Now from learning on how to type which is one of the ways to increased your typing speed, will help you to start typing documents soon. Congratulations

Wow! Thanks. Your view is my dream. Already pursuing it. I much conquer

Smiles,it's fun having to play the typing games, it help you to be smarter when typing

Your mentor is one of a kind, I wish you well in this journey to computer literacy

Hahaha, the game is sweet and funny oo. I can't wait to be computer literate.

We are really advancing and so there is need to be computer literate

Yes ooo. It's now a need and no longer a want. Thanks

You first journey was good, having the knowledge of computer literacy is what we need now. And also Life is all about learning and skill acquisition. Keep it up.