Dynamic Doggo Duo

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What a team (LBB team-Lazy bum bogan team)!!! These two have a good life. Jetti has been mentioned many times before on my blog, how's about Angus? Angus is a Cocker Spaniel and Jetti is Rotti Cross Kelpie. They're a couple, lol. Angus is a spoilt boy. Every moment he's catered for as he is literally a grandchild that Lori and Sandra never had. He went to doggie school, got his feet wiped, had yogurt for breakfast, went to the doggie dentist, got his face washed every time he drinks, blanket for bedtime, got spa roughly once a week, haircut every 3 months and 2 walks every single day....!!!

Lori and Sandra is on holiday in Queensland and he comes to stay with us. He loves coming here every time as he can be a true dog. He can make a mess and not worries about his dirty feet, or his wet face after having a drink. He can dig his feet on the ground and runs around in the backyard with Jetti (as his parent live in the townhouse without garden). He is cute yet trouble maker lol. Angus possesses a unique talent for seeking out food and attention. He actually thinks he's hard done by, but the fact is he is too spoilt. :)

It may be a bit busy and undoubtedly tricky to navigate sidewalks with two furry companions in tow, but it's fun to have them both together for a few weeks. Jetti always jumps on Angus's bed trying to be dominated but he just jumps on hers. When it comes to dinner time, Jetti tried to eat as fast as she can so Angus can't get her food lol. I think Jetti sometimes sick of him but she's such a patient and tolerated girl as she knows he just stays here for a few weeks, just matter of time.

While I was in Da Nang for holiday, I tried to look for some hoodies in local Pet Shop but there were no large sizes. I turned to the expanse of the internet in search of stylish and cozy doggo clothes and found some adorable hoodies designed especially for four-legged fashionistas like "Adidog", "the dog face".. lol. I love the name of "adidog" haha it's quiet smart idea. The product was from Guangzhou, China and it took 5-7 days to delivery. Luckily, I received the order just few hours before I was off to the airport for my flight back to Melbourne. :)

Jetti and Angus normally don't wear clothes as they have enough hair to keep them warm. Well, you know it's still cold in Melbourne 😁 and I want to buy some gifts for them. The hoodies fit them pretty well. For Jetti, the yellow one fits her big strong chest and shoulder than the pink one lol. I'm happy that they look warm and comfortable with the clothes on 😀

I hope your hairy four-legged companion bring as much joy and love as mine do to me. Thanks for reading :)

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Hello dear friend @trangbaby good day
I loved the clothes that you have gotten for these beauties, I appreciate that you have shared this fun experience of each one of them
have a great day

Thanks and my pleasure. They do deserve the clothes as they surely my best friends. Glad you popped by and have a great weekend 😊

Absolutely beautiful such a great day out to.

I love these sunny winter days in Melbourne :) its cold early in the morning but beautiful until the sun goes down :) thanks for stopping by :)

They have been rather nice lately, I was at the park this afternoon with the kids. We had a ball

Hahaha but what cute little things, I definitely think it was a success with the idea of adidog. They look so cute and comfortable!

Haha agreed I love them and they love their new warm outfit, perfect for winter :)

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Some dogs adapt well to a coat, some just go crazy and don't. Nice to see these two appear happy with the design you purchased.


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What is a ghosts favorite candy?
Boo boo clusters.

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I'm glad that these two are comfortable with the jacket and happy to wear it them:) thanks for commenting and hope your having a wonderful weekend 😊

My brother lives more inland from coast, his dogs and cat all enjoy jackets through winter !LOLZ

I used to work in a blanket factory.
But it folded.

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Whoever don't like dogs can't be trusted. = }

Be Suspicious of people who don't like dog :) and don't trust people your dog don't like 😅

I honestly enjoyed reading the life stories of your dogs and I think Jetti and Angus has a good fashion stylist, I superb like what they're wearing!

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it 😊 I'm not a good fashion stylist hehe but these hoodies look trendy :)

I hope there are also hoodies for cats. Your blogs are entertaining honestly.

Beautiful friends! 🐶🐾💐

Yes they are best friend forever 😊

Cute! that does sound like Jetti is quite spoiled. Sometimes we want all the attention and luxuries and then we remember like Jetti that you can't do the fun things like run around and get dirty. Good lesson.

Yes Jetti is and she's currently on the leather couch watching TV :) Angus just back with his parent and sleeping under blanket now :)

Thanks Sara for popping by and hope your doing well :)

aww Jetti 💙
My parents had a black Cocker Spaniel called ... yep Angus and he was mad as a hatter and so energetic!

Angus and Jetti make a wonderful couple lol!

Funny that same dog same name. Oh yeah Angus's Mom is from Scotland and her name is Sandra hehe. Yes I think so they are a cute couple as they married :)

Cute dogs