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RE: My introduction to the Home Edders community | Glad to be around like-minded people!

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I've featured your post in the @HomeEdders weekly curation.

Curated by @minismallholding on behalf of @HomeEdders.

Supporting home education and educational content. If you're a home educator, home educated or are thinking about home education, find out what we're about HERE.

You can join the community by clicking the subscribe button on Hive or Peakd.

please feel free to join us on discord.


Thank you so much @homeedders & @minismallholding <3
I didn't know there was a discord, so I'll join, thanks!

It's not always very active. HomeEdders are busy people, after all. 😉 @ryivhnn and I always keep an eye out in there, though, so any conversations and questions won't be ignored.

True haha, but seems like a discord with a lot of resources, which I love!