Invite: Join the 2nd Hive Community Town Hall

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Onboarding, Retention and Community Building on Hive.

📅 When:

Today, November 1st, 11am EST

🙋🏽‍♂️ Who:

@chrisrice, founder of @dbuzz
@elmerlin, founder of @liketu
@good-karma, founder of @ecency
@jarvie, co-founder of @peakd
@khaleelkazi, founder of @inleo
@mcfarhat, founder of @actifit
@starkerz & @theycallmedan, co-founders of @threespeak
@vaultec, founder of

🏠 Where:

Audio: X Space 👈 Set a reminder here!


The focus of this Town Hall is to open up the conversation about the topics at hand, and to push the growth of the community side of the blockchain, while striving to reach to agreements and create synergies. We want to keep the community updated on everything happening on-chain, connect with founders and stakeholders at a deeper level, and ultimately generate a sense of belonging and a feeling of true community.

And mainly, grow and strengthen Hive's user base.

The Town Halls are open to every Hiver. You can participate either by requesting to speak in the X space and ask questions or contribute to the conversation, or by engaging in the Threadcast.

Why X?

The reason we do these Town Halls on X spaces is because we are also striving to reach other crypto users, and the best way to do it is through X.

The X algorithm promotes spaces with reminders and comments under the post, so...

If you haven't set a reminder and left a comment here, please do so!

See you in Today, November 1st at 11am EST!

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Thanks for letting us know about this Town Hall @anomadsoul, I really do learn a lot! Can't wait to see what the future will bring on Hive in the coming years!

I guess Hive OG's like @doze, @rak7 and will love to see this one!

The last town hall space I attended was fun filled and inspiring. I trust this wouldn't be any different. I'm definitely going to be there.

@whitneyalexx @jhymie @jhymi, wouldn't you like to come over? And hear some great things? You don't want to miss it😇

Oh thank you so much dear @wongi I was already like it’s past 11am here already until I noticed the ‘est’ 😅

It would definitely be worth every second of yours😊

In few hours now the town hall will begin. The last one I attended I learn a lot as it was filled with knowledge. I have set my reminder on X so that I will get notified when it starts.

I don't want to benefits a lone. Please @flaxz @chisah @phoenixwren come and join in the space and learn with me. Most of founders of hive Dapps will participating in this discussion. Honestly this is going to be very interesting. It is worth attending.


@herculeand! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @flaxz. (1/50)

The second Town hall meeting is going to be amazing and knowledge filled. I joined the first part and it was a great one with different legends on Hive talking about onboarding and retaining new users. This is going to enlighten everyone who participates in this. Happening on X in a few hours time. Do not miss this at all. @funshee @actordontee @jane1289 I don't want you guys to miss this show.

Thank you, Princess, I missed the first time but I will make sure to be there this time. !luv

This will be the greatest show ever about the Hive Blockchain. I see all the popular Hive Community will be there to speak. We might be learn so many things about Hive Blockchain from the space.

@ayamihaya @intishar @wesphilbin you should join the space guys to learn about our Hive Blockchain.


Appreciate the shout-out! I agree; Onboarding, Retention, and Community Building on Hive are very important topics for our blockchain. These have been important topics... talked about since I joined back in June of 2017. I don't know if I will be able to attend. But I look forward to anything positive and thoughtful...


This is a great opportunity to hear so many leaders together talking about the Blockchain and dapps. I'm sure there will be important feedback between them and the community. A way to keep us motivated. Thank you for this activity.

Join us @equipodelta @fermionico @edwardstobia

Another Hive town hall meeting that I wouldn't miss for anything because it's going to be educative and informative, above all rewarding too. Imagine having to listen to different community's founders speak, it's indeed a privilege

@purpleglitter @fexonice @taskmaster4450le @davedickeyyall, I hope to see you guys at the show.

Man, this townhall is really going to be incredible and I'm so happy to see these giants gathered in one place. I'm sure that the entire hive only benefits from this union!

Ei, @eijibr @lincemarrom @kaibagt ,vemhan ver o que vai acontecer hoje!

wow a great show with wonderful developers of several interactive and best interface within the Hive ecosystem. Will never miss this show. Time to learn more. Please @ladyof, @tydynrain and @iamraincrystal join and learn more

Thank you for the tag, Sammy! I appreciate it! I'll catch this one of these days! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

I never would have imagined that we would ever have the big brains behind the massive projects that we have here on Hive, that are all making things run smoothly as they do. Lo and behold, this Town Hall would make that happen.

Indeed, X is the best platform to push campaigns and talk about Hive and InLeo because of the large communities that have now come to base their communications and connections over X.

My reminder is up. I am looking forward to being a part of this phenomenal event so dearly.

Come check this out @enioluwafe @starstrings01 @creativepearl

I can’t believe I missed it🥹 I really hope it was recorded, I would still love to check it out. If not, expect my call later today for the full gist🌝 Thank you so much!

The past month of the zealy campaign has been fun. I have learnt a lot from the spaces I have attended during this month and I won't miss this one today. @josephefosa @nonsowrites @funshee make sure to attend the space.

the quest said you should mention those who are not actively participating in the campaign. I am. So mention other people you know in the space.

Thanks, D, I already set the alarm.

The fact that the town hall is open to everyone is amazing, it speaks volumes of the decentralized platform that we are actually preaching on Hive and as it's name implies "Town Hall"
I invite @whitneyalexx @zeegirl and @samostically to come and listen to this amazing show

Thank you so much dear💕 I thought I missed it😮‍💨😅

This is a big avenue to learn about Hive. I hope to see you in the X spaces

Thanks for the Invitation 😊

Este es el tipo de debate que le faltaba a Hive, donde testigos y hive builders se juntan para analizar lo que hemos hecho y hacia donde nos dirigimos.

@nanixxx @garorant y @manuphotos, les hago tag aquí para que no se lo pierdan.

This space will be something special for the Hive Community. We are going to get all the popular community together in the event. This time we can clear all our confusion about the Hive Blockchain.

@carlitazulay @andreaag21 @haditamary hey ladies let's enjoy together and learn something new about our Hive Blockchain.

Come on guys, another Town Hall to keep up to date with the latest news and acquire a lot of knowledge. Only the best in this TH, let's listen and learn a lot from them.

I ask you to give a chance to participate and interact, it will be great to have you here with me!

Come with me my friends: @portugalzin @zallin @bralph

The last one I attended was knowledge filled, I can't miss this one. I have my reminder set and I'd love to see @peacious @prosperonos and @aslamrer present at the show, do I expect you guys?! 😃🚀


I have set my reminder because I know how educative and fulfilled this space can be, I would love to invite other friends too to join in the fun.

@caelum1infernum @don-pon-deh-case and @rayoo pls come join the space, I bet you it will be worth your time.

Thank you dear

It's a pleasure.

Thank you

I'm just seeing this, I don't even have a Twitter account

I have never attended a Hive townhall meetings at all and I am grabbing this opportunity with all that I have in me. Have you wanted to see how this is @olawalium @joydukeson @sofs-su? Please check this out because it's happening today!

Listening to this team is an occasion like few others. The program is not to be missed. An excellent opportunity to catch up. Don't miss it @purpleglitter @arialvi75 @jossalvia

Yea this is the second town hall and am sure it’s gonna be as educative as the first one. If you were in the first one you’d know it was centred around hive and what we can do to help hive and also what a user can do to grow on hive. Don’t miss this.

@abdul01 @shamsudeen13 @tiyumtaba please make it a point to be there.

The big event I've been waiting for has finally arrived. It's gonna be a nice moment listening and learning a lot from the speakers.

@sommylove, @joycealarapon and @cheeamaka, please join in on this today

Thanks 🙏

I already set a reminder for this space and ready to jump in at the stipulated time. I was in attendance in the last one and I can attest to how educative this space is. For anyone who wants to know more about the hive blockchain, this is the right time, let's add more knowledge to ourselves and keep growing in this space. @amiableamara , @ginika and @george-dee you can't afford to miss this. Come and join in!

What we learn in these spaces is always very useful, that's why I always try to have my reminder ready and active so I don't miss any second. I would like my friends @richjr @honeymoon-1611 @abicaro

My reminder is already set. You guys should come on to learn. I am sure it will be worth your time. @terganftp @demgift @julti1985

It's definitely going to be fun. I love the fact that everyone can participate by coming up onboard and say their mind or ask questions. Reaching other to crypto users via X is also important. I'm sure that we will get there very soon. Well reminder is set and I'm already anticipating to join.

@sholex94 @lovinda and @oluwadrey check this out you will like to join.

This will be my first time attending the hive community town hall, I know I am never going to regret joining the space show today, and I will surely be leaving the space smiling and excited because I will surely have a huge take home at the end of the day, I have set my reminder and I would love to see @prayzz @burlarj and @olanrewaju05 to be there, I hope to see you guys…

Funny enough, I actually was on my way to go set a reminder for this before your comment notification came in 😅.

The last one was very educative. I know this one will even be more. Not all the speakers were available in previous meeting

The focus of this Town Hall is to open up the conversation about the topics at hand, and to push the growth of the community side of the blockchain, while striving to reach to agreements and create synergies.

I am particularly excited about the synergy that's about to happen. The last time such happened was during the Steem hostile takeover that gave birth to Hive. Another big development is gonna happen on Hive.

@Tomlee, @anicom @sir-abas I've told you Hive's getting bigger, better and more sustainable. Try to be around during this Townhall and hear form yourselves.

I'm tagging you because I know your inclinations in the Social media space.

Thanks for the prompt ☺️
I'll be here hence.

This is interesting as hive has taken a new shape. Though several things happened to discourage me on the space, the new move of give has rekindled the vibes to do more.

Thanks so much for tagging me

X is indeed a the best place for this hive townhall show, of which I've set my reminder, I hope we get to adopt Crypto users and web 2 users from other space to Joon us.

@ceeec @tcode98 @flourishandflora come join and hear from the founders and community leaders and you get to ask questions too.

Calling out @arduilcelebren @junaidfasal and @leeendah whom I've met today on my post. I would like to invite you to this Town Hall where most of the founders of Hive DApps will be on for a discussion. I think this is the very first time for them to be coming together on a show and it will be interesting to hear the updates on how things are going here onchain. Hope to see you there :)

It is certainly amazing to have access to these informative spaces. Both for us and for the people who belong to web2. The information is very useful so I would like to invite my friends @charjaim @purpleglitter @sirenahippie to be present and participate. They will like it very much.

Ever since the space for this second townhall was made, I set my reminder and I've been in anticipation since then. It's going to be great to forward feedbacks and pose questions directly to the founders of our hive dApss. I've got a few questions and hopefully, I will be able to get answers to them. I'm really looking forward to this. I invite you @awuahbenjamin, @ajoshua41 and @mission020 to find the time and attend this town hall cos it will be worth while. Come interact with the dApp founders and share some ideas with them

Okay bro. Well noted

Looking forward to another interesting and engaging space. I have set my see you guys soon

@paulzeks @blezyn @adetorrent if you guys have the time kindly join the space. Cheers!

This is definitely another awesome moment, the first town hall event on X was knowledge filled, especially when it comes to the development here on hive.

This is definitely going to be an event filled with lot of things to talk about.

@kolawole93 @firstborn and @pthker2010

You just have to be part of this great event on X today.

I am absolutely excited for the upcoming Town Hall! It's fantastic to see the commitment to growing and strengthening the Hive community. Looking forward to the insightful discussions and connections.

Calling in @sperosamuel15, @jhymi, and @queenstarr to come and be a part of it.

Thanks for the tag bro

Conversing sounds like an alive thing to do. And I'll love to give my take on the topics to be shared while also interacting with others too. It'll be fun that I know, which is why I am inviting, @beckyroyal , @offia66 and @shemzy to join in the fun time.

It'll all about Hive and us. So, it'll surely be worth every minute.

What's the initiative about?

I have not attended a hive town hall meeting before but I am not missing this one for anything.

Thanks @balikis95

Thanks @balikis95 for the tag

I have done my best to onboard you, now it’s time to do your part and learn about hive and web3 @ayokunlehenry @teewhy120 and my very good friend @sam9999

This is a big opportunity here don’t miss it. Join the show on x at 4pm Nigeria time

This will be an amazing show and lots of things will be learnt, I personally have prepared myself for this and I wouldn't miss it, and I will also love to see my friends on this space.

So i am inviting @chichieze @mispretty and @nkiru12 you guys should come and join me on this show and learn a lot of things.

i will be with you my friend

Nice, I will be expecting you

What's the show all about

This is good and I am grateful to be a witness of last meet up. It was filled will lot of important discussions and I am hopeful that this would be more better. @mcyusuf @hallydee @mathpen do well to join the moving train.

It would be my first time and I am looking forward to it after reading testimonies and getting an invite from Nkemakonam.

This happens to be the very first town hall meeting I will be attending, I can't wait to be there, to learn and unlearn

¡hoy es el Town Hall! No podemos perdernos esto, @yonilkar, @dracrow, @soy-laloreto, tener la oportunidad de conocer más a estos proyectos y hacerles preguntas a sus fundadores y cofundadores, una oportunidad inigualable, no podemos desaprovecharla. Establezcan sus recordatorios en el X Space y nos vemos dentro de un par de horas.

it is with great honor one is attending something so educational, its an open discussion and allows each members to give out their best opinion about the frontends. Every one will learn alot

@makorirobinson, @queena-242, @masdave. use this opportunity to come tell people whats on your mind about the development of hive blockchain

This happens to be the very first town hall meeting I will be attending, I can't wait to learn,and unlearn. Inviting @imaima, @divabright and @danielpeters to be a part of this show, let's learn together

yes ooo
thanks dear

The frustrations I have with Hive are often the lack of seemingly joinedup writing between the major front ends.

By working together we will make Hive the blockchain of choice for many...

I have set a reminder for this afternoon and it would be a great experience if you could attend @coquicoin @lhes @ayane-chan

Thanks for tagging as I am left behind what happening this days 🤣

I know Inday, I think things are moving so fast, if you are awake this might be fun to listen to. Also Matilda will be broadcasting on Spaces this month as it is NaPodPoMo month (podcasting month)

When is Matilda's space, Super Ed? Wen?
I need to set up all the reminder alarms, jeje ;)

I am not sure yet, but I was told you were speaking on Hive Naija discord t some point, so I know Matilda would love no, insists on speaking with you on one show for sure!

I talked for about a nanosecond 😂 And I can talk to Matilda for a microsecond for sure 😉 but much more if it's in Spanish 🤣


Haha @deraaa told me....

And I was haha well thanks for my invite ! NOT
So you were lucky you got invited and they were honoured you spoke!

I'll set my reminder, Super Ed. Thank you for the heads up.
It would be great to see all the frontends working together.

The past month of the zealy campaign has been fun. I have learnt a lot from the spaces I have attended during this month and I won't miss this one today. @josephefosa @micheal700 @mesonia Don't miss out on the space

hey guys don't miss the Hive town hall meeting for anything in the world, see you guys there. @jessicaossom @treasuree @wallay

This is a great opportunity to hear experienced people talk about the blockchain. I'm sure it is going to be educative and interesting. My reminder has been set. @phyna @eunice9200 @aunty-tosin I would love to see you join.

This is a great opportunity to hear experienced people talk about the blockchain. I'm sure it is going to be educative and interesting. My reminder has been set. @phyna @eunice9200 @aunty-tosin I would love to see you join.

I'm glad that I'm one of those that attended the first ever Town Hall meeting that was held and ever since then, I've been keeping a tab on this to be sure that I won't miss out on any update about a follow-up Town Hall meeting.

Today's edition is going to be awesome. I have no doubt about that. Hehe.

Come join the meetup on X (Twitter) @dimmablogs @salvadore @joseph23

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