Calling all Hive Content Creators!

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For those who know me you know I started out on Steem and when Hive split I saw the direction everything was heading in and I could not switch to Hive fast enough. I am happy and proud to be here on Hive with the rest of you and those I have met along the way it has been nothing short of fantastic. I love the creativity and the openness and people being who they are and who they want to be. With that being said this is only the beginning and I know we still have a long road ahead of us. I have been talking with @nathanmars and I pitched an idea to him and we want to move forward and we want all of you to be involved!

So one of the best tools you can have as a business or on a platform is a video. Video is by far the most powerful and best promotional tool around. The idea I told NathanMars about is I want to make various 60-second videos showcasing hive and all it has to offer and many of the amazing creators here! I am a videographer and video marketer so I thought this would be one of the best ways I can give back to this amazing community and platform.

Here's where you all come in! If you are interested in being part of this project or you know someone who would be a great addition please comment below and tag anyone who would be interested.

Here's what I am looking for and how to contact me. I need footage of people talking about what they love about hive. Please keep it short as the final video will be only 60seconds max and I can only use a few seconds per person so if you send a 5 minute video chances are only 3-5 seconds of it will be used. Also please send a video in both landscapes and portrait so that videos can be made for each platform as needed for promotional purposes. There will be multiple videos made for a variety of other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on). Once the videos have been made I will make another post with links to download all the videos and you are free to download and share them with the world!

Topics to cover!

Talk about any of the following topics or one of your own but these are the general ideas
-Why you joined Hive
-What hive means to you
-How has Hive changed your life
-What do you see for the future of hive
-How is Hive different and what problem do you see it solving

In terms of videos and footage or screen recordings of you using hive or people using it on their phones or meetups from around the world! So think a screen recording of you making a post or commenting on something. Using another dapp like 3speak to post a video or uploading images. Anything you can think of! (Please NO NSFW stuff. Keep it clean as any NSFW content will NOT be included)

If you want to be part of these videos to help spread the word about Hive and the future of this platform and community then please make your videos and post them online and then post a link to the video (preferably a download link) in the comments below. I can't wait to connect with more of you and make some great community drive videos to showcase the power of Hive and the community!

Hive to the MOON!


Please note that if you send a video with audio the audio MUST be clear and easy to hear (NO running water, No Whispering or noisy areas). Language Preference is English but if you want to submit other languages that is fine too. I just need an English translation for subtitles.


I am in , the goal is to let the world discover hive

I'd love to be apart of this.

Fantastic! Just follow the directions in the post and if you have any problems or questions comment and let me know.

Absolutely. Let's get it done! Thanks for tagging me @hivehustlers 🙌

I’m gonna make mine this week. And I’ll do tag few people today in the comments later.

Let’s go


sounds cool! I am in!

Fantastic! Looking forward to it. Feel free to tag anyone else you think would be a good addition to making this happen!

@hivehustlers I think this is right up your alley 😉

You want a clean clip I’m assuming ... “Only HIVE has the tools I need to empower and incentivize creativity” ... sound good?

Just make a 15 second clip of why you like hive. I want it to be natural not a tag line. Hive allows me to (fill in the blank) or Hive give (insert something). Not a tagline like Hive gives users the decentralized power by not relying on a global hierarchy. Be yourself and talk like your talking to a friend and not a business pitch.

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let's do this @traciyork and @artemislives ....tag anyone else too

Love the attitude!

I like the idea.. I am see interested


I am in with hive hustle..
Great thinking.. truly appreciate..
Let's do it together..
Thank you..

It's a fantastic idea, count me please if I can help with anything.

It's always great to connect with other photographers and Filmmakers.



Awesome! Glad to connect with you on here!

firstly, amazing and thank you for doing this!!
I upload to 3speak and dsound at least once a week.
Do you want the screen shot of my phone too? I usually use the computer (come to think of it, I don't know if I can upload from my phone...? ). I write my posts on my phone usually, so I can easily get you a screen shot of that.
Anyway, honoured to be any part of promoting this sacred platform (I'm serious), and look forward to sharing the final result!

Glad you want to be part of this. I don't need screenshots, I would need screen recordings if that's possible. Also just a recording of you and why you love hive and you can post a link to that video here so I can download it.

Sry I mean screen recordings.... Np

great idea! heres my clip

Thanks! It says the video is private. Could you make the video unlisted? That way I can view it with the link.

yes sorry! done

Got it! Thank you.

As i am alive we will build and grow together. Amazing

Very cool incentive. Hope it succeeds.

Me too thank you. Look like people want to be involved its now just a matter of getting recording from people.