New start on HIVE

in #hive4 years ago

Seems like the current trend is doing a first post on HIVE...
So here's mine.

Hive been more or less active on Steem depending on periods. Hive developed some apps, Hive blogged a bit, Hive done some botting (especially optimizing curation returns). But all that on a few different accounts.

I'm gonna create a new account to get a fresh start and start building relationships from there.
I don't know yet what I'll do, but Hive decided to be more consistent and try to be more present and interact more with the community and people sharing the same interests. Hive never looked into communities as I lost interest in Steem after the EIP but I'll look into that now and choose a few communities to be active in.

I just hope (but I'm not really optimistic) that this will really be different from Steem, that it will stop being about the same people circle-jerking, that there will be real governance talks, that good developers will have access to the HPS, and so on...

I'll start my new Hive-Life on Monday, letting some time for the dust to settle.

A huge thank you to all people who worked on making Hive a reality !

Let's hope this will be the HIVE price in the long run :D


Already got a new account name? :)

Not yet, need to think about it seriously if I plan on keeping it for some time...
I'm gonna take the week-end for that major reflection :D