Officially an OG after spending half a decade with you crazy blockchain cats!

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While reading this post by @anomadsoul, I came to a part where he briefly mentions OG status on hive and what it takes to be awarded such a title. According to @anomadsoul, the title of OG, or “Gen1”, can only be bestowed on those who have been around since early 2017 and are still active.

Well what do you know?! Looks like I’m an O-to-the-mother-fuckin-G 😎 In fact I’m a super OG, because I’ve been here since September 2016! And I’m still very active.

Man! Realising how long I’ve been around makes me feel like someone from the time of King John who was actually there the moment he pressed his royal seal onto the Magna Carta. I may only just be a peasant and not one of the barons who engineered such a plan, but nonetheless I was there!

“Hold on @article61, your profile page says it began in August 2017?”

That’s correct, I did start this profile in late 2017, but that was after losing the password to my original account, @dogtanian.


It’s been a long time since I last thought about that account, let alone visited it, and I must thank @anomadsoul for prompting the memory. Looking through my very first posts on Steem makes me smile and cringe in equal amounts. My first few posts were simply outbursts but even in the short period @dogtanian was active I can see improvements. What I find most interesting about those fledgling posts, is how they capture the moment I was going through at the time. After reading them again I can see I had just been introduced to the world of “conspiracy theories”, which for anyone who knows is a very special moment in life. I can just see myself now, aghast at every newly discovered topic and excited to share it with the world! It’s comforting to read how even in those early days I had the sense to make up my own mind on what to believe and what not to.
It appears I was also going through some dark days too, but felt comfortable enough to openly express myself through writing about it on Steem. I do remember how much that helped and it’s no surprise that I carried on doing so long after creating my 2nd profile. I think that in those early days, being able to share my most private emotions, I formed an unbreakable bond with this blockchain community and that is probably why I’ve stuck with you all through the good times and the bad. OK, so I’ve not become a crypto millionaire, even though I’ve been here long enough to have earned a seat at the big table, but that was never my intention. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done pretty well, financially, and was lucky enough to have been here while Steem had its mega-pump which saw SBD rise to double-figure $$! Man that was an exciting time to be around. However, in hindsight I should have played the long game I guess and maybe not sold so much, but that’s easy to say now. Back then it kept me afloat and almost saved me from eviction (had it not been for the inevitable bear market that followed I think it would have). I guess when you have a head as thick as mine it takes a while for these lessons to sink in. I mean only yesterday I discovered I’d sold a gold foil splinterlands summoner in 2018 for £60 which is now worth $2500! Ouch!!


Fact of the matter is, money comes and money goes. What really matters are the memories I’ve created and the people I’ve connected with, and continue to connect with. People like @trucklife-family, @richq11, @pensiff, @rondon and of course, @canadian-coconut, all of whom have supported my journey on this wonderful blockchain from the beginning. And then there are those who have come into my world more recently, people such as @ashtv, @shepz1, @j85063, @zekepickleman, @detlev, @rynow, @livinguktaiwan, to mention but a few! Basically, what I’m saying is that although I may not have earned myself a million bucks for all my efforts I have earned a priceless amount of friends, and as cheesy as that sounds it is true.

And it is with that thought that this OG says goodnight to you all. I look forward to spending another 5-years blogging away to my hearts content and then hopefully another 5 after that. It’s been the best experience and I’m very proud to be part of this crazy community. We ain’t perfect but we are unique, and that’s just the way I like it.

See you soon, folks ❤️❤️



you really are an og :D

you almost got me to look what did i sell from splinterlands cards :D (i had an weird idea to buy packs and sell cards to get fiat into hive as that was the least complicated way at that moment :D)

I’m like a hive P-diddy! 🤣🤣

🤣 I guess at the time you did that I would say that it was a quite inventive way to gain crypto. Probably best you don't look at what you sold 🤯

Thanks for stopping by my post @bil.prag. It’s always appreciated 👍

Holy smokes, you're an OG! Congrats dude. It takes grit and determination, and a pinch of love to stick around as long as you have. I guess there aren't many in your position.

Ace times, have a beer on me, and cheers for the shoutout - loved all our interactions on here :)

I guess there aren't many in your position.

I took a look through my followers and through those who voted on my posts while writing with my original profile and there was probably only one name that is still here now! Obviously there must be people still on here from 2016 but I’d like to see a list all the same, just out of curiosity.

It’s been great chatting with you too. I’m sure one day soon there will be a uk hive meet up or maybe hive fest will come to Blighty…? 😎

Hive Fest in the UK would be great. But I'd feel sorry for any poor soul who had to put up with being in the UK 😂

I know a handful of accounts from 2016, but yeah there's really not many!
It's fun to look back on old posts and see how massively things have changed.

A UK Hive meetup though would be ace. There was one in Leicester in 2019 called 'Steem Camp UK' (at the time) which I attended and was fantastic - met some great people.
The 2020 edition was planned but Covid hit. Maybe 2022 will offer us a better opportunity!

Haha! maybe we'd have to do a hivefest in Newquay, then at least we could leave people with a good impression of the UK? :)

Cheers bro, I moved over to blurt but it seems like a steemit rip off with no downvotes, and central con-trol like here, you can catch me via email if you know it, or deliberator on my inglorious bastyon, as you probably know I am not into giving away my choice or freedom to others, I prefer a place where the community can choose, not just a few, central power can suck my balls. Hope your daughter is doing well, keep shooting, the camera, like your style. I am ajerkoff on blurt. In honour of azircon, the downvote tool of the hive cabal.

Hi buddy, I’ve tried switching around before but I’ve just made too many connections on here who aren’t part of the argument, so a move is just a pain in the royal ass. It’s a bitch move by the downvoters and I’ve put my thoughts to azircon recently. Predictably, his response wasn’t worth the effort. Anyways, I’ve got plenty of folk just like yourself who make this place enough fun to hang around. I’ll keep in touch with you one way or another. My daughter is doing really well at the moment, thanks for asking. Hope yours is still blazing a trail of her own. We’ll speak again another time, until then keep being you 😎

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Hope you still have some Splinterlands cards, it's kinda hot right now.

Thankfully I've still got the majority of my collection. Unbelievable what prices they have attached to them 🤯

Ah love you Dan, we go way back on here lol. I joined October 2017, does that make me OG as well????
Wow my posts have come a long way since then too.
Really appreciating all the support you have given me and how you helped open my eyes to CPS as well. Big up the respect for you, my friend xxxxxxx

According to the post I read it looks like you are just outside of OG status, but to me you're a true G :)
We've come a long way together and it's great still having you here. Just so you know, I find your life quite inspiring and I'm lucky to have met you, even if it is only through the blockchain. Lots of love to you and the family xxxx

@article61 All the best in your continued success!

The Kingdom sends.........


Thanks very much! Wish you the same also.

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