Dapplr Account Settings and Account Transfer In Action

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Hello, We hope everyone is well and staying safe at home. We want to share some really exciting updates and really beautiful animations. We are going to show features such as Double tap upvote, Account Settings page, Profile image action, Transfer hive tokens and Dark and light modes of Account Settings screen. We will let you watch the video now…

Dapplr Cover Manage Account.jpg

Frontend Progress-

  1. Double Tap Instant Upvote
    As suggested by some of the community member that they don’t always require upvote slider to upvote and a great suggestion by @ash to double tap upvote by setting the default percentage. The double tap upvote action is smooth and instantaneous.
  2. Account Settings
    Account settings is where a user will take care of its transaction basis operations along with some really neat stuff. It contains Transfer, Delegation, Power, Proposals and a lot more to come as we go forward.
  3. Transfer screen in actions
    Search and validate user while transacting hive tokens and it’s really fast. It makes use of HiveSIgner to take care of its basic operation.

Design Progress

  1. Content Detail page has been designed and we will be sharing its preview at the end of the post.
  2. New animations are on the way.


  1. Content Drafts has been done.
  2. Really productive discussion around file storage, that will not only help us reduce the cost but also it will be performant to read them.


Content Details
We have started working on the content detail page and It has started to look nice. Currently, we have used the official parser offered by Flutter team and tweaked it up a bit to handle Youtube videos, normal videos and images but we are facing some issues while parsing a complex markup. We are working on it and soon it will be resolved. In the end, if nothing works, build it from scratch and completely customized.

Double Taps
We introduced double tap to upvote and because of that we started facing some touch delays while opening up the content detail page on single tap. So we had to change the core touch delay inside Flutter source code only. It really worked and provides a seamless experience.


  1. Handling Complex markup on Content Detail Page.
  2. Start working on drafts and content editor
  3. Adding Reblog and Gift action button on the homepage.
  4. Beneficiaries details.

We have started working on the Content Detail. You are going to love the experience. Here is a sneak peak.

Dapplr CoverBlog Listing.jpg

The Team Needs Your Support

The Dapplr team is working very hard to help the community deliver its First Design Based Application and we have been working for more than a month. We need your support to cover our expenses and help this community build an application that will standout from any Social media user interface. We are not asking for much, it’s only 30 HBD / day , just so that at least 50% of daily expense could be covered. We want this community to live forever and compete with Giant centralized social media platforms. We all can make this happen together.

We want to thank our wonderful supporters - @soyrosa , @runicar , @ash , @acidyo @cryptoctopus , @zacknorman97 , @roomservice and our recent supporter @liondani. People are helping us with their upvotes and marketing.

Support us by voting for our proposal

Total funds requested - - - > 4830 HBD (30 HBD daily)
Runs from - - - > Apr 17, 2020 - Sep 25, 2020 (161 days)
If funded, these funds will be used to cover 3rd party costs: our server and the junior dev/design team.

Vote using your favorite UI:

Hivesigner - - - > https://hivesigner.com/sign/update_proposal_votes?proposal_ids=%5B%2295%22%5D&approve=true
HiveDao - - - > https://hivedao.com/proposal/95
Peakd.com - - - > https://peakd.com/proposals/95

-------------------_____Support us with your upvotes and tips/donations _____-----------------

Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dapplr_app
Follow us on Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/@Dapplr_app


Please increase your proposal funding amount.

20 HBD is laughably little compared to the absurd amounts other devs are asking for.

Hi @lordbutterfly

We have kept it low as we don't want all of the expenses to be covered by the funds. 30 HBD a day will partially help us to manage our staging servers and developments.

Its great to hear that. I just hope we could get you over the return proposal. Seems the return proposal has jumped quite a bit very recently.

THIS ^^^ 100% agree and I am confident they will very soon get funded!

Waiting for this wonderful app. Please take your time to add more features. I hope it will also have HIVE price indication which is absent in esteem.

Hi @munawar1235

Yes, we can do that.

By when we will have the app on play store ?

Hi @sanjeevm
We are expecting it to be mid June but delays are expected as we integrating incremental features suggested by the community.

30HBD a day is a tiny amount, so there's absolutely no reason to not support this great project. Hopefully you can get up over the Return proposal as soon as possible.

Hi @revo

Thanks for your support. Stay tuned for the updates.

Cool update 👌 every update from you guys makes me feel the way a dog looks at a bone out of reach.

Hi @joetunex

We will try to deliver it the best and great things take time. It will be available very soon. Thank you for your continuous support.

You are welcome, it is worth the wait ☺

Cheers, this is beyond wonderful ❤️! It's great that you're taking all the feedback, and neat ideas that have been suggested by the community, and in record speed, too! HIVE deserves a great app, and Dapplr is just that, in the making. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see more :-)

Hi @zacknorman97

Thank you for your continuous support. We are very happy to have supporters like you.

I can only support you guys through my small upvote and reblog. As you can see I don't have something to support for now, but in the future maybe.

Good luck for it and keep it up guys.

Hi @mrnightmare89

Each and every supporter counts. Thanks for your support. Help us spread the word.

We are anxiously waiting for this smooth and interactive app for IOS.

Hi @munawar1235

It will be available soon. Stay tuned for the updates.

When do you expect to have a product operational?

Dapplr looks beautiful 😍😍😍

Hi @pandaparker

Thank you for your feedback

I'm loving how @dapplr is turning out! I can't wait to use the finished product. Hopefully, soon I will be able to contribute to the project! Just voted on the proposal!!

No support from hive lords?
But we definitely need at least six new wallets.
Very sad situation.

Hi @oldtimer

The community is supporting very well but there is still no support from people with big stakes. We hope that this post would reach them.

The design looks so awesome. This will definitely be my favorite app for the mobile version. 😍

Hi @the100
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad.

@bensworld @vali-el das wird s neue app si wo abem juli im appstore sie set. Viel besser ufbaut, e chli wie di gwonnte apps womer so kennt, doppeltab für en upvote etc.
Greez 🍻

Voted for the project almost as soon as it came up. This is one project that really needs to take off to put HIVE on the map. Best of Luck!

Hi @vimukthi
Thanks for your support.

This is exciting. Looks pretty like an amazing app!

Hi @hive.consultant

Thank you for your feedback.

I usually don't like voting for Businesses on HIVE, they should rely on themselves only other wise it's not sustainable.

But you're asking for a small amount, so why not. If you don't get the rewards you will get a customer for sure! App looks great.

Hi @marki99

Thanks for your support.

Looking forward to June!!!

Hi @victoriabsb

We are excited too.

Voted for, as I didn't see any other proposal taking place right now.

Looking forward to:

  1. beta testing or early access - people are best 'lab rats' and since you're asking for community funding it's recommended to ask the community for it's opinion and bugs, especially security issues,
  2. getting more
  3. Opening the source code, devs stated they're going to do that after release, I want @dapplr to keep its word, as it is important,
  4. Token discussion; I know tokens/SMTs seem to be a good idea for monetisation and app managment. But at the same time we see (at least I do), these tokens can and are being used against dapp/tribe/front-end, especially when there's no actual use for these tokens. What is more, the tokens tend to loose their values in time, thus leaving early adapters that did not dump them immediately - look at all those tribes and appics as well (notice the amount of cash pumped in); Do you have details already set? I would like to hear more about it. So do future investors, I guess. What tokens use are you planning on introducing?

I think @justineh here has a good point - see comment section.

Hi @jocieprosza

  1. Testing will be there and we will launch once we think the app is secured enough and bug free. We will let a group of community members test it first.
  2. We will open source our code after the launch and once the product is stable. This is to keep our application exclusive. However, design assets e.g animations, icons, etc won't be a part of open-source.
  3. There are some primary ideas behind launching our own SMTs in future. First one is to help onboard new users through referral system. It would be a great help in terms of marketing. Secondly, The value of the token will come from the community and how many people want to be a part of the community. Investors would come only after seeing its potential. We don't have the exact details of the tokens distributions yet, but we will have quite a lot of discussion to get this right. The token is going to be for the community and they will be the one who will define its use cases and values. We have some really exciting plans for the future.

Stay tuned for more updates...

Great initiative and work guys! I am very excited and impatient to use dappIr!

Same here. :)

Looks terrific. Can't wait.

We are excited to deliver the best.

Looking great. Awesome job guys. Although people can’t wait to have a good working dapp, like myself, make sure to not rush and take your time to make it perfect. 👌

Hi @betterthanhome

Our first priority is to build a quality product and we know it will take some Time. We will do thorough testing before the launch. Thanks for your support.

I cant wait this app to shine! This is Lit!!

Hi @jemmanuel

Thanks for your support. Stay tuned for the updates and help us spread the word.

I want to make love to this app.

Me too 😀😀😀 if only the app was a lady 😀😀😀!

permission to translate into Indonesian 🙏🙏

Hi @Muhammad-wali

Go ahead and spread the word. We will be more than happy.

Thank You Very Much @dapplr😋

Looks awesome, & the double tap voting feature is going to be so nice. Thanks for all your hard work!

Hi @billybohner

Yes, Thanks for your support.

Great updates :)

Hi @ash

Thank you for your support.

Waiting for android!👍


We are excited to deliver the app too.

This is looking so amazing. Gonna reblog this and share this out. :) Keep up the good work guys!

Hi @zord189

Thanks for your support.

Why waiting of proposals? I think you can bring the app to App&Play Store and get some % if someone post through the app.

Hi @achim86

We thing, it would be there to help us manage the servers and database and keep them running. The proposal is to partially help us fund the project in terms of development and servers.

Thanks for your feedback.

When proposal approved the app will exklusiv for Hive?

It will always remain on HIVE and will not migrate to any other blockchain.

I will vote for your proposal

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Sounds great! Can't wait to use it.

Hi @rem-steem

Thanks you for your words. We are excited to deliver the best.