Even better Steem Pruner

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Even better Steem post pruner

After "The Great Hard Fork", many of us decided to abandon the Steem chain and would like to leave the message for potential readers. Hence Steem was never truly decentralized, steemit.com domain got a high score in a metric called "domain authority". For this reason, it usually appears at a very high position in search results.

It is, therefore, reasonable to edit any Steem posts to let people and search engines know that we have moved into a new home.

Steem Pruner was created in my free time during the weekend to accomplish this task. I've spent two hours building a proof of concept, and I've pushed it to the community. The tool was received positively, and I've got plenty of feedback, so I've decided to introduce some upgrades.

Read inital post about Steem Pruner: Steem Pruner - quick way to remove posts from Steem, the censored blockchain


Some of the following updates were introduced in response to user requests, for which I am grateful.

1. Posts backup

It is true that Steem/Hive blockchain stores every single version of your posts, but it's not convenient to access the previous iteration. I've added a button that will allow you to create a backup of your posts. It will create a text file and will automatically save it on your hard drive.

2. Checking Steem Keychain preferences consent

Many witnesses decided to change it's API nodes to support Hive. It was a great way to provide a transition as smooth as possible. But that caused a lot of problems for end-users. If you use Steem Keychain with Hive node API... it's working. So in your interest is to check if you're using https://api.steemit.com API. There are a big red alert and a checkbox to select after you review your preferences.

3. Skipping posts that caused an error

Both Steem nodes are not so stable nowadays, so it's quite likely some of the requests will result in an error. I've added a checkbox so that the tool can skip the post, which is causing it. You might want to try to repeat the process after some break. Steem Pruner will remember which posts are already processed, so you don't waste your RCs.

4. Option: Choose your favorite Hive frontend

The initial version of Steem Prune tool created entries that contained the hive.blog address. Some users reported that they want to select another frontend. There are only three generic frontends fully working with Hive, but now you can select your favorite.

5. Option: Remove post content

I think that it's better to remove original content from Steem and replace it with a single link to the same article in the Hive chain. It will minimize the "duplicated content" problem on our new frontends, but some users want to keep the original and only add a link to a new frontend. It's now possible. For default, the tool will remove old content, but you can easily disable it.

6. Option: Add custom message

If you want to explain to your readers what's going, you can select this option and add your custom message, which will be added to every post. It will be placed between the new link and the old content (if you select not to remove it). I suggest keeping your message concise.

7. Ability to stop pruning

I the previous version, if you started the "pruning process", there was no way to stop or pause it other than closing or refreshing the page. Now you can press the button to stop pruning. You can then review your config and continue the process.

8. Progress bar

It is not a significant upgrade, but it's always nice to see the progress bar. It will show you how many posts you already pruned and how many of them you still need to process.

9. Repeating requests

To prevent stopping the process by a single error, like network timeout, I've added a mechanism that will repeat the requests up to three times. It's especially useful when the Steemit API is unstable, which happens very often recently.

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I recently found out about this and I just pruned over 100 posts before the resource credits dropped to zero. I will wait some time and repeat until all posts have been pruned. Thanks.


Now I have another feature request. I have added a link to all my Steem posts. In a near future, I would like to run the pruner again and remove the content of some of the posts. For this I need to be able to reload all my posts and for each of the one I want to re-prune, allow me to change its status.

Thank you @engrave.

Doable, I will take a look at it :)

Hi @engrave,

Any ETA on this? I'm now ready to nuke my posts but I can't cuz I've already added a header to them.

Pruned 'most' of my posts, except the informational ones related to a community I run over there.

I was looking for this tool and found it when someone linked to it. Running now on my old Steem posts. Thanks.

Update: I am running a prune and it has stopped after about a quarter of the posts. I do have rather a lot. Should I leave the page open or can I run it again. Does it do any harm to re-run? Does it skip those already done?

Okay, I stopped and re-started it. Looks like it does the right things. Thanks again.

pruning as we speak

That's the spirit!

Great article! Tell me, is it possible not to change all articles but to leash some of them?

You can click in the 🗑icon on individual posts

Top tool ! thanks you ! 😉

The new updates really change a lot. Thank you for all the hard work. I did put Steem Pruner on @steemhunt and it sure did get some attention ranking #2 for the day. Here is the link if you are interested.

I didn't know, thanks a lot for sharing :)

Again: THANK YOU! This is amazing. With the new update I will definitely start pruning and if all works out I'll write a post to let my followers know to use it as well <3 Cheers and thanks for the time you spend on this!

Wow, it's great to read such a comment :)

It’s a shame that every time I try to publish a report I get an error message,2 days now.

You mean by using the tool, or what exactly?

Using peaks, all this ooooer yer haw we are forking, would help if the forking peakd actually works

Well, basically development takes time. Developers are working all day long, every day. It will work better with time.

What kind of error do you get exactly?

Hi mate, this is what I get every time cheers

Error during “post” broadcast:

Love this tool. 😊😊

Seems to be working so far. Thanks for this tool!

Also, I had to reply to this from the eSteem app because PeakD is still not processing any of my comments. I am going to try a post from PeakD later on. No biggie, I expect some bumps after such a major move.

What do you mean by "not processing"? You get an error when trying to add a new one or you can add a new one but it's not visible? There are some problems with API from time to time but it should work after all.

So I just tried to reply to this post using Peakd.
After hitting reply I just get the continous circle forever. Been trying for a couple days now. Had to use the Hive/blog to reply.

Image below:

I passed the message to the peakd team, I believe they will contact you soon.

Thanks. I’ll wait for them to contact me.

Hi, can you specify which login method are you using? Keychain, Hivesigner or PeakLock?

Also, everytime I take an action to reply, post or anything that requires a transaction it seems, I get the following from Hivesign. Dont get this with any other Hive site so far.:

hivesign error.PNG

Gracias! Esto es de gran ayuda. Saludos!

If you don't have Steem Keychain set up (I never did it), how do I check my node to make sure it is set to https://api.steemit.com?

If you don't have Steem Keychain you can't use Steem Pruner so it doesn't matter.

Oh ... well ... that takes care of that... thanks for the quick response!

Great updates! This is impressive how fast you manage to knock all this out. Great work :^)

@engrave A big thanks to you for this update. I tried loading the Steemit post but it kept giving error message.

LOL I think you're free time just developed HIVES new favourite tool

I can’t be the only one here who doesn’t use Steem Keychain. Is there any way to use Pruner with SteemConnect?

EN:Someone didn't like your tool and plays posts on the Steem network

PL:Komuś nie spodobało się twoje narzędzie i odtwarza posty w sieci Steem


works like a charm. I ran out of resource credits before it could finish. but, I'll try to go back from time to time to prune more.

What about images? I posted on Steem using steemit.com, busy, and steempeak. So I believe my images are hosted by a variety of services. Is there any way we can make sure these images continue to render on Hive, especially if some of those services disappear in the future?

Is there an easy way for me to backup all images in Steem posts? Perhaps even the ability to edit image URLs to point to a new storage location... say if I want to (miss)use GitHub as a image CDN?

AFAIK images hosted by Steemit were backup and are available on a new domain, so everything should work. There is also a tool to backup every image from your Steem posts: SteemYaLater

Awesome. Would be cool to set that up SteemYaLater to run via scheduled recurring CI jobs to periodically back up all content and images. Perhaps will give this a try. CC @anthonyadavisii

Currently getting an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when visiting https://steempruner.site/.

If you want to explain to your readers what's going, you can select this option and add your custom message, which will be added to every post. It will be placed between the new link and the old content (if you select not to remove it).

Cool. This is a great feature, I'd like to keep the old post below for viewer convenience, but let users know of the Hive URLs in case they care to comment or get involved.

Thanks for this cool product. Just voted for your witness!

The problem with SSL is fixed already.

Awesome. The proof is in the pudding. 64 posts updated.

Here's how the update looks on my first post ever:

I could do without the horizontal rule separating the Hive URL from the custom message. Otherwise, process was perfect.