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RE: Hive is Bitcoin's future sidechain.

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What I really would like to see is ability to store my bitcoin in my hive wallet. Maybe with separate bitcoin private key. With ability to send/receive bitcoin just like with any other wallets.

If Hive blockchain somehow could somehow talk to the bitcoin chain to make this happen, that would be amazing.


Yes, anything to bring more power to the users. As long as it doesn't bring more rules and regulations with it... I want crypto to stay free and decentralized as much as possible. I want all the power of a bank account, with none of the evil bankster bullshit.

This is all it would take for Hive to be labeled the Bitcoin "social sidechain" XD
If we made LN payments easy here, maybe even improved on the tech ourselves, people would just come here for their wallets; it's the easiest way to get into crypto for the first time without bumping your head and risking $$

@blocktrades makes it very easy to convert HIVE into BTC/ETH/LTC and many other cryptos. If you need to pay someone in their preferred crypto, you can do it today via

We have a seamless integration with Blocktrades on for guest accounts, so that new users could cash out their liquid rewards via any Bitcoin ATM.

That’s great. But what I meant was something different that doesn’t rely on third party services. Ability to store bitcoin in the hive wallet without any conversion requirements, just like any other regular bitcoin wallet.

There is the possibility on Hive Engine to store SWAP.BTC so it is nearly the same as storing bitcoin in Hive Engine, not directly in the Hive wallet but nearly the same.