There are two agendas at play here - the big insider accounts downvoting you are attacking anyone who earns rewards exposing the globalist Agenda 2030 plandemic and the eugenics by graphine oxide death jab cult. That is because they want to repress that contant on the Hive platform just as they do on almost all the other platforms. So that means they are deep state. (Hive/Hivemind has some very dark secrets going back to the initial Steemit setup in early 2016)

So you are being downvoted because your content violates Hive community standards.


The second is that rewards on Hive are controlled by a cabel of insider accounts who are downvoting any non approved account while giving huge upvotes to the other insider club members. This is a big circle jerk where they steal both the curation and author rewards for themselves and then go onto Discord and spank off about how clever they are.


You are also being downvoted because you are not part of the club, and because you are earning money from THEIR reward pool. That is not allowed.

Holy cow...I didn't even realize people were allowed to take other people's money. Thanks for explaining that. Is there any other evidence outside of what's happening to me?

It is not your money up until the 7 days payout period ended. See it on the positive note: people who dislike your content need their their OWN stake EVERYTIME they try to censor you AND you can see it publically who did it. Completely different cup of tea than on youtube.

you can see it publically who did it. Completely different cup of tea than on youtube.

That must be what you call the flip side of the

Try to understand the mechanism.

People can upvote or downvote you as they please based on your content. You have no control over that.

It is NOT your rewards until 7th day at payout.

All your content is visible. There is NO censorship. Just the rewards are removed, as stakeholders collectively saw that neither your content, nor your engagement is reward worthy. You yourself agreed that you have NO viewership here. We just responded.

Thanks for taking the time to explain. There's a lot about these blockchain platforms that really goes over my head.

Yes, totally understandable.

This has all nuances of social network on top there is monetary incentive during a time when people are scrambling for money! It’s a very delicate dynamics for many.

They make the rules


Tons of evidence, lots of us are being targeted, it's a cabal, watch the downvote patterns and you'll see. I’ve had 14 posts in a row targeted, all started with commenting the ‘wrong’ user lol! Most of these are voted down to zero... one other user (@lucylin) hasn't to my knowledge made a dime on here in over 6 months, not a post that doesn't get voted down to zero. But follow his work if you want more evidence of how this works on here. This behavior has been going on for months but I’ve never seen it so relentless, systematic and pervasive as right now. And If you're interested, see my last two posts on the subject:

And from another targeted popular account on the subject:

They really turning it up a notch these days, they don’t like the science/fact-based information that challenges their dogmatic cult beliefs, don’t want it on trending, don’t want it earning any rewards.

On a brighter note, thanks for posting on Hive and I for one appreciate your content and all the hard work you do for truth and freedom, so you’ve got some real followers on here who actually look at your content. Long time follower here since the YouTube days from before they took your original channel down. Good luck and don’t let the enemies of truth and freedom get you down, we are winning this war in the minds of the people, I truly believe, it’s why they have become so relentless with the mandates, the coercion, pressure, the propaganda and the censorship...

But I have a question...I looked at all the downvotes and the highest downvote was Negative .0013, so I don't understand.

You are being hammered by an insider cabel who are ripping off the reward pool and promoting approved content only, in a big circle jerk.

They would rather destroy the platform than lose their delusion of control...


It seems like, if somebody monetarily gives to a creator and wants that money to go to the creator, there wouldn't be a system in place for that loot to get nabbed.

As it should be...but things were put in place long ago - by this guy:

"Dan Larimer is well-versed in everything blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized exchanges, and is a firm believer in personal liberty and freedom"

Yeah right...


Then tip him.

Why, is he a close mate of yours?

Also it's called a cabal unless you meant insider cable which sounds dope.

Or maybe it's a cable as in laying a cable, or a giant turd!

ocdb dwnvoted you to the tune of -62 units.

Some of the positive votes are accounts with a long history of reaping the reward pool.
There isn't much that can be done to stop these accounts from sucking up the commons other than downvote any rewards they get.
The negative votes you have there are from accounts that have been flagging the other accounts for years, you just got caught in the crossfire, likely because you might get some headlines for the drama.

The worse those positive voting accounts can make the chain look the better, for them.
They have been trying to collapse the platform since we rejected their pool reaping years ago.

This post still has above average rewards on it, you'll have to decide for you who you want to support, the folks reaping the pool by upvoting you, or those protecting the pool so the redfish can eat, too.

He got 100% upvotes from me on everything he posted because this was literally the 1 video creator I ever considered to be worth my time to follow, there was another but I lost his account name cause he had a mental episode and had to stop blogging for a bit.

I don't follow the guy, too polished for me.
I do follow one of his detractors who calls him out for sitting in his room too much and not getting out networking at gatherings.
There are also indications of financial ties that are questionable.
I don't know, just what I have heard.

How would any "detractor" know what I do with 100% of my time. It amazes me what people who don't know you imagine in their own minds. Indications of my financial ties that are questionable? Proof please?

Second hand info, I don't expect you to prove a negative.
I have other, more specific reasons, for not being a fan.
I don't think there is any need to discuss it, you get to be you, but we can if you like.
I stopped following you several years ago.

I'm interested from a arm chair perspective but I know what you mean, I am a narcissist and no musician or content creator usually likes my critique of their band especially when I know it's just a self interest that wouldn't help their band grow.

Professional friction could be behind the source, but he seemed to have good data.

I just prefer my subject matter authorities to be well read in the topic.
There is a path to follow, all who follow it hit the high points.
These high points make it easy to see where, or if, they are on the path.

I'm sure he's heart broken... face palm

yeah I am sure he is offended when he expected to get paid out, did insulting him make you feel better about something?

Lol, somewhere, deep inside, is a little ego that just got stabbed, I'm sure.

'Protecting the pool', really, that's what their systematic zero out campaign against my account amounts to, really? Even though I haven't gotten a single upvote from those reward 'reapers' in a single one of my last 14 posts, every single one targeted by this cabal.

Methinks there's a lot more to it than getting caught in the middle of a flag war, although I'm sure that's possible on this one post of Brian's. For many others, it is systematic targeting of specific content creators and their content, quite clearly.

I haven't followed you close enough to speak on that, but I do know a number of people feel the same way.
Often when folks push back, in the aftermath of being flagged, they do things that add to the problem.
Time was when that would be that, but at the fork to hive a change of heart took place among some flaggots.

I'll keep watch to see how you get treated.
Any data you care to highlight will count in your favor, with me.

For now only that every single post is being downvoted, by altleft and curangel for the most part, azircon a few more times, most of them zeroed out. When they make it to trending page, that seems to attract an even greater number of downvotes. I will also link to the latest post I made following my initial reporting of this targeting, with more specifics on a few targeted posts that went to trending, although it is no longer up-to-date, but not a post of mine has gone by without major downvote action since that initial episode a few weeks ago. Time will tell if any of my posts unrelated to Covid are also downvoted, I suppose, but so far I’ve been exclusively reporting on the evidence that challenges the official Covid cult narrative, besides the 2 posts I made on my downvote experiences.

Thanks for your interest, there are many of us being systematically targeted, or so it appears, directly related to the content being posted and no other reason, although some on the receiving end seem to also be personally targeted, even their unrelated posts also getting hit, suggesting both content and specific content creators putting out such content are being targeted.

EDIT: as of the past few hours, my then latest post was also zeroed out, by azircon, curangel, votes within hours of each other 3 days following publishing, with my five most recent posts in a row now all zeroed out (minus today’s brand new one). Hope the data helps you figure out what’s going on.

or so it appears,

I'm in the discords if you would like to flesh out this claim. has encrypted chat and will sign you up without an e-mail.
Or, we can do it here, up to you.

seem to also be personally targeted

This isn't hard to achieve here.
One bite of the hand feeding us and they seem to get triggered.
Most of our whales have built this for us at a fraction of what it would cost us to get their labor in the market, if I was the type to get triggered I could see it.

I don't believe for a minute that the largest holder has less than 1%, not from a group of people that initially had more than 80% and reset the chain because their miner went offline and somebody beat them to the punch.
Granted plenty of bag holders bought in, but who sells themselves that short?
That is not a control freak trait, iyam.

The only suggestion I can give is to continue to put out 'good' original content and build an audience that outweighs them, or succumb.
Up to you.
This is just how the crab bucket is functioning, atm.

There isn't much that can be done to stop these accounts from sucking up the commons other than downvote any rewards they get.

Oh, there is LOTS people can do ....with just a little organization, and the will to do it....

Hive is sitting on a double sword - which also happens to be set in a foundation, that's built on sand.

Oh, there is LOTS people can do

I'm all ears.
How do we stop those accounts from reaping the pool?

Leak their IP and MAC address combos to the dark web with a paragraph explaining the weaknesses of the hive keys and the estimated accountant value of each IP and Mac combo.

That might do it.
Hijacking accounts happened real early on the chain, they changed how keys were made and restored the stolen accounts.

If that will work, it would be nice to know now, and not after an attack.

Well Blocktrades is legally required to log that info and guilty of crimes if they don't have that info.....

So we can do a compliance check on them to start, if they pass then I'd say we have to make our own Hive front end and we would also be legally required required log that info....

Well Blocktrades is legally required to log that info

It's not an easy line to walk.
The odds of them coming for us are not that good, there aren't enough of them.

Nothing in the interwebz is private.
It doesn't forget things that we do forget.
If they wanted us all they have to do is come get us.

Everybody is a felon at this point.
Even if only in court, a ham sandwich couldn't get a not guilty nowadays.

So glad to have found you here on hive, unfortunately their a few people that down vote truth.

Only “safe content” is allowed on trending page.

You are not the only one, we have many other great content creators who are heavily downvoted

@jasonliberty @maxigan @joshsigurdson @pressfortruth @activistpost @ura-soul @lukewearechange and others

These days Woke whales went crazy

Did you have a chat with them about their downvoting behaviour?

To be honest, many just repost their stuff from youtube and elsewhere and do not interact with the hive community much. But i those downvotes massively lower the price of HIVE as media makers shy away from this platform. Would be nice to have a proper debate about this. I am not on hive for trading virtual gaming cards.

Had no idea things worked like that over here.

What on earth dude? I have been following you for years. You had this problem on Steem 3 years ago??? Hive is steem essentially. Were you one of those content creators in the activist community that allowed their content/accounts to managed by a small group of people on alt platforms like Steem, Hive, Rumble, odyssey etc? I did not think you were but gezz what happened to your memory dude or are you really Brian from High Impact Flix? After finding out about the truth truth about the activist community and the way they had name brand content creators creating content just to have a small loosely tied together organization pump it on many platforms; was disenchanting.


There is unfortunately a need to create a layer 2 token for those with intent to support truly unbiased exposure of information (truth seeking). A lot of time was put in to creating one in the last 18 months but it has been put on hold due to one of the key team members going missing. We still don't know what has happened there, sadly. I think it is a good idea for anyone who wants/needs to support this to come together in private to progress it. All help is welcome, from technical, to marketing, to time, stake and other resources.

Before you try and re-invent the wheel (not saying that you are capable), there already exists at least two identical blockchains with NO DV. Blurt and Steem (somewhat). Why don't you try one of those?

And they are all on Layer 1 :)

Layer 2 token is not gonna work, look at hive-engine, people just selling it. Let's go blurt!

Hello friend. How are you doing today? Greetings

I don't know anything about blurt yet, but I'll check it out. The success of a layer 2 token on hive depends on it's configuration and marketing - I need to get more insight into what is and isn't possible. Creating a chain from a unique fork is totally possible - I learned to program C++ over 20 years ago and have been a professional developer since then - but at that same time I am already very busy and if that kind of specialisation already exists it makes sense to try to work with it first.

Excellent idea. Blurt works. There is no downvote on Blurt. You don't have to create anything, its already done. It is a working blockchain, just like this one.

Exactly the same shit has been happening to me for the LAST 7 months....on every post.