All Important HIVE Links In One Post! [BONUS included]

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Hello Everyone,

Congratulations, You made it to HIVE. I thought it would be great to list down all the important links of DAPPs, Services, Announcements etc. related to HIVE Blockchain. Hope it helps the community:

Support HIVE

  • You can also support by mentioning any important link or info related to HIVE in the comment section below. I will update this post if it's not included already.
  • Hive People -
  • Top 5 HIVE Crypto Media News

    Exchanges Supporting The HardFork/AirDrop

    How To Buy/Trade Hive:

    All of the above sections will be updated with more links and more information. It's advisable to bookmark this one or rehive or rebuzz or tweet. Share with everyone who wants to HIVE with you. ;) Also, please mention any link or piece of info you think should be added here. I am not including the links of DAPPs that are not changing but there are many which have already moved to HIVE or will be moving in the future.


    Block this guy on Twitter:

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    I think we are still using @steem.dao for the same but I am not sure. I will send the amount once I confirm this from a trusted source.


    Thanks for bringing these all together. I am impressed by how fast the community has acted on this. We don't need Steemit any more.

    You are most welcome @steevc. And you are absolutely right.

    Community > Steemit.

    It is seriously impressive to see it collated like this. That is an impressive amount of work! If we can keep this type of momentum up, sky really is the limit!

    Thank you so much @starkerz. Hope this helps everyone build their flow on Hive. ;) Also, it is a small snapshot of the work we have already done as a community. Cheers!
    The site just went live few hours ago, it will also be great to have it on the list

    So slick. It's done!!! Thank you so much!.

    Bittrex is missing in this list, based on a recent response from @noisy, I think, they also supported the airdrop ?

    Thank you @sanjeevm. Added ;)

    Thanks for collecting all of this in one spot :^)

    Hive is 24hrs old but we already look strong, that is some impressive shit right there! #HiveIsAlive indeed!

    That is true @stuffbyspencer. Community revamped quickly. Mega cheers!

    HIVE has been tagged as "In Progress" on Blockfolio.
    It means that it will be added soon.

    Edit: : Block explorer and database for the HIVE blockchain.

    Thanks a million, this will help people navigate better on the way around hive. Still so Many things to go but this is a start.

    You are most welcome @josediccus. Kindly share this with your ex-STEEM or HIVE friends. ;)

    You mean hive friends? I've done that already buddy. Cheers

    Awesome. You rock buddy!

    It's great to have you here

    Thanks a lot for compiling all of these together 😄

    This is a great compilation! Thanks for for the effort. Resteeming to spread the info!

    Awesome. Cheers and It's Rebuzzing or Rehiving now. xD

    Ahhahahahaa true! Well... rebuzzed already!! 🤣

    The Hive Developer Portal is far from ready. Even basic informations like the chain url and chain id are still missing.

    As developer that is a real pain.

    this is an amazing job you've done!

    Thank you so much @stellabelle.

    Also, add my Twitter account that is geared towards people on Hive, and also for attracting new people:

    So cool. Added to the list. ;)

    thanks for putting this all together @hungryhustle

    I just want to add my THANKS to your effort put into this post. It has been bookmarked for my future use and reblogged.

    So far things have gone really well considering the speed at which the #Hive migration took place. We still have a few bumpy spots across certain Apps, but less than I would expect when dealing with a change of this magnitude.

    If anyone knows the usernames of the community members that were the leaders in our little coop. Would love to reach out and thank them.

    Hey! So we noticed alot of new tag use on twitter, and we think we finally found the source!

    InnerHive (Marketing Account For The HIVE Blockchain, I think):

    We appreciate you tagging @innerblocks, but we are not associated with marketing hive. We are a separate project that focuses on Real People and Real Experiences. People building themselves one block at a time! Best wishes!