PHISHING campaign on Hive - WATCH OUT!!

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Do not open that website, it will only try to steal your keys.

How the phishing campaign looks like:

65 replies were already automatically sent out by @keys-defender because (luckily) I manually blacklisted the domain used in the phishing campaign on steemit. This helped to limit the damage and hopefully, no one fell prey to it.

PS. it looks like they want to try and continue anyway..


Phishing accounts that the attacker used so far:
'lassi', 'rubbii', 'ranaa', 'lawns', 'uzma1', 'bahadd12', 'samani', 'dowie', 'shappo',
(more will likely be created)

Automated notification for phishing links in my Discord:

...on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥..



A new wave of phishing started today on Hive (after the attackers temporarily moved back to steem using a different shortened url that pointed to the same site).

Again, there is NO AIRDROP, it's a SCAM!

What does this bot do?

- Keys protection[live scan of transfers / posts / comments / other_ops, auto-transfers to savings, auto-reset of keys, ..]
- Phishing protection [live scan of blocks to warn against known phishing campaigns and compromised domains]
- Re-posting detection [mitigates the issue of re-posters]
- Code injections detection [live scan of blocks for malicious code targeting dapps of the Hive ecosystem]


To support this bot..
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C'era il fuoco stamattina su discord!
!discovery 35

It's like he just cant stop scamming.

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Yo aquí en esta trampa, no había leído. Ahora que hago?

If you changed your owner key in the past 30 days you should still be able to still reset your keys using the recovery procedure. If not, I'm sorry but there isn't much you can do.   =(

No he cambiado mi clave, sigue siendo la misma. ya voy a restablecer mediante el sistema de recuperacion.

Hola amigo estoy intentando cambiar mi clave... como he listo eso? Por favor ayudame


If you haven't changed your owner key in the past 30 days, unfortunately, I don't think you will be able to use the recovery system.

I assume you are asking for an alt account. On this account you still have steem configured as recovery account. In that case your chances are slim.

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 11.41.09 AM.png

If instead you leaked one of the keys of the account you are currently using and you still have access to, hurry up and reset all your keys.

Ya he reestablecido las claves, ahora me falta con steem.

Meh, stop using steem. That's pretty unsafe and my bot is not running there anymore.

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