WooCommerce Hive Payment Method added HIVE-ENGINE

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Hey dear HIVEians, it's almost one week since I introduced you the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin WooCommerce Hive Payment Method and it's really AWESOME to see more and more online stores accepting HIVE cryptocurrency as a payment option now.

Today it get's even more exciting!

A few days ago @aggroed asked me if it would be possible to add HIVE-ENGINE tokens to the plugin.
It was pretty obvious to me that this would make perfect sense and I started working on it. It took me quite some time to solve a few challenges here and there but in the end, it was totally possible!

At this point I really want to thank @aggroed for the making that suggestion and even funding my work!

Version 1.3.0 released - Pay with HIVE-ENGINE tokens


Link: GitHub Repository
Download: Wordpress Plugin ZIP File

Since I don't want to repeat all the stuff already written in the introduction post here - I'll only cover the changes regarding the HIVE-ENGINE update at this point.

Updating from Version 1.2.0

Just download the ZIP File above and install it as a Wordpress Plugin. In this case the old version 1.2.0 will be replaced with version 1.3.0 and all your settings will still be inplace. After the update you'll be able to add HIVE-ENGINE tokens.

Admin Panel


HIVE-ENGINE tokens are added to the list of Accepted Currencies - just multi-select the desired tokens from the list and save those changes. It's now possible to remove HIVE or HDB in-case you just wanna accept a specific HIVE-ENGINE token for whatever reason.

Product View


If you enabled the Option "insightful prices on products" all accepted crypto tokens will be shown in your product view. I would suggest to disable the option if you like to consider a lot of tokens otherwise the product view will be overcrowded with alternative prices.



Your customer can now choose on of those accepted tokens and the total amount to pay in will be shown as expected. Business as usual.

Broadcast Transaction with HiveSigner


The plugin automatically detects that sending HIVE-ENGINE tokens requires a custom_json operation, so instead of signing a transfer op, HiveSigner will suggest a custom_json op with data from the purchase made.

If the transaction was broadcasted successfully, the user will be redirected to your shop and show order details. The plugin will now scan the HIVE-ENGINE side-chain for incoming transactions for the shop owner in order to determine if the payment was successful or not.

Security Notes

Please beware that I've done my best to test it, find bugs and fix them - at this point I cannot guarantee that it's 100% bug-free. Please take extra care if you are going to accept HIVE-ENGINE tokens in your shop since you will be the first one to try it out on the field!

Another important point would be that, you should consider the liquidity and price fluctuation of HIVE-ENGINE tokens you are going to accept (especially on low liquidity markets). But I guess this should already be pretty obvious since we are in crypto here.

Asking for KeyChain Support

Right now the plugin makes use of HiveSigner Signing URLs. @aggroed and me are in touch with the @stoodkev and want to improve the user experience even further. Our ultimate goal is that HiveSigner URLs can be signed with KeyChain Browser Plugin. So don't forget to vote for the KeyChain proposal, in-case you haven't already!

Final Note

If tribes are looking to create their own wordpress store I'm happy to work with you to create this.
As far as I understood @hivelist is offering your very own shop as well - so you have plenty of opportunities here.

This is @roomservice and when you like my work, I would be glad to be your witness: Vote here


Amazing work on this, @roomservice. You've done a truly fantastic job here. We're using it on HiveSwag.io currently, working it into HiveBay.io as we speak, and HiveHustlers.io is also enabling it shortly.

Thank you again for your hard work! Happy to have you as my witness 😁

I will also be sending you some $HUSTLER & $HUSTLERM (miner) tokens when we launch our airdrop + presale tomorrow! (https://peakd.com/hive-183630/@nulledgh0st/introducing-hivehustlers-tokens-airdropping-to-usdleo-and-usdctp-token-holders-pre-sale-launch-6-12-20)

Edit: also just sent you a little something through Hive as thanks!

Thanks a LOT for this tip!!! If you have any wishes for future improvements / updates let me know.

Since I don't run a shop myself - I'am glad to hear your feedback!

Thank YOU for this plugin! I do have a few suggestions/ideas, I'll reach out to you via PM on Twitter later today :)

I'm extremely excited to see this project come to life and happen so quickly. Great work @roomservice. I've voted your witness, and I'm looking forward to working with you to spread Hive and Hive-Engine tokens deeper into commerce.

Great work guys!


Only one Day.gif

You are the man! Adding it to the store now! This is going to be awesome for HiveCommerce!

Screen Shot 20200610 at 2.57.52 PM.png

It's beautiful! Thanks @roomservice! Gonna be sending some LIST tokens your way!

Awesome! Good to hear the update didn't cause any trouble 😀
And thanks for the LIST tip!

No problem, stake it up, it may be worth something someday, haha.

It works like a charm! So cool! I just ordered some WeedCash gear with WEED! I just sent you some WEED too @roomservice and voted your witness. Thank you for making this happen, it's honestly like a dream come true, I thought it would be months until we were going to be able to get this going for WEED.

Thank you! Really cool to see quick adaption 😅

Just saw the shout out, yes, we are offering HiveCommerce websites and hosting!

Hi @hivelist,

FYI. I checked your link, it's a dead page.

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That's a really old post... try https://hivelist.io/services

Good to know. Checking your services.

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Freaking legendary, now tribes actually have something to use their tokens for, this is going to open up some seriously epic options for tribe owners, exciting times

DUDE you are so legendary. Hive desperately needs more ecommerce. You did the right thing going open source with this. This is going to be BIG. I forked on github.


Looking forward to using this thank you @roomservice .

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

wow, this is very good news.its amazing to know the concept of how to integrate the system of hive blockchain really sets the sellers into the high level of technology. wow, keep it up..

I was amazed to see this post. I had not even thought it was close to being possible!

I have been struggling to create my site (with woocommerce) and I definitely will be adding your plugin...once I work out how to complete my site (I've not activated woocommerce plugin yet and have not added the pay gates as I think I should leave them for last).

I'll let you know as soon as I use your plugin - may even have to ask for your advice if I get stuck).

Again, thank you.

Alex (Arthur)

PS: If you take a look at my community project you'll see what I am trying to create)

This may turn out to be the starting steps in bringing full blown e-commerce to the Hive blockchain. Well done!

I guess it's time to add WooCommerce plugin to my blog!

yeeaaahhh this is great.. Next step would be for like the !beer coin it would be nice if a cafe could accept the beercoin or switch totally to that instead of dices.. one beer costs 2,50 so it would be 3beercoin on events also you only have to upload your wallet on your mobile and here you have a simplified system for events cafe's. buy beercoin with paypal bitcoincashmachine on site. klik klak klaar from bonduel no more staples of coins or paper that you have to rip from eachother. great step guy's something positive.. yeah!!!!

Good work. Very useful.

Damn, you're fast. Very impressed by your work. Already voting your witness. Seeing as your witness vote link only supports HiveSigner, I wonder if this would be of use to you (it allows keychain and signer voting).

Keep up the great work.
~ CA

Didn't know this voting link - it's pretty cool.
Thank you - will use it in my next post :)

Glad you like it. Hopefully it gains you some extra votes from the Keychain only users (like myself). :)

I can’t wait to see this project,

Nice one! Works a treat on the actual product page!


Little bit untidy if you choose more options in Hive Engine tokens for the general product store - can see if someone selects all then they'll basically be hit with a wall of text.


Is there a way to make the hive engine token options appear in a drop down box under the fiat value?

Also noticed that I had to de-activate the previous plug-in, delete it, then re-install the v1.3 as it wouldn't let me over ride v1.2 for some reason.

But I think this is shaping up to be an awesome plug-in! Great work!

Feel free to report issues or suggestion submitting an issue directly on the GitHub repository. I'll have a few ideas how to improve the visualization on multiple currencies on products in a future update.

Ok, I created an account on GitHub and did that now - thanks 😀

Oh my this is so awesome!

Wow, this is awesome. I use WooCommerce on my website, https://www.maximumoffgrid.com and I have been wondering how I can integrate crypto payments. I will definetely be using this plugin, thanks!

Beautiful. Will look forward to with with you @roomservice

im getting an error uploading the zip file into a wordpress integrated domain. 🤔

Do you have WooCommerce Plugin installed? It's a requirement for this Plugin.

If you already had WooCommerce installed, what's the error message?

Thanks for helping me!

I figured it out already .... I was wondering however ... should they payee be @a1-shroom-spores or a1-shroom-spores.

Thank you again for the plugin!!!!!!!!!!

LOL good thing i asked. 😂 although its test-able. WOO everythings ready for hive ecommerce!

Any chance you looked at @sagescrub's work on Dokan integration with the plugin? I think he started a repository on it as well but haven't tested the repository itself. It would be awesome to be able to set up multi-vendor sites under the same roof and allow other users to sell for tokens with no hosting needed.

how do people log in directly through the hive account on my website? thank you.
I'm thinking of creating a sales website

Hi @drew0,
signing into Wordpress with a HIVE account is not part of this plugin.
It's designed for make payments on a WooCommerce shop.

Maybe it's worth to take a look at https://wordpress.org/plugins/steempress/ in this case.

Hi, Its been a while and I cant seem to find any updates to this plugin, are you still workign on it?

Do you have a feature request? Didn't get too much feedback yet.

It should still work as expected, tested it just a few weeks ago in order to work with current hardfork of HIVE.

Super interested in this for Natural Medicine - riverflows#4691

Excellent addition to wordpress.

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that is great! we like room service too....