I'm Back Baby! Happy To Be On Hive

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Hello friends! It has been quite a while since I have posted. I'm excited to see activity on Hive and share some content.

I racked up a solid amount of hours snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado this past season. The featured picture was taken at the peak of Monarch Mountian (11,960 ft above sea level) in south-central Colorado.

Due to the covid19 ordeal, all ski resorts have closed. Which is a huge bummer. But there is a chance Breckenridge will reopen before the end of the season and I do have my hopes up.

Stay tuned for content about snowboarding, drones, video games (new Star Wars games are dropping on Nintendo Switch!) travel, and of course blogs about cool cars.

Hive on friends,

My links:

Personal Website - williamjohnsonlong.com
My Car News Website - motorspeednews.com
My Youtube - bit.ly/youtube-slickwilly
My Instagram - instagram.com/slickwilly54


Thanks for the follow!

Glad you are springing into action on Hive, I have a feeling many people will follow suit. That mountain view looks amazing. I've never been snowboarding, despite the fact that my family owns a cabin at Snowshoe. Our governor in WV just started the six-week reopening phase for our state. There was no mention of ski resorts and some specific things such as sports/movies/music were listed with zero eta.

About your future content...

I love looking at snowboarding and drone photos and would enjoy learning more about it all. I'm a gamer at heart, but rarely find the time/motivation to play much anymore. Are you speaking of new Star Wars games, or rereleases of the old games? I do have a Switch and PS4. I'm a sucker for a sweet ride too. Here are some of the ones in my family, mine is the Audi.


well great to see you back finally things are going in the right direction with hive and hope everything around the world will be great as well

Welcome back sir! I've really been trying to be more active since the whole Hive thing started, we'll see if I can keep it up, haha. Hope all is well with you and Michelle!

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