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RE: Does your political affiliation matter when it comes to rewards?

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You probably know that I lean to the left, but I am not an all-out socialist (a dirty word in some places). Very few people are as most of us like some freedom to own stuff and not be totally controlled by the state. This doesn't mean we can't be friends as we may have more in common than what divides us. There are forces at work trying to polarise society for their own ends, but most of us are actually somewhere in the middle politically.

I tend to think that being at the extreme end of anything is bad as it gives you little room for compromise.

I see a range of political views here and that's fine. What you do see is unlikely to be representative of what the general population thinks as moderates are less likely to speak out.

Hive can be seen as a capitalist playground to gain personal wealth as well as a tool to distribute it. As long as we can achieve some balance between those it has a chance of persisting.


There may be some degree of diversity of thought at the lower echelons but when we ascend to the higher echelons of power, I suspect that there is an ideological convergence and greater uniformity.

Yes, I am aware you are left leaning and, unfortunately, I do believe these inclinations result in a lack of foresight of future consequence of things like mass immigration.

Certain worldviews are just unable to be reconciled and, yes, many are on the extreme end of the spectrum such as Wahhabism or NeoNazism.

But even from extreme ideology there may yet be ideas of merit (such as traditional family structures for the promotion of societal harmony) while some may be considered barbaric or antiquated.

Now, I understand there were indeed processes involved in your arrival at political conclusions which I do not suggest are devoid of reason or wisdom. This comment in and of itself isn't intended to be an exhaustive treatise against any worldview of which I myself do not possess but, to illustrate a more high level view of my anthropological views, I will use an analogy of a Zoo.

It proceeds from common sense that, if we desire the creatures in a zoo to survive, some must be kept separate. We would not keep hyena and lions in the same enclosure. Think of the enclosures as national borders and this rationale is why I am such a dogged nationalist and oppose globalism so heartily.

However cruel or oppressive I may find certain cultures, I do not wish to take these ways of life away from any group. In that same token, I do not wish for the way of life of my ancestors, the Constitutional Republic, to be subverted be it intentional or otherwise. At it's core, this is a live and let live doctrine but also one that acknowledges that demographics are destiny.

I do believe that it isn't merely the Constitutional Republic of my nation that is being worked against but more broadly it is the West that has been in the process of being subdued and it seems that to some extent has been achieved through the guise of egalitarianism.

Anyways, for sharing your comment and giving me a glimpse into your thoughts. Yes, Hive does function as a playground of sorts but I just long for greater balance. You showed me that, even though we disagree on some level, you were still willing to curate. To vote something that we may disagree with ideologically but still acknowledging the sweat equity. I do find that to be exceptional and wished there were more people of that inclination here.

Not sure the zoo analogy holds up as people of different cultures are not inherently enemies. But I'm sure the native Americans have some different ideas on migration to you. It can be a matter of perspective. Working to reduce the reasons for mass migration may be more productive than just putting up walls. If the climate continues to change (for whatever reasons) it could get a lot worse.

I grew up in a multicultural environment with West Indians, Indians, Pakistanis, Italians, Poles and white 'British' kids were a minority at my schools. It was not such a problem. The problems can be more with people who try to create division and who fear difference.

The divisive people can come from any of the cultures, but they are usually a minority. Everyone else just wants to get on with living their life.

I have seen divisive elements on Hive who may talk about 'the Koreans' or 'the Malaysians'. I don't thinking lumping people like that is always valid (as with most generalisations).

Balance can be a matter of opinion. Maybe we should work more on finding common ground.


Wishful thinking is not sound public policy.

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I see quite the mix on here. It doesn't affect my voting in the slightest. I vote for what I like. Some accounts that don't get voted often look for reasons outwith themselves without looking inward.

But hey, it's a grand game and it only stops being so when people start thinking votes and rewards over engagement.

I am surprised we do not see more people from 'the right' as they tend to be the ones who get banned elsewhere. I don't generally downvote opinions, but I might if it's spreading hatred.

I reckon that the range of opinions you see online does not reflect the general populace as it is likely to be the fringes who post more.

Yeah, online doesn't reflect the general populace, online it's the fringey ones that get a bit frothy at the mouth. I am the same, I wouldn't downvote over a difference of opinion but I do for hate/inciting hate and of course misleading stuff that can be harmful like antivaxxers and covid nonsense. But not all the time, I'm not a monster :0D