Some Thoughts On Why People Don't Join Hive

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I'm doing the HiveChat on Twitter this coming Tuesday, the 29th. I've been working on some questions for the community and also thinking more about Hive the community, network and platform. This has also lead to some interesting chats with people from the crypto community who aren't part of the Hive community. This post is for everyone, but really for the people who aren't part of the community yet, or just don't get what Hive is.

These are the top three reasons I get from people about not joining in.

I'm Not An Influencer I Won't Make Anything

This is being said by a person that spends most of their day on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms not earning a dime anyway. The truth of the matter is though, they're probably right. Chances are you won't make anything substantial at first...

Oddly enough, I think this is one of the greatest benefits of Hive but also one of it's biggest obstacles! Who would of ever thought monetization would be an obstacle?

Many people are under the illusion that you sign up for Hive, post a couple memes, and the magical internet money just flows into your wallet. I'll stop you right there! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Maybe your content will be a big hit and you'll become an overnight sensation, but chances are you're going to have to work for it. Hive is about community building! Hive is about interaction. Hive is about building friendships.

You get out of it, what you put into it.

I've also seen large influencers come over to Hive, post content, not interact with anyone, and quickly realize they're going nowhere fast on this platform. If you're not interacting with the community and not giving back chances are you're not going to find much community support. Honestly, it's just how the community is set up. Frankly, I think it's a feature not a bug!

More times than not though, people come over expecting pie in the sky. They make a post or two, earn a couple cents, maybe a dollar or two and quit. Hive is so much more than that. You have to love being here, and you can't force it. Treat it just like any other social platform. Sometimes you may earn on a post, other times not so much. How much money has Facebook or Twitter ever given you?

My Friends Aren't There

I get this one! This really is a tough one to overcome too. Yes, all our friends are on Facebook and other mainstream corporate social media sites. I'm of the personal opinion that these sites are evil! I hate them with every fiber of my being. I don't like the censorship, I don't like the algorithms, I don't like the way they use user data to enrich themselves YET SOMEHOW EVERYBODY LOVES THESE SITES. I digress and all these complaints I've just voiced could be posts unto themselves and very well may be someday.

For now, here's all I can say. A) Make new friends on Hive. B) Nobody is saying you can't visit your OTHER friends on other sites. C) Lead by example. When your friends see you grow on Hive and start earning chances are they'll be standing in line to join you.

I Don't Like The Content

I love this one! Hive is a vast and diverse community of people. You can find everything from crypto folks, artists, athletes, tarot readers and so much more and guess what, your content helps make up part of the vast community of people. Not seeing the type of content you like, then create it! Chances are you'll find people with similar interests too. You will find each other just like on all the mainstream platforms. Birds of a feather flock together has never been truer when it comes to social media! If you can't find the content you like here, then create it!

Final Thoughts

Hive is a new frontier in social networking. In the greater scheme of things I look at Hive like a giant social blogging experiment. This has never been done in this way! YOU and I make this happen.

The bottom line is HIVE is only as good as you and I make it! This really is OUR platform. If you don't see the content you like, create it. Your friends aren't here, give them a reason to join! Not earning Hive from your posts, get more active in the community!

We create this community! We make it great with our content! Our friendships and diverse array of cultures and personalities grow this community. We make this happen. YOU and I!

And that is why, you should come join us and help co-create one of the greatest experiments in social networking! Each one of us brings something unique! Together we make this happen, each individual adding their qualities to the diverse collective community that is all of us!


I think it comes down to the UI. It's so unfamiliar from existing platforms. But, people will slowly move towards platforms like this, as they get polished. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Yeah. Have you used Dapplr? They're working on some shit that will make it even more social and easy on the eye. They're talking about adding status and stuff like that

You're like the third person to bring that up in the last couple days. I need to check it out. I think that's going to be tonight's mission. Thanks.

people who use dapplr say it's a game changer for this one reason: you can upload videos directly to hive through dapplr...this makes it so easy, like Twitter...i am still waiting for the ios version, then i will be shamelessly shilling @dapplr every chance i get most likely

Sounds awesome! Definitely checking this out tonight. Funny, like kismet. I was just thinking, like just this moment before seeing your comment, I'd like to try to do more with video, but maybe not YouTube. I have to check it out now for sure! I have an unboxing video I have to do soon!

i guess you have android?
here it is:
I am curious how it works..

Yes, I'm an Android man. I'll do a review after I use it for a bit. Thanks.

sounds coool. i am jealous as i have been waiting for ages for ios

i too have a love hate relationship with video...i just made a video today.......gotta power through it releasing it sooooooon, (on @stellabelle account, this is she)

Absolutely. I think that was Steemit's biggest problem. We're seeing more and more platforms and dApps being built on top of Hive now. I think it's just a matter of time till we see something really innovative developed. In the meantime a strong community will fuel and inspire more and more development.

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@dapplr is cool bc you can upload videos directly to Hive using just a mobile app....try it out if you have android. iOS is being actively worked on right now...@dapplr

give it a try here is the link to dapplr for android:

My friends and brother got me into hive, so it was easy to adjust. Beyond that, hive is just another social network with the extra benefit of being able to earn from your content. This is not saying you will earn, but on hive, you have a better chance of earning something without actually being an influencer. Compare that to Twitter, farcebook and YT where you need large following and engagement before you can earn a few bucks from your content.

The other aspect of Hive that is ignored is that we make genuine interactions here. Pepe that could patronise your business, give you ideas etc. Like useful connections and when the emphasis is placed on earning, that side gets lost.

So yeah, earning from content is awesome and possible but so is making it more social. How I see it, when we make it more social, we'll attract more people and that will have a positive effect on the price of the coin...which I think is a bigger win than earning from upvotes.

All great points. Community interaction and support is definitely the key to success, and also what will bring more and more users over here. Nobody wants to feel like they're shouting into the void. They want to be heard, or at the very least acknowledged. You only get that acknowledgement with community interaction.

I remember refusing to join hive because I thought I had to post your kind of content which isn't my thing. Well, I joined and found its a whole big world out here and I found people of like interests. I love it on hive man.

That's what it's all about @wolfofnostreet I think it's one of the biggest things holding back so many crypto incentivized projects too. People think they have to talk about crypto or that they're content won't find an audience.

All these crypto incentivized platforms need content that is as diverse as their competitors! We need guitar players, coders, weight lifters, hackers, gamers, and everything under the sun. This is how we grow HIVE,, sOmee, and all the other blockchain based social networks.

When users from other platforms find the content that they're looking for, they'll join us. They'll see Hive and other platforms as competitors to Facebook and YouTube. It's also another reason we need to support each other and grow together.

Totally agree with you

This was fantastic, and yeah, you hit it spot on! It's almost like Hive is waiting for people to define it, because yes, it is OURS.
This is a weird concept to most people! They are used to having things done for them, but really, Hive is a place to experiment!
Hey, do you need any help with the graphic cards for your questions for your HiveChat duties? Just let me know, and i'm happy to make them if you need it.

That's so true. People have everything done for them, and most platforms literally spoon feed the content to the users based on algorithms. That's something else a lot of people don't realize. In many ways, they're not even choosing the content they're seeing in their own feeds, the platform is.

Graphics.... Wow! That would be so awesome. It has been so long since I did graphics and everyone's have looked so fantastic. If you don't mind, I'd love that. I've been dreading it. I love your artwork. That would be great!

yeah no worries...send me your quesitons in a private message on Twitter...
hey did you know that nft Showroom has private messaging? we can talk privately through there, finally some hive platform has it! anyway twitter might be easier, pick your poison i have time today to do it.

Alright, I'm going to finish them up now and I'll get them over to you! Thanks

Just sent them over to the HivePeople account on Twitter. Feel free to critique them, would love any input and respect your opinion! Thanks again!

Whether we're trying to sell something or influence people, they will always have objections.

This post is awesome because people who succeed at sales or internet influence study those objections. (My wife teaches this stuff) 🤣

That's the conversation that needs to be had. It's in the listening that we can discover those objections, then respectfully break them down.

Not a single objection holds up under the microscope. We can't start the conversation, however, until we coax those objections out of people. They're the tool to the eye opener that HIVE really is.

Absolutely, I did sales for years. That is one of the top rules in sales, find the objection, then overcome it! The only way to do that is to listen to the customer.

I think the other part is leading by example. We have to create a welcoming environment for new users. When people realize what a great community of people we have here, and see it first hand through interaction, they'll want to be here!

My Friends Aren't There

this was kinda a point, get out of the bubble :D

You get out of it, what you put into it.

Exactly that. And what you mentioned about the content - a lot of my posts are about knitting and other needlework and that's the community where I'm most active. Not what you'd think to find on a blockchain ;)

I didn't get rich - but I'm a dolphin after two years, mostly through rewards. In my eyes, that's a success story.

The word hive doesn't imply the acceptance of different types, its not warm and cuddly. Hives are the opposite of that. Hives are controlled by a singular leader and attack anything that upsets them.

For me personally, I powered down because the developers can't even make a logo that presents well in dark mode in a year. So there's the answer for me.