Hive Twitter Awareness Campaign!

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I don't care about politics; I care about freedom of speech. Twitter is free to do whatever they want; however, there are more people concerned about censorship than ever before.


People are starting to wake up to the notion they have no control over their accounts. People put their entire life force, build a business that they rely on to feed their family, yet they can be deleted at any moment. This is a startling realization the entire world is now aware of.

I have never seen a bigger capturing for Hive than now. Hive solves precisely this, and the fact we are a grassroots movement is the very reason we are the answer.

Parler's servers have been targeted and they are now down, no one knows for how long. This is the issue with having a centralized point of failure. On Hive we do not have that worry.

Let us drink again from the web 2 milkshakes.

Let's take to Twitter, and let people know about Hive. Let people know about the front ends they can access.

Earn an Upvote for doing the following:

Hive Frontends:

Tokenized Communities:

STEM Geeks@stemgeeks
Sport Talk Social@sportstalksocial

Video Platforms:


Mobile Apps:


Micro Blogging:


Post proof of your work below to receive an upvote.

Bonus points if you leave another tweet under any of these popular tweets. As I said before, I'm not political, I am rooting for free speech, and these accounts have the most traffic going to them, let's leverage that as we don't have a giant marketing budget:


If anyone wants to add a gif to your tweets to help make them pop, I have lots uploaded to the Tenor Hive Gifs account -

And @hiro-hive also has lots on his Tenor account -

Awesome! I was looking for Hive Gifs! Thank you 😉
Once tried some "normal" Gifs that didn't work on the blockchain...

Great, thank you @traciyork, you are awesome!

And here's one of my tweets -

Here is mine.


This is my proof

A serie of 2 tweets, before read this post in the morning and one more after read..!


this is my post on twitter sir


Hi @theycallmedan

Long time no speak. I've been taking a break from hive over the summer but I'm back now and seeing all the good work people are doing.

I've responded to a tweet from Dan Larimer that he posted today about voice, pointing out that hive already provides a better solution to twitter censorship.

This goes hand in hand with my comment on Dan's recent hive post, have you seen it?

Anyway, check out the tweets below. I think they fulfil the criteria you've set out.

Glad to see you back! Hope all is well!

Thanks m8. Yeah, not so bad 🙂

Here is my post

Done and here are POW. Thanks.

Get on hive because Hive fixes this!

Thank you @traciyork for the GIF

Anything for the community

This is mine:

How to stop participating here, if I owe so much to #hive, I share it in Spanish, since most of my followers speak Spanish.

this is my post on twitter sir.

First censorship related post I found on Twitter...most people I follow are either on Hive or sharing their art and music.

Here my tweet uwu.

#Hive is taking over.

Hi @theycallmedan, twitter is now allowing any of these tag from my connection! here is the link of my post

Hi Dan,
I am happy to bring more awareness to the hive and here are my tweet links-

For German Twitter

First bit...

Now chasing those super popular tweets...

We're being gagged in the year 2021!

This is may contribution to spread the freedom of speach on hive

This is my post in Twitter sir...

Indded, it's a good opportunity for Hive!
Here is my tweet in French:

Here is mine

My entry:


Liked, reblogged and tweeted... :)

Very good to shine people Hive at the current situation.

Web 2.0 is the best place to promote Hive. And Hive gets better from day to day :) Web 2.0 is in suicide mode.

Awesome friend...

also good hashtags at the moment that trend

My Tweet:

Feels a lot like the death of democracy. When only one side gets censored then it's the beginning of one party rule. Whether or not you agree with the other side, if you don't even let them speak, then you no longer have a functioning democracy. What you have is thought police. Have the wrong thought. Get censored. Get deplatformed. Get silenced.

Just a sec while I put on my lips for Twitter...


All done!

may be this is our chance to grow more users here in #hive this is an opportunity for all the #hive users to bring more and more users here.

I found this tweet and took the opportunity to promote HIVE:

The world saw this situation coming where freedom of expression would be CENSORED by the big ones that control the SYSTEM.

Free thought has great Power and the elite are afraid of that power that Humanity is gradually making its own.

Thanks to @traciyork for the GIF, here is my tweet:

I'm leaving the comments in the other tweets

You're very welcome, @mvl2304! However, since your Twitter account is private, I could only like the tweet from the HiveBlogShare account & can't RT it (couldn't do either from my personal since I'm not following you yet, but I sent you a request). I also can't add you to my Twitter list of Hive Blockchain community members. All of which is fine, but I wanted you to be aware why your tweet might not be seen by many people.

Oh, and thanks for the shout out! 😊

I could notice it, I did not know that my account was private, I just removed the restriction so that it can reach more people, thanks for the rating

Awesome, @mvl2304 - I've liked & RTed on both accounts now & you're on my Hive list. And you're very welcome!

And a Spanish version!!!

I really don’t know how much the Twitter game is helping. I think it all gets filtered out of peoples feeds and only other Hivesters end up seeing it. Don't mean to be a downer. Hope it reaches someone

I think we need to do some paid advertising, as much as it sucks giving money to the bad guys. I have an idea for a decentralized paid advertising campaign that encourages people to power up while finding new readers/followers for their work from outside the hive ecosystem. Let me know if you wanna get involved

We can do both. I believe the twitter hustle is helping in a huge way, it really helped us when we first started. I say control what we can control, IE this is cheap/free grass roots marketing. But also have a pro marketing plan also.

I basically agree, I just see a whole lot of effort being put in there and often think it could be spent better in other ways. I tried pushing for youtube comments because that's how I found Hive (or, you know...steem) and so did a bunch of people I know.... Just gotta be careful to put a space in links cause links are blocked (hive . blog) is fine.

My new idea is for people to make their own small scale paid facebook ads for their own profiles at hive through a template which is not spammy (promote themselves as artists and musicians and bloggers and whatever else) and have a proposal to compensate them (with powered up hive), then give them bonuses through upvotes, delegations etc.

I don't know if I'll have time to do this but I'd like to design the template and help steer it...looking for someone who can manage it, keep tabs and help with upvotes.... Feel free to steal this idea too

BTW, I posted my tweet above :-P I still want to do everything I can to help grow this place.

You'll always see me doing everything grassroots first. Grassroots = effort. The effort is given by those who can't give money. Lucky for Hive, we are made of effort. We will have marketing plans soon; I'm going to do something myself there in the end. But I leave no stone unturned, and if I didn't think this grassroots was a good strategy, I wouldn't be spending my time on it. Some may disagree; I say to them, do your own thing and help in how you see fit, and I'll do the same. Cheers.

No criticism. You are a powerhouse of good vibes good ideas and good effort for hive. It’s good to know everyone is doing what they think is best for the place

Work for later when I arrive home 🏠

I like when he said that the most powerful man in the world can be banned on social media but the powerless cannot be banned from bitcoin. Good thing there's hive and we can never be silenced!

As long as you have enough Hive Power to post with. :)

Don't need many hives to have enough RC's to post your content immutably, forever. 100 Hive Power goes a long way these days.

yes! This is super important now. Great you made this post!

If Hive is going to replace twitter Im gonna eat my keyboard.

But hey nothing wrong with catching some degens that got banned. I like those people.

I got banned. You can say I'm a degen. So many people have been banned that have nothing to do with politics or controversial topics. It's all-out banning anyone for anything now. It's blatantly obvious now.

hey dan! Didn't mean to offend you, I am somewhat of a political extremist myself (at least in theory not in action :D), so I always welcomed people who got banned from other platforms and are coming to Steemit/Hive.

My main reason to think we cant compete with twitter is the UI, if we get a LeoFinance style interface for Politics then there might be some potential.

Also I read something about "Evergreen Content" on Leo, is that true?

Twitter is now a community if you think about it, and Parler is too. What Hive does is bring communities together, in a permissionless, trustless, immutable way. There is no reason Twitter and Parler couldn't plug in Hive accounts for their users if they really believed in empowerment of the user, not the CEO. We have yet to see any of that, quite the opposite actually.

Evergreen content will be a thing once SMTs are finished, we will see all kinds of different tokenomics and I'm sure an evergreen way to do it via ads is going to be really big.

ads would be a downside but a pill I would swallow for evergreen content.

They would be optional of course.

Ecency can be added to this section as well, we have fully functional website

Talking about free speech as the driving force behind hives usability whilst hitching your wagon to the authoritarian right is quite odd...

And disappointing

Bots bullying here on hive is also one kind of censorship. Wrong tag makes people a criminal, is that makes sense.

Having your account deleted is what I call censorship. You can mute users and rewards are disputed until the 7th day.