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RE: Introducing Wrapped Hive - Hive on Ethereum!

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This post says a lot, but I am seeing nothing here that (necessarily) adds value to the hive system, just cost that the average Hive User will not want to pay, just to get access to other DEX? But then again I am totally ignorant of the wrapped token process, only read about it early on. I'm invested in the ETH system, but it's still not quite ready for prime time and gas fees are a PITA. Now we have HIVE with GAS. Looks like a possible FUTURE 'good deal' for Hive Whales but a big "meh" for the rest of us. I'm big in Crypto but not so big in Hive, ATM.

TIA @fbslo


Still trying to find some benefits, eh, @fbslo? Yeah me too!

Sub Dollar tokens are unsuitable for ERC20, even the ETH based ones.
So how is a wrapped HIVE going to do anything? Now once we get back
to $8.50 (yes I was here for that) maybe it will be awesome. Now? idk

I agree that infrastructure needs to be built, so this is light years ahead of SMTs...

I will be a crypto millionaire before SMTs are even available.

@taskmaster4450 wrote a nice post about the possible use of WHIVE:

I agree that WHIVE might not be suitable for everyone because of fees (hopefully ETH 2.0 will solve this), but there is no harm to have it.

Awesome, Thanks!
Task and I go way back, he's good at 'Splainin to an old dinosaur like me LOL
I just saw this too, from my good friend @hetty-rowan